Coven of the Catta Mid-Summer Solstice

The circle was made of corn around the standing stones of what i call Snakehenge. No metals were used in the ritual to be in harmony with the fey of the forest. The wood wand and besom were used to cast the circle. Copal incense was burned to the Sun. Yellow Lemon Balm elixir and a round yellow Ritz cracker representing were the sacraments to represent the sun again. I am sure the crows and squirrels will enjoy this corn circle tomorrow! Blessed Mid-Summer Solstice, held a few day later than the calendar so all might attend.


Sybil Leek – Videos and Links

Here are some videos and links about Sybil Leek, who is the daughter of the Coven de la Dragon Rouge and Coven of the Horsa, and who is the grandmother of the Coven of the Catta.

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From the Coven of Rhiannon