Athame, Kris Knives, and the Museum of Witchcraft


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I was emailing a lady at The Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle Cornwall England praising their website which you can link to above. She also kindly let me paste their logo above. If you go to their Search page you will see links to various items in their catalog and hit one of those and then you can search amongst athame, skulls, manuscripts, etc. I was searching through their pictures of old athames that had been donated, which by the way are well explained in their cataloging, and was just blown away. They are coming up on their 10th anniversary after the Big UK flood back in 2004 celebrating what they have saved and rebuilt. So i wrote her about my athame and other tools. I am posting this at our COC blog and then will repost it to my BSSS blog to cover both subjects at once. ShawnusAthame copyright 2014 GLHoke (2)

Part of my Witch Altar with Athame on Cup on Pantacle

Here’s the story of my fairly old athame. Back in the early to mid 1980s I was with some friends south of here and it was Halloween night and we went to visit a male friend of theirs who lived in an old house with an old barn that belonged to his late grandfather. I was searching around in his old toolbox and found this blade and asked the man if i could have it and amazingly he said yes! I also cut my besom on his property later too.

ShawnusAthame copyright 2014 GLHoke (1)

Closeup of my Athame on a fired clay Pantacle Lady Tanith 3rd* made for me. The coins are Morocco Empire Cherifien 100 Franc Silver pieces I found at a coin dealer and they have both pentagrams and hexagrams on each side and are perfect little Witch coins.

 As you can see my athame is a hand made blade. The grip is a hollow tube with round pommel, solid never sharpened blade, and S shaped guard. The pieces were merged together with brass and hand hammered. So why would grandpa make a blade and never sharpen it? Hmmm. Maybe since he lived in PA Dutch country and was into Powwow as sometimes they used blades if they worked spells from the older Solomonic Grimoires. Who knows? Interesting. Also the knife can be held as an athame or reversed and used as a metal wand. I have it lightly engraved with the symbols our coven prescribes from our Books of Shadows.

Kris Blades copyright 2014 GLHoke (4)

Kris Blades and Buddhist Engraved Letter Opener

Speaking of blades I was also lucky years ago to buy one of these Malaysian Kris blades and a friend bought the other since they were so expensive. We bought them at a little long closed store whose name i forget, but it was run by a Jay Solomon aka Yaj Monolos (backwards) and he practiced what i would call Satanic Thelemic Magicke. I went to one ritual and was hoodwinked in a car so i could not trace his home’s location. But i knew him well and trusted him and he was a fair and honest vendor who had objects like Crowley’s Satan headed claw footed candlesticks and an amazing collection of swords etc etc. Oh the good ole days in early witchcraft. Later i bought his and have this set. You know Gerald Gardner way back when he was in Malaysia wrote  Kris and other Malay Weapons and i was able to get one fairly cheap though i see it is of limited availability now. If you ever have a chance to get a copy do so as it is pretty interested, nothing about Witchcraft in it, but a good guide to these weapons. These blades are supposed to have some bit of meteoric iron in them, and i did a lot of research and they were hand forged and hammered and the stretch marks in the iron may indicate some meteoric iron is really in them. The blades are of course serpentine curved as are most Kris blades. The points are arrow shaped and how they are used in battle is to pierce the abdomen then pull out your opponents guts with. (TMI?). The grips are curled antelope horns. The guards are S shaped with lunar crescents on the ends which makes them a weapon also or a way to break the blade of your opponent. Its nasty and i would not want to be on the receiving end of it in the hands of a Malay warrior. I do not use them for magickal work but have them in a case in the living room pointed at the door, so well maybe i do. They are there as weapons and i have a weapon in some form in every room, mostly blades or just a simple sharp old iron cooking fork.

I will end this post with a picture of the Moroccan coin with the pentagram inside the hexagram as i know on WP there is always an advertisement video beneath all this. Enjoy and Blessed Be!

Morocco AH1372 1953 Empire Cherifien 100 Francs Silver Coin

These are cheap to buy on eBay. Picture from multiple Tumblr sites. Information on this coin.

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