More Archives from the Coven of the Catta 1967-1971

DrSanteeMontagePhoto montage by Travis McHenry

Decades ago at the covenstead and library of the Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee I found a few pages of draft notes from an unsigned MA Thesis about the Coven, which i did previously publish. I was recently contacted by a man who was a grad student doing archeological work on an old Indian graveyard while visiting Wapwallopen PA at various times from 1978 to 1981, and he knew Dr Santee personally and spent a lot of time talking with and exchanging ideas. I will keep any more details private to protect his identity, but he does Not live in that area.

Bottom line is it seems he collected Every local newspaper article and picture about the Doctor and the Coven that was published, and probably every publication of Lady Phoebe’s The Witches Kettle and Doc’s The Country Doctor starting in 1970. He has generously sent me copies of All of these articles so the Coven can have them in our archives. What can i say except that i am thankful, ecstatic and blessed and cannot wait to go through these hundreds of pages of documents. Merry Yule to us!

Unfortunately since this newspaper still exists i cannot publish these works due to their copyright protection, but i am writing the newspaper to see if i can post some pictures on this blog in the future.

I think the best picture is from 29 October 1967 when Dame Sybil Leek visited Dr Santee at the library and she is seated on a sofa besides him with her son in the background. It was during this visit that she initiated Dr Santee and Lady Phoebe into her lineages of witchcraft, and in another newspaper article about the coven it published 2 years later it confirms this lineage is from her. A second series of photos from 30 October 1971 of the Coven in ritual robes during their ritual. It seems back in the day in this local paper someone writing about witchcraft and a local coven was no big deal (or he had a lot of balls), not like it would be nowadays where a bunch of fundies would show up with signs and crosses! And you know the funny thing? Some of these coven members still went to their Catholic church also.

Hopefully i will be able to share on this blog these old photos and articles in the future, so stay tuned.

Blessed Be.


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  1. I am really enjoying these pictures and old news articles!

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