COC Solitary Summer Solstice Ritual Pictures

Due to extenuating circumstances no one in the coven was able to come to my house for our Summer Solstice ritual, so I just did it as a solitary ritual outside in my circle of stones i call Snakehedge. When i work outside i do not use any metal tools, just wooden and stone, so as to not frighten the Fey. I had a balefire already prepared from collecting pieces of fallen branches all spring. I laid a circle of yellow corn around the central standing stones, which represent the Goddess and God, and propped my two wands upon them. On the central pentagram stone between them i placed a dish i had painted for the element fire with the runes for the swirling swastika sun. On the tree stump altar to the south i lit charcoal on one stone and burned copal incense. In another trough shaped stone i placed salt water. I also burned a red astral candle of the astrological sign of my High Priestess for her and her daughter’s healing in the difficult times they are having right now, and prayed to the Sun God Belarion and almost full Moon Goddess Diana-Astarte, directing all the energy of this ritual towards them. So Mote It Be!

COC Summer Solstice 2013 (1)

The sun does not come over the mountain until around 9am, and in this pic the camera lens reflected a ring of light in the circle.

COC Summer Solstice 2013 (2)

Sunrise over the mountain reflected in the stream

COC Summer Solstice 2013 (6)

Corn circle around Goddess and God stones with wands

COC Summer Solstice 2013 (7)

Closeup of solar runic swastika fire element plate

COC Summer Solstice 2013 (8)

Tree stump altar with lingum and yoni stones, copal incense, red candle and salt water in trough shaped stone

COC Summer Solstice 2013 (4)

Balefire lit

COC Summer Solstice 2013 (5)

End of ritual with balefire almost burned out

Here is a snippet of the Coven of the Catta Summer Solstice ritual when the balefire is lit:

Ex Oriente Lux

High Priest turns to the East with his wand pointed up at a 45* angle

Coven follows pointing with their wands or hands.

High Priest:

Ex Oriente Lux  tracing pentagram of blue lightening

Coven repeats:  Ex Oriente Lux

High Priest:

Yod He Vau He, O ye Wise and Ancient Ones, the Eternal Lords of the Elements, from whose realm is reared the Golden Childe of Morning, Alpha et Omega, Blessed Be !

High Priest stands in the East facing the coven giving the  X  god sign, saying:

Eastward stand I, for favors I pray,

I pray thee Mighty Prince of Light,

I pray thee Holy Keeper of the Sky,

Up to heaven I pray thee,

and Down to earth I call thee.

Coven Repeats:

Eastward he stands, for favors he prays,

We pray thee Mighty Prince of Light,

We pray thee Holy Keeper of the Sky,

Up to heaven we pray thee,

and Down to earth we call thee.

High Priest goes to the South and lights balefire.

Evocation of the Sun Childe by High Priest

Queen of the Moon

Queen of the Stars

Queen of the Houses

Queen of the Fires

Queen of the Earth

Bring to us the Golden Childe of Promise !

For it is the Great Mother that gives Rebirth to Him.

It is the Lord of Life who us Born again.

Darkness and tears are set aside

When the Sun comes up again.

Golden Childe of hill and mountain,

Illumine the world !

Illumine the seas !

Illumine the rivers !

Illumine us all !

Grief be laid and Joy be raised.

Blessed be the Great Mother !

Without beginning and without end,

Everlasting to Eternity !



I thought this was cute and found it on a Tumblr site, but the cats are going around the circle widdershins! But you know cats ……

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  1. Very nice, and yes, those kittehs would do widdershins! Whereas ferrets…..oh, wait, a chaos star is not a circle, right?

  2. Yes cats do what they want, and i notice some are right pawed and some left pawed. And BTW the corn circle is mostly gone today, enjoyed by two big black crows (who woke me this morning with their glee at finding it), black birds, cardinals, blue jays, squirrels, and probably the deer, possums and raccoons at night.

  3. Looks like it was a beautiful moving ritual. I love the way your camera captured the rainbow effect around the circle :)

  4. Lovely ritual and some beautiful images – and that ring of light photo is just magic!

  5. Some people are able to capture strange things on camera – maybe you just need a filter or amplifier for your psychic ability?

    • Well i am visual rather than auditory so maybe the camera does amplify such things. And btw i am definitely a skeptic when it comes to “ghost photography” of floating orbs (dust and insects) like people take pictures of down at the nearby Gettysburg battlefield. And i Hate those ghost hunting shows on TV.

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