Winter Solstice – Another Horned Crown Made

Well we all had plans of getting together here for the coven Yule ritual, but circumstances got the better of us this time. Hell I even bought colored Christmas lights (!) to decorate the altar with. So I just spent the day alone doing one ritual in the Hex House (the little white cabin next to my house) where i lit ALL the cup/jar candles in the morning so they could burn down even, then in mid afternoon lit some frankincense and chanted the name of Sol-Om-On to welcome the returning sun. Then I spent an hour or so making another antler horned copper disk adorned Witch Priest crown (see below). Then later in the early eve, having all the candles in my house temple lit all day, and the Christmas lights giving cheer, I lit some of the coven’s Healing incense the student/friend I made the crown for formulated and gifted me this season, and did another short ritual more in line with our traditional Yule rites.

I have posted before how to make a Priestess Lunar Crown and a Priest’s Horned Crown.

Aren Horned Crown (3)

I decided to make my student and friend in the SE part of the country a horned crown for him to wear in rituals, and as a Yule gift. So from the previous projects I had left over another one of those small children’s belts in black, the copper circle center of the plate from which i had cut the lunar crown, and two more deer antlers left over from my late Dad’s garage. After polishing up the copper circle I then drew a pentagram on it in magic marker (which comes off with alcohol on a Q-tip), then set the electric engraver on high and executed that. Then with the engraver on medium I engraved the sigils on the traditionsl Witches pentagram and in Theban the name Catta Coven around it. With one space left I engraved the founding year of our coven 1967 in Roman numerals. I took those down to the workshop and drilled holes through the disk and belt for the brown hemp tie on.

Aren Horned Crown (4)

One of the horns was perfect sized and rather spiral in curve. The other was longer so i used a hack saw to cut that down. Do you know sawing deer antlers with a hacksaw smells like burnt blood? I remembered then that antlers are actually formed from blood filled growths from a deer’s head which then harden into horn. The horns were not exactly the same but I fretted for awhile figuring out the best arrangement, then drilled holes in them and the belt. Then finally I used a big needle and the hemp string to tie the disk and horns on as tight as i could. Since I learned from other crowns the inside knots hurt one’s head i used the only unnatural object of a piece of foam glued over them for comfort’s sake.

Aren Horned Crown (1)

Since i am usually an anal retentive perfectionist the crown came out not quite perfect, but then how can one make something completely symmetrical out or natural materials? Well its all packed up well padded for shipment to my friend After Christmas since i Love standing in line at the PO So Much this time of year, LOL.

So I would say it was a very fulfilling and productive Yule Mid-Winter Solstice for me. Blessed Be!


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