Remastered Recordings of Dr. Santee and Lady Phoebe

Decades ago I found in the Santee Bookhouse some old reel to reel tape recordings of Dr. Santee teaching, and some recordings of Lady Phoebe. These include Santee teaching on Kabala and Witchcraft, talking about old age, lamenting the lack of suitable Maiden’s for the VV role in rituals, Lady Phoebe channeling a past life as an Indian princess, and a recording of a TV interview with Sybil Leek. From the dates referenced therein these are probably circa 1972. I had a friend convert the reel to reel tapes to 5 CDs, and recently downloaded a free program and converted them to WAV files. We also have 2 cassette tapes of Lady Phoebe teaching and reading from the rituals in her Books of Shadows, and these were probably recorded around the late 1980s to early 1990s. We are blessed to hear the words of our late teachers.