Poems to the God/ess invoked in Priestess and Priest

I am going to publish as blog posts small sections of my Coven of the Catta – Elders and History, Unique Ritual Practices and Spells, which is available for free PDF download. These short posts will continue over the next few days or so.

Our late elder High Priestess Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue and her soul mate and High Priest Lord Merlin wrote these poems to each other. They did not write them as to a human being, but to the Goddess ad God in each other when fully invoked in each other as Priestess and Priest. The line drawings are by Lady Phoebe and I am reproducing the original typewritten document and the poems typed out for clarity. Blessed Be.

Copy of I am SHEI am SHEI AM SHE

I walk with you in the twilight that falls like fairy dust around us. My silvery rove and midnight blue cape swings in the gentle wind of the gods. No matter my gait, no mater whether I be slim or obese or my beauty be the beauty of 18 or 80, for I will always walk straight and tall, my slim legs twinkling under the cobweb silk of my robe. I am always willowy as the figure of SHE and my beauty if forever. I willingly allow you to be my wall between danger and myself. I willingly allow you to worship at my shrine. You have earned that privilege of adoring at my feet for I am SHE. You can do naught without me. The veiled Isis can be unveiled to you only if I am at your side. But I need you in order to be SHE. Without you I will be nothing as you are without me. with your strength and my beauty we will face and conquer the twilight of our world without fear, for you are HE.

God by Lady PAN


Like a god I can wipe away the clouds form the sky if you want it blue. I will pull down the stars to light your room at night if you want me to. Tomorrow i will level off the mountains and drain the sea to make room for the palaces I have planned for you. Like a wall I stand between you and anything that might threaten your joy and peace. The kings and captains of the earth will wait outside to adore you on your new throne. While I live you will is law. The magic power I draw from you makes me invincible. There is nothing I cannot learn or do, no problem I cannot solve if you let me do it in your name and for your sake. The world has no existence for ma apart from you. it has no meaning but what you give it. You are the cause and the purpose of all my deeds. If you leave me, my world will fall apart. Unless some other SHE comes quickly to the rescue, I shall die. To renew my strength, I have only to look upon you or touch you, and I go forth conquering in your name. What is it in you that revives and inspired me? I call it beauty. But this is only you creating and expressing yourself. For you are SHE.

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