Our Witch Ancestors Do come back from the Other Side to Help Us

witch ancestor altar

Witch Ancestor Altar

I am posting this rather personal entry, something I would not usually share on a blog, because I think that various witches and pagans will appreciate my story of how our late witch teachers and initiators Are still there on the other side and Do at times come back to help us. All these events, except for the first dream, happened to me in the two weeks prior to my recent LS spine neurosurgery.

I have always said that I am really not that psychic, though I do have a few gifts at times. My elder High Priestess Lady Alsace Isa Brie aka Jeannie is Very psychic and gives reading for clients using palmistry, tea leaves, and card readings using regular playing cards as she was taught in her native Australia. She sees our late teacher and initiator Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue aka Lady P.A.N. aka Janee (1921-2005) and Lord Merlin aka Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee aka Doc (1906-1980) all the time floating into and out of the room. And she sees her cats who have passed on and a host of spirits and lives with one foot in the other world. Another younger High Priestess also has the gift of seeing spirits, and that may be from the Native American blood she has in her, and how she has trained herself from childhood to cultivate these gifts even before she got into the path of initiate witchcraft.

One of my gifts is of dream travel which I learned from reading Carl Jung and Carlos Castaneda. Carlos taught that when one is falling asleep to try to remember to hold up your hand and look at it, which thus introduces one’s will into one’s dream. I only had to do it once and since then have been able to assert some control in dreams. If I have a bad dream that wakes me I can go back and change the ending. If I have a good dream I can go back the next night and continue it, not all the times, but enough. I remember one dream where some demonic form was chasing me through an industrial wasteland and there were puddles of water in the mud and I was able to hide as a reflection in one of the puddles and I disappeared and my pursuer lost me. In my dreams I am often wandering through mufti-leveled old buildings and beings are giving me crystals or old books. Or I am walking in a stream or on the ground and find beautiful large quartz crystals.

Another gift is the ability to read Tarot cards, especially Crowley’s Thoth deck, probably because I am very visual. Years ago I evoked a Mercurial (Thoth) like Angel over it to guide me. I do not use standard throws but more like chakra pillars with four cards at the base for Malkuth, and cards of various people with cards thrown in between. If I do not understand a card I just throw another one to expand on it. The cards are not static but start moving with the directions the characters are looking or gesturing towards so it almost turns into a moving picture show for me.

A third gift I have is the ability to skry in the billowing clouds of incense lit over charcoal in shafts of light shining into a room late int he day. I simply trance out and start seeing forms moving in the smoke at times.

Every witch or occultist has their own small gifts that come from some natural ability plus some training. I am not bragging about mine but only writing of them to set you up for the following stories. In a way I am glad I am not Too psychic as it would probably be distracting at times.


Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue aka Janee

Lady PAN grave 2

She’s Not Here

I never met Doc Santee, having arrived at the Covenstead a year after he had passed on. I met Lady PAN in 1981 and learned and was initiated from her lineage from Sybil Leek, and was conversant with her until her death in 2005. I always thought it strange that she never appeared to me in dreams, but like I said, i am not that psychic. But a few years ago I did have a dream in which I was flying through a dark and stormy night with the clouds back lit by the moon, and there off to my left she was riding on a broom, and beyond her was Dr Santee also flying on a broom. She turned and looked at me with an intense glare and her eyes were those of a cat, the totem Bastet of our coven. Santee always appears behind her to me, but then he never met me in the flesh, and I think he works through her since she knew me so well. And that was the only dream I ever had of them, until the past couple weeks ago.

Herr Doktor

Lord Merlin aka Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee

Santee Grave 20may2012 (1)

He’s Not Here Either, but I still paid a visit to offer some sherry

One night I had a funny dream in which Lady Alsace and Lady Phoebe were both kinda flirting with and teasing me. They both usually wear long dresses with boots or high heels and also blouses tucked in at the waist. Janee dressed plainer but Jeannie wears a sweater or vest and scarf and lots of beautiful jewelry. When she comes to ritual her hair is up and she has on her lunar crown head piece. So in the dream Janee was getting a little jealous of the attention I was giving Jeannie and Janee bent over with her skirt on of course and was shaking her bootie and I got behind her and pretended to hump her. I know this sounds almost TMI but it was all funny as hell and we all laughed. And most significant Lady Phoebe had appeared to me a second time now in a dream.

As my surgery date approached I was starting to feel rather anxious about everything and trying to get the house well stocked and such. About a week later I had another dream of arriving at a small lecture room filled with about 30 people aged around 40-55 and all I can say is that they all looked rather eccentric. Lady Phoebe was on a stage up front ready to give a lecture. Later she approached me and handed me a beautiful fool tall Austrian crystal vase that was very deeply cut with a dragon whose tail was up and head was at the bottom but arching upwards. It was a beautiful gift.

A day or so later I lay down to sleep and called on Lady Phoebe and Lord Merlin, and damned if they didn’t show up in the room. My eyes were closed but I could see/feel them plain as day. Janee was close to the bed and as before Doc was standing behind her but closer since the room is smaller. I asked for her to be my AmerIndian Medicine Woman and for him to be my Spirit Doctor (like the Kardecism spirit doctors in South American spiritism). She approached closer to me and I felt their blessing of energy and healing that I can barely describe. As I retold the story later to a few witch friends I would break into sobs it was so profound and powerful! After that All anxiety about my surgery disappeared! So when a witch calls their departed teachers and initiators from the other side, yes they do show up, whether we can see them or not or if others more psychic have to tell us they are there.

hh incense 5

A couple days later it was relatively warm and sunny, so I headed over to the little white cabin unheated cabin next door and it was fairly warm in there with the sun shining into the upper windows. I lit some charcoal and burned some frankincense to the returning Sun after the solstice and did my normal Kaballistic evocation and invocation of various god/esses and angels. As I sat there in a rocking chair I tranced out and forms started to take shape in the billowing incense smoke. They were so clear that if I had my cell camera with me I could have photographed them (note the photos here are not from this day). First I could see a recumbent human form with head and torso that I realized was my astral body. Now this spinal stenosis I had affects one’s nerves from the lumbar region down with a variety of symptoms including numbness in my feet and others. First I could see in my pelvic region the form of a snake arising. Then it changed into the profile of a hawk or eagle’s head (Horus) and its beak elongated into that of an Ibis (Thoth), the former being solar and the latter being a healing deity. Then up at my abdomen I could see forming the silhouette of a cat, the totem of our coven. Later at my chest I saw a larger cat in silhouette and then the smoke shifted so that its head turned and looked directly at me! I took these all as good signs of my protection and recovery to health.

hh incense 6

Well I usually don’t share such personal experienced with the public as in these blogs, but I thought it was an important lesson to us all that our Ancestors, whether by blood or witch blood lineage Do still watch over us, which is a comfort as I slowly recover. It seems neither of them have reincarnated yet but are enjoying each others company as soul mates flying around in the astral.

Blessed Be. Shawnus Merlin Belarion 3* HPT Coven of the Catta

All photographs copyright GLHoke 2014.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences ! They are a wonderful reminder of how thin the veil can be between the Might Dead and the living when we but reach out to them and bridge the gap by honoring and remembering them.

  2. I’m glad you decided to share these very personal experiences – I know from my own experience how important they can be. And as Jeff says the veil between the living and the dead can be very thin.

  3. Thanks for sharing this personal post and introducing me to some of your spiritual ancestors. I found it fascinating how their presence was revealed in dreams, some of which might have seemed trivial at first glance, but deepening in significance. It must have been deeply moving when Lady Phoebe and Lord Merlin showed up at your bed- you are blessed with some wonderful ancestors. It’s really inspiring reading of how your religion has seen you through such a difficult time. Best of luck with your recovery x

  4. I am wondering why I am always tired. There is a moutain lion on my place. I come from Ohio originally now live in Texas. I love god why has my life led to these and unusual things?

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