Rite of Passage from the Coven of the Catta Books of Shadows

Old River Church Cemetery

For this All Hallows Eve I am posting this Rite of Passage from the Coven of the Catta’s Books of Shadows. This is a combination of 2 rituals I found in her BOSs. I am not sure if Lady Phoebe wrote this or if more likely they were copied from books available in the 1970s. This has already be published in my booklet Coven of the Catta – Elders and History, Unique Ritual Practices and Spells which is still available as a free PDF download until early November. Blessings to our dear departed witches, family members and pets!


Need a black candle and a candle the color of the departed covener’s astral or astrology sign.

HPS or HPT casts the circle.

Someone is chosen to toll the bell slowly but constantly throughout the ritual.

HPS or HPT takes the besom of the departed and slowly walks the circle deosil, then places it behind the altar in the north where other besoms of departed witches stand. They light the departed’s astral candle before their besom.

Coveners light their astral candles from the departed’s candle.


“This makes the magicke circle, walked and lit by ___ in the last magicke he walked in this life. Next he/she will walk it in the spirit land.”

“We are gathered here to bid farewell to a friend who must travel far. The blessings of the Goddess, of the God, of the Old Ones, and of good friends are with you ___ as you travel beyond.”

“Hear me O Triple Goddess, Goddess of Light and of Darkness. Take into thy arms and to thy bosom the soul of ___ (use mundane name). He was initiated into thy service on ___ (date) and became known as ___ (witch name) and became part of the magicke circle. He served Thee, O Triple Goddess, faithfully as we all do. Look upon ___ O all knowing Goddess, with favor and send him quickly to the Place of Summer so that he may rest, and then serve you when he is rested. O Goddess of both life and death, help and guide those that have been left behind. Give them strength of mind and body. Blessed be thee, O Supreme Goddess, in all thy names and manifold attributes. So Mote It Be!”

“There is a reason for being here in this world and this life. There is a reason for leaving, when the purposes of this life are done. The soul must journey beyond to pause, to rest, to wait for those who are loved. For the world beyond is a land of Eternal Summer, and of Joy, far from the cares of this world, with happiness and youth anew.”

Departed one’s mate lays 3 boughs of evergreen on the altar.


“As the evergreen does grow and prosper both in summer and in winter, year after year, so also does the soul continue from life to life to life, growing ever stronger, wiser, and richer.”


Lights the black candle from the astral candle, then puts the astral candle out.


“May the servants of the Gods escort you ___ with honor to their own land of light, of beauty, and of joy. Blessed Be.”


“Blessed Be.”

Astral candle can be taken home by mate. Let black candle burn out completely.

Ritual © 2012 Coven of the Catta / GL Hoke

Grave of Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee aka Lord Merlin

Grave of Lady Phoebe Athene Ninue aka Edna “Janie” Williams

Photos © 2012 GL Hoke

5 thoughts on “Rite of Passage from the Coven of the Catta Books of Shadows

  1. I hope you don’t mind, but i would really like to add this ritual to my Personal Book of Shadows, No such Ritual was given to use for the Death of a Fellow Witch, and i really think this works with my Tradition of Wicca..

    • Sure, that’s why i put it on there d/t the dearth of such rituals and it being All Hallows when i posted that. I usually do not share “oath bound material” but most of what is in our BOSs is copied from what books were out there in the 1960s-1970s so it isn’t all that secret. If you go to my About page you can download a free PDF of more writings, and if you want to correspond off this blog my public email is shawnuscoc@gmail.com

  2. This is awesome. The prayer to the Triple Goddess is written in Sybil Leek’s style. :-) The rest, however–the verses starting “We are gathered here to bid farewell to a friend who must travel far. …” and “There is a reason for being here in this world and this life …” and “As the evergreen does grow and prosper …” to “May the servants of the Gods escort you … ” are all taken verbatim from the Pagan Way Outer Court BOS by Ed Fitch (and appear in A book of Pagan Rituals, pp. 50–51, Herman Slater, editor). It’s been in print since the early ’70s (and was distributed privately by Fitch in the ’60s). The ceremony is titled “Rite for the Dead.” The hidden gem of your version is the prayer to the Triple Goddess possibly written by Sybil. Thanks for sharing it! B*B

  3. Oops, a capitalization error: I meant A Book of Pagan Rituals.

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