How to Make your own High Priestess Copper Lunar Crescent Crown

HPS Copper Lunar Crown (5)

After I made my own High Priest Horned Crown back in March and finally got to wear it in ritual at All Hallows I started working recently on how to cheaply and easily make my High Priestess Ember Willow Hawk a Copper Lunar Crescent Crown.

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It was really fairly simple. I already had a nice pair of tin snips from my late Dad’s garage, and a set of fairly flat 100% copper coasters that are a few inches across. I once again went to the local thrift shop and for $4 bought a pair of small children’s belts in brown and black. I had her measure her head and the size at the longest hole was perfect, and if it is too big she can belt it at the next hold. I kept putting off cutting the copper but it was simple as cutting butter and then i used a file to smooth of the edges. Then i used copper polish and determined the shinier side. She likes Theban so I used an electric engraver to put Diana Astarte (our Goddess names) on the front and on the back inside I engraved the first letters of her names and her degree sigils.

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Then I drilled holes in the copper crescent and belt and used a large needle and some brown hemp to fasted it into place and tied a knot on the inside. Since my knots hurt my head i will get a piece of thin foam from a friend and glue it over the knot, which makes it very comfortable. So on the front there is a horizontal piece of hemp and she can put seasonal decorations in there like flowers or feathers or whatever, or she can use jump rings (she makes her own jewelry rather skillfully) and hang crystals or whatever she wants. The belt also has a jump ring on the buckle that can be used to hang items from the back. I think it turned out pretty damned good if i may say so myself, though it took no great skill on my part, just a good eye and the proper tools and materials.

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Next project – make a silver lunar crescent for the black belt head band. When my Dad, who was a coin collector, passed I bought all his silver so have a lot of old silver coins to use, though it will be a little harder to cut and i will have to hammer out the images on them so i have a clean surface to work with.

See, you don’t have to be rich and be buying expensive stuff on the internet. Just make it yourself!


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