How to Make a Witches Scourge

A student who had completed all his tools for his First Degree asked me about the witches scourge. I told him it was not necessary for that degree or even need be a personal item but could be owned by the coven since it is usually only used in the Coven of the Catta for Initiations. But I also told him to go ahead and make one since it is also used in some ritual poses by the Priestess and Priest when they do the “Osiris” pose with their arms crossed in front of their chests holding the athame and the scourge.

There are no instructions per se in our Books of Shadows about the scourge. But this past summer I was blessed to be gifted by the present owner of the Covenstead building with the original scourge of the Coven used by Lady Phoebe, my teacher and initiator, which was most likely used at my initiations. So I took a closer look at it and came up with this fairly simple method to make one. I remember decades ago making a simple one myself, but then opted out and bought a nicer one at a local fetish shop. But in our Coven if you Can make a tool you Should make a tool.

I have read in the Gardnerian system that his scourge was of 8 strands with 5 knots on each strand which would equal the number 40 which is sacred in our system, so I decided to go with that construction.

Above is a picture of Lady Phoebe’s scourge.

And here are my crudely drawn and chicken scratch (from working all my life in the medical field) handwritten instructions.

I also found this YT video which is not Wiccan but I was fascinated how he starts out weaving it from a pentagram layout! It looks complicated but is probably relatively simple in the execution thereof.

If anyone has any other ideas or experience please feel free to comment below.