All Hallows Ritual at the Coven of the Catta

COC All Hallows 2013 (2)

Left to right – Lady Ember Willow Hawk 3rd* High Priestess, Shawnus Merlin Belarion 3rd* High Priest, Lady Alsace Isa Brie 3rd* Elder High Priestess

Today the Coven was able to all get together for our All Hallows Samhain ritual. We had it today instead of the traditional date since everyone had off work. Witches make due. Lady Ember was able to bring down Lady Alsace and two of Ember’s Probationers and we were able to show them the ritual in full and even have them do some small roles. Lady Ember and Lady Alsace are psychic (not me) and were telling about all the spirits and souls of those who have passed (both humans and pets) for whom we lit candles to around the black candle in the iron cauldron. And we did our cone of power to benefit each of us and those we know in need. I just realized i never took any food outside for the spirits of the previous house owner’s pets who are buried beneath one of the hemlocks, so have to complete that offering now. Blessed All Hallows and Samhain to you all!



9 thoughts on “All Hallows Ritual at the Coven of the Catta

  1. Thank you for sharing the photo, you all look wonderful and I hope the departed pets got their feast too. I love Samhain – its my favourite time of year – I always manage to get time off work (everyone else wants 25 Dec for some reason – must be Mithraics LOL!!)

    • Yes when i worked in the hospital it was easy to get off for the Sabats because i always offered to work Thanksgiving and Christmas etc and got time and a half for it, lol. Yes the critter graveyard got their candles and some bread sticks and on All Hallows Eve itself i plan on going to a local graveyard and honor Ghede and do a Vodoun ritual at home, as i have done for the past few years. How did you fair with the storms?

  2. I do find Vodoun fascinating – one of the only formally religious places I have ever actually felt anything was in a Santeria chapel in Cuba (that place had some vibe – it was positively ALIVE with the unseen – and I’m not remotely psychic!). Anyway, on to the weather! The North escaped most the violence of the storms so for once it was Grim Down South rather than up north! Miss J escaped any bad weather as she is working in Asia at the moment lucky s*d! (Mind you rather than wind she is having to deal with monsoons!)

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