Featuring – Lady Alsace Isa Brie – Elder 3* HPS Coven of the Catta

Alsace Dancer

Lady Alsace belly dancing to raise the energy for the Sabbat

I have been wanting to write a series here, which is visible to the public, about various living High Priestesses of the Coven of the Catta, with their permission of course, giving some hints here and then more details at the closed FB page for the COC which is only open to Initiates and Probationers and good friends of the Coven. Now Lady AIB does not have a pc and is not on the internet so it is somewhat difficult for her to comprehend how far these posts go around the world, so i will keep her post here short and simple and hiding her ID n her community as per her wishes and will as i said profile her more in depth with scores of photographs at the FB site.I had a FB page up for her at first but then realized it was too public, but have put up memorial pages for Dame Sybil Leek 3* Coven of the Horsa daughter of the Coven of the Red Dragon and Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee aka Lord Merlin 3*HPT COC and Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue 3*HPS COC.

I first met Lady Alsace when me and my gf drove up to the Covenstead in the Spring of 1981 in response to an ad in Circle Network News asking for witches. There sitting around a blazing fire in the bookhouse in three rocking chairs were Janee (Lady Pan, Judy and J (Lady Alsace). This was just after Dr Santee died the year before and they had moved stuff from his house and piled it into the temple and the dismayed and in limbo, looking for a man and a woman to help them out. Now don’t get me wrong about them “needing a man” as they are all strong women, but even though Lady PAN had run the coven Dr Santee was the center of their wheel and his loss sent them into despair. We were the next generation who for the next 7-10 years helped rebuild the COC.

Now Lady Alsace had never met Dr Santee (i found out years later) but she had met Lady PAN at an art class and they hit is off right away. Alsace had always been a solitary who was a natural witch, having been raised as a bush baby in the wilds of Australia. She went to the big city there and loved it, met a US soldier, married him and emigrated to the USA. She is a woman who both loves the country living and the city life and all its energy. To this day she goes on day trips with her girlfriends to flower shows and museums in Philadelphia and some close friends invite here to their place for days over Thanksgiving and Easter. For Christmas she mostly stays alone and makes up an old English style  Christmas dinner because that reminds her of home.

Before and after Lady PAN passed we often did rituals up at Lady Alsaces house in her lovely English style garden up on the hill. She had an old stool turned on its side and that was or altar, which i can include here.

coc ss 2010.3

I think this was for the Summer Solstice

The bottom line is Lady Alsace, over these past 33 years has been my most Loyal Witch Friend of all time. One time no one could make it to cold Candlemas ritual so i drove 100 miles up there and just she and i did the ritual by ourselves, just because it need to be celebrated. I will always remember that. When Lady PAN passed on she was the HPS who worked with me doing the ritual when we could, usually up there, or down here if she had a ride, at least twice a year for May Day and All Hallows. I consider her my grandmother since my paternal and step paternal grandmothers were long gone or detatched, my maternal grandmother having died when i was living with her at age 5. I consider the elder HPS of the COC but don’t tell her that as she hates the word elder and Never Ever ask her her age as she then says smartly and slowly staring you in the eyes – “Age is for Wine and Cheese”.

Fact is she can outwork 3 of us out in her garden all day from  dawn till dusk, in between doing psychic readings with palmistry, tea leaves and using the old regular playing cards, which no one taught her as she just taught herself. She has two sisters yet in Oz and wants to go back to visit with them and i fear she may stay there to end out her days….

And that is all i can say about her as she is a very private yet outgoing person. With certain clients she admits to being a Witch, but refuses to take on probationers, though an hour with her alone is a days worth of wisdom passed on. Blessed Be my gramma and sister in the Craft.

Those of you who have access to the COC FB page will see a bunch more pics of her posted there later. I have to get in gear to tweak my Will before i go to the lawyer’s tomorrow. BB. SMB 3*HPT COC.

alsace red boot

Red Boot hanging on her porch


“The Old Faith” by Isobel Stewart Way – from then 16 year old Frater Aren’s Witch Notebook

The Old Faith

Photo ©2014 Frater Aren 0*

Quote from Frater Aren – “This to me summed everything up as it should be in regard to a witches way or philosophy of life. I read it when I was around 16 or so and have never forgotten it. It was one of the reasons actually that I started actively studying witchcraft to begin with.”

My hard working indispensable wealth of knowledge witch librarian with photographic memory Probationer read to be Initiated and close friend, Frater Aren, sent me the picture above from a notebook he wrote in when he was 16 and with his permission i am posting it and his email regarding it below. Aren has read and still has Every book ever written on Witchcraft and i can ask him Any question about Any witch figure in the past or for a spell and he will remember which book it is in and eventually where to find it.

You know what is serendipity? Years ago i was on FB with my “friends” and relatives posting about what they ate for breakfast and i got off within a couple months. But on there on a genealogy page for Dr Santee i found a lady up north who was and is a FB addict because she has bad health issues and FB is her window to the world. She mentioned me to him and he then contacted me. He had learned online from a teacher but when he saw our then website now blog and talked to me on the phone (before texting n twitter n “likes” on FB) and i knew what question he wanted to ask but he was too shy so finally one day i asked him “Do you want to be a Probationer in the COC?” and he immediately said YES. He is the first and probably only person i have taught from a distance (over 1000 miles in the hinterlands of FLA) instead of face to face and we talk on the phone every Sunday morning at 9am and talk more often now and he worked like an Amish horse to make his tools and learn the rituals and does them as best he can when we do ours and he is absolutely ready for Initiations. All he has to do is work out the logistics there and we here, coordinating him, his family duties, and the schedules of Lady EWH and Lady AIB to get this done, hopefully by the SS.

Poor Lady TAU before him who lives 444 miles away in NC drove up here to ask me face to face for her Probationership, and then back up again to meet with Lady AIB, then up again for her Initiations, though she sometimes comes north to the Renn Faires to pander her kraftwerks.

OK, enough praising our Probationers and Initiates. Here is his photograph above and it what he wrote of it in an email. BB. SMB

cat moon star

Baphomet, Pan Faunus and Diana Astarte Hekate Altar

Baphomet n Witch Gods n Goddess (1) - Copy

Pan door knocker, Cernunnos with serpent, Baphomet, Pan Faunus, Diana Astarte Hekate, and HPT horned crown

I upgraded the inside COC temple in my house for the upcoming May Day ritual which posted in the inner COC group on FB. Of course i called Lady Alsace and she thought it might be Easter (April 20) when she was invited to some friends down south, so i had to google Easter 2014 because for some reason i don’t celebrate it, well not in the Christian way, but YHSVH Is dead and in hell for three days starting on Good Friday (April 18) sooooo time for Exu and Pomba Gira to come out and dance.

I found this black shelving unit on sale at the local antique mall the other day, 60% off, liked the nice black matte. Late last night i got up and put nails in the wall at the exact width and height the holes in the back measured as, not an easy task at night on a stool alone. I have these nice old plaster of paris God and Goddess which i bought decades ago in NYC at Magickal Childe and they look exactly like the ceramic ones in the original Temple at the Covenstead in Doc Santee’s bookhouse. I carved a little more “realistically” and then coated them with a nice shiny layer of white oil based paint. Now Baphomet – Well i consider him/her to be a hermaphroditic representative of the God and Goddess in union. As Above, So Below. I was going to put him/her on the top but s/he looked better on the shelf, stably leaning forward like a gargoyle.

Baphomet n Witch Gods n Goddess (2) - Copy

As above with dragon’s blood incense wafting

Working towards the upcoming New Moon probably the night of February 28 to March 1 since unfortunately we up here have some Katzenflöhe und ein Katzenklothat needs cleaned out and i am designing a new COC ritual tool like a trident that is mentioned in the old Solomonic grimoires and have the perfect old trident shaped garden digger that i will design, with JJ and others, the sigils for it based on those grimoires but using German Runes and other COC related sigils. I have a couple things in my “Wait and Watch” folder regarding issues like plagiarizing of my writings years ago that i am finally hopefully getting resolved, and other issues to protect the good name of our Coven and our Elders. Sometimes air freshener spray techniques don’t work to cover the sense and one has to dig in clean out the Katze Poop und Pisse …….

The Claw of the Catta

Die Klaue des Catta klingt wie ein Hammer B-Movie, als noch graviert und befähigt werden. Es gibt eine B___ von einem Juckreiz, die betteln ist zerkratzt werden …..

Yes you saw the Goddess name Hekate used above. That is not from the original COC but from my and others realization. Diana is the white Goddess, Astarte the red Goddess and Hekate the black Goddess.

Catta Black Cat House Sign - Copy (2)

Dame Sybil Leek’s 91st or 97th Birthday – So Happy Birthday our Great Gramma !

Sybil Leek astrololgy

I think i got this Astrology chart from CafeAstrology.com

Sybil Leek, the mother of the original COC in Wapwallopen PA was born on 2 February 1917 or 1923 and passed into the astral on 26 October 1982 so that makes her 91 or 97 years old. She was HPS of the Coven of the Horsa in New Forest England which came from Le Coven de la Dragon Rouge from Gorge du Loupe in SE France and she initiated Lord Merlin aka Santee who initiated Lady PAN aka Janee and it all started from there in 1967 until now in 2014 for 47 years. 

Santee and Sybil

Newspaper clipping of Sybil Leek meeting Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee at his library just before Halloween 1967 courtesy of and published with permission by the Secret Source who clipped saved and sent them to me And with permission from the Press Enterprise which is near the Covenstead.

Below are some more  pics of some newspaper clippings courtesy or and published with permission by our Secret Source who clipped and sent them to me and i Paint.net manipulated them, and with permission from the Press Enterprise which is near the Covenstead. Some are from the that local paper and others from various newspapers. THESE HAVE NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED ONLINE BEFORE SO IF ANYONE STEALS THEM THE CURSE OF THE GODDESS DIANA-ASTARTE-HEKATE AND OF BASTET AND ANUBIS AND THE STING OF THE SERPENT  SSS BE UPON THEM SO MOTE IT BE.

Newspaper clippings from JC (1)

Newspaper clippings from JC (2)

Newspaper clippings from JC (3)

Newspaper clippings from JC (4)

Newspaper Clippings from JC (3)

Newspaper clippings from JC (5)

Newspaper clippings from JC (6)

Newspaper clippings from JC (7)

Newspaper clippings from JC (8)

Newspaper Clippings from JC (9)

Newspaper Clippings from JC (10) - Copy

Newspaper Clippings from JC (11) - Copy

Newspaper Clippings from JC (12)

Newspaper Clippings from JC (8) - Copy

Newspaper Clippings from JC (14)

Newspaper Clippings from JC (13)

If i got some of these clippings from someone else, ah my memory, please let me know and i will attribute them to you or delete them. Respectfully SMB 3* COC

Articles on Sybil from the Covenant of Rhiannon Community, with whom i have communicated with in the past.

Covenant of Rhiannon Community page on Sybil Leek and the Coven of the Horsa and Grace Kemelek

Covenant of Rhiannon Community page on Sybil Leek and the Coven of the Horsa and Grace Kemelek

CORC Simple Spells by Sybil Leek

Article on Sybil Leek at Controversial.com a Huge site with Everyone witch or magickian or pagan from the past on there.

Sybil Leek on Controversial.com

And of course this is our COC blog and our FB page which is closed to all but coven members and good Trusted witch, pagan, druid and researcher friends.

Coven of the Catta’s 31 October 1967 Date of Birth Astrology Chart and Interpretation

COC natal chart for 31 Oct 1967 Midnight

Coven of the Catta Natal Chart from CafeAstrology.com

I am no expert on Astrology and am pretty agnostic on it, and when i do have readings done for me i notice the chart itself is not as important as the Reader of the chart who if they know their stuff will trance out and talk like reading tea leaves or tarot cards, etc.

So i found what i think is a Very good computer generated Astrology website called CafeAstrology.com and have generated charts for me and others, in  either tropical or sidereal, and even relationship charts. And they truly Are free with no pop-ups, a nice clean fast easy to navigate site for sure.

So know Sybil Leek initiated and founded the Coven of the Catta on her visit during Halloween aka All Hallows in 1967. I don’t know exactly what day during her visit then she initiated Dr Santee who then initiated Lady Phoebe, but i made it the 31st and then midnight for dramatic effect though it might have any time during the day.

So here at the website is the Natal Chart for the Birth of the Coven of the Catta.I would paste the whole thing in but am not sure of copyright but if you want a PDF of it just call or email.

:Like i said, i am No Astrologer, but some things are Veerrryyy interesting, and you Real astrologers can skry more from the chart. Like i said i made the time midnight in the town of Wapwallopen PA where the Doc’s house and bookhouse / covenstead is. Now i was born at 00:17 just after midnight myself and have posted my chart for AAM before.

Some interesting conjunctions are Venus, Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. Many in the original coven were Virgos but Lady PAN  was an Aries, believe me. Pluto is Hades, Venus is Persephone (for one of our degrees we like many re-enact the Legend of the descent and ascent of her), and Uranus is the Magickian Lord Merlin aka Doc Santee. Sun conjunct Mercury, often the case, but the solar phallicke magickian again. Now here Lady Phoebe (Moon) is in opposition to Saturn, she being in Libra in balance, and Saturn (death/shaitan) is in Aries which is her Sun sign. I would not pay much attention to the zenith, nadir or rising sign as i just made it at midnight, the start of the witching hour. Hmmm, if you look at the pattern drawn in the center of the planet’s connections it makes a pentagram, Ha.

I could go on and on but like i said i am no expert and anyone who knows more please comment on this blog and it will be reposted on the COC FB page for all the witches in the COC and our witch friends to see. Enjoy and Blessed Be.


Flying Besoms and Altar Cloth and Clean Hanging Robes

I like things off the floor in my temples, maybe because i just like to see the wood floor, but secretly i confess i am an OCD clean freak and it is easier to keep the cat hair dust bunnies under control.

COC witdch temple 14 Feb 2014 (6)

I have my own besom and then two from the old Covenstead. Above is a picture of mine which was cut from an old oak tree during a thunderstorm and i got my wand from the same limb. The shaved phallic end has my witch names carved in Ogum. It was standing in a corner so i put it in front of my BOSs and used a chunk of slate to hold it in place. Flying besoms away, now easier to jump on to go up the chimney he he he.

COC witdch temple 14 Feb 2014 (7)

The other two are from the Covenstead from decades ago. Behind the altar we stacked the besoms of coveners who had passed on.One is an unknown wood with the names Selene (moon goddess) and Coven of the Catta on it.

besom carving

One is birch and carved into it is the name Venus (see above) which took awhile to figure out because it is in Theban and Runes, and on it also is carved Coven of the Catta. It has a very sharp point at the bottom painted red as is the top.

COC witdch temple 14 Feb 2014 (3)

My old stained COC altar cloth used to hang on a hanger until needed for ritual but in this pic is under the original candlestick from the Covenstead and a Wales dragon candlestick from there Lady PAN gave me which holds my astral candle, and the astral candle and holder of Lady EWT. But then later i moved the altar cloth under the BOSs. Did i tell you i am manic right now and have OCD? LOL

Almost forgot about my robes and cingulums hidden in the closet. One is an old olive green wool robe that was originally a dJellaba made for me when i was maybe 22 and it slips over one’s head but i had her alter the traditional design to open in the front and held by an old button i found and btw i did all the latter sewing so there. It also has a long hood to which i attached a silver tassel but alas i can only spin it one way at a time. The other is a simple black cotton robe that i originally sewed with lots of help from a priestess and then got too fat at the belly to fit it but now 30 lbs lighter it fits just fine. Well the wool one had some mildew on it so i laundered them both on gentle and cool dry so good to go. Then i put up an old hook on the outside of the closet door to hand them with the three coloured cingulums for our degrees. No pic of that taken.

I guess i will reblog this both to BSSS as it does not reveal too much secret to this coven, and of course to the COC FB page which i have yet to get onto today and these posts have taken me days to photograph, edit, downsize, write and post, in between shoveling snow and having my bridge collapse while i was on it, but that is one for FB.

Enjoy the pictures and remember as always


Powwow Objects at the Hex Haus

HH wintersolstice 6

Derr Hexen Haus from across the stream

I call the little white cabin, built in 1935, which i was luckily able to buy a few years ago, the Hex Haus because i have it decorated with Hexen Runes painted on the walls and over the doors, hex sign plates i painted, and some old stuff left there and from my late Dad’s and Grandad’s garage.

HH Powwow 14 Feb 2014 (9)

I painted 1935 in Roman Numerals on partial back porch column

Like i said the house was built in 1935 and was a summer cottage the previous owner when she was a child would come up to with her parents and siblings and it has no electricity, water or plumbing which is just fine with me. When i got it it was like King Tut’s tomb with literally a million dead lady bugs and other bugs, but the place was remarkably free from mold. It is made of hickory beams and yellow pine walls and ceilings. I ripped up the carpets and cleaned n oiled the floors and the place is off the ground so there was literally a ton of garbage, old tires, etc etc. I got the windows working and made screens for them and made a screen door (i do have a few carpentry talents). I think i blogged most of this on some other post here or at BSSS.


Looks kinda Faustian in retrospect, but no demons summoned, though Samael did sneak in one time…. Oh well the ritual cycle is over so i am going to post below some pics that anyone can look up in one of the old Grimoires.


Sigils in the NE and no i am not a nazi look at the way the little swastika it is turning to the Right

circle solomaic temple

Full Templar Pentagram circle with runic names. You figure it out, nothing secret there.

I did at one time have a full Solomonic temple upstairs with chalk circles with runic words of power and for about a year and a half religiously daily did various AC rituals over and over for TKACWOHGA. I think that worked. Now that floor is clean and i just do simple Solomonic / Runic / Witchcraft / Powwow rituals over there. I like how it is my escape from All technology, except my cell camera of course.

Hex Cabinet

The old configuration in and on the built in blue cabinet with hex signs now on the lower floors walls and some Santeria all mixed together like one big happy family and the fox skeleton i put together which you can do a search on at the BSSS blog

SATOR runes HH 2 June 2013

Going up the steps to the second floor the SATOR square in runes, and on the guard rail is TEMET NOSCE in runes also

HH Powwow 14 Feb 2014 (7)

Above stairway – Helm of Awe – these were all – hand painted on old plates with paint you then bake hard

HH Powwow 14 Feb 2014 (10)

East – Healing bind runes – Raphael

HH Powwow 14 Feb 2014 (4)

South – Schwarz Sonne clockwise – Mikael

HH Powwow 14 Feb 2014 (2)

West – Water and Moon signs – Gabriel

HH Powwow 14 Feb 2014 (1)

North – Bind Runes – Uriel

HH Powwow 14 Feb 2014 (6)

Old mirror with “selfie” of me reflected, my Dad’s school bell for calling the gods, an old silver plated handled knife sharpener as a metal wand, an old oil lamp one lit the other unlit

HH Powwow 14 Feb 2014 (5)

Old iron tools of my Dad’s and Grandad’s on a white enameled tabel my Dad had up at his shanty along the river as he was what we call in this area a “river rat” LOL

HH Powwow 14 Feb 2014 (3)

Native American altar with hanging feathers, crystal, obsidian arrow head, old incense statue of a woman, turtle shell, and where the fox skeleton is now in a jar with its skull on top guarding the door. The spirits come in and stay in the winter but are out wandering around in the summertime.

Anyway here are some old and recent pics, so enjoy, and this will beblogged to BSSS and to the COC FB page. BB


I found one of my photos stolen and post on a Tumblr site and messaged the guy that it is obviously copyrighted and told Tumblr it was stolen and the guy took it down, but of course once reblogged a couple hundred times it is on the internet forever.

Posted on Earthsong Forum on a Sybil Leek Thread

SybilLeek.21 copy

Image of Sybil Leek drawing a Witches circle with her sword in the New Forest England – widely available on the www unknown source

A couple weeks ago i got on the Earthsong Forum where someone had sent me a link to a Discussion String regarding Sybil Leek. I finally got access and was able to post this, Yea. Read the whole string at the link above. I have never participated in Forums before and this one was started years ago so do not know if anyone there would be made aware of new posts on that string or not, which is why i am posting it on my two blogs here. Enjoy and BB.

Greetings – this is an interesting and informative discussion about Dame Sybil Leek. I just want everyone to know that she initiated Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee aka Merlin who initiated Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue at the original Coven of the Catta Covenstead in Doc Santee’ library back in 1967. I am not sure if i can post links here as this is my first time on a forum but will try. Lady Phoebe initiated me into my first second and third degrees from 1981-1988 and even though she passed on a couple years ago the Coven continues alive and well both in the Berwick PA area at Lady Alsace’s house and at my house north of Harrisburg PA and I am Shawnus Merlin Belarion 3* Coven of the Catta. Our members at one time dwindled to just me and Alsace but now we are up to five 3rd*s and two Probationers spread from NY to PA, NC to FLA. Our blog is https://covenofthecatta.wordpress.com/ and our FB page brand new is https://www.facebook.com/gary.hoke.31 and you can download free PDFs of booklets i wrote on Santee and the coven at http://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?t…com&q=&x=0&y=0 or you can just contact me at my public addy of shawnuscoc@gmail.com As may have been written before Sybil also initiated Grace Kemelek at The Covenant of Rhiannon but she unfortunately passed on before passing on the lineage there. I am not sure is Sybil initiated Christine Jones her nurse and last biographer or not.

Sybil Leek

Image of Sybil Leek with her Raven familiar Mr Hotfoot Jackton – widely available on the www unknown source

Yea – The Wild Hunt in their Pagan Community Notes Just linked to our post “Our Coven’s Fight as Ordained Witch Priests and Priestesses to Legally Perform Marriages in PA” – Yea!

COC logo white moon black background

Yea – Jason at The Wild Hunt in his Pagan Community Notes just published a link to my previous article Our Coven’s Fight as Ordained Witch Priests and Priestesses to Legally Perform Marriages in PA. Yea! Thank you Jason. I have already gotten some great feedback help from a Rev Ellen at Hearthside Haven and you can read those in the comments at the original post, so thank you Rev Ellen also.

And there are a lot of other good stories and links in his post too including a great video. Enjoy and BB.


We Are Ordained Witch Clergy and we Will get our Rights. One step at a time, first dealing already at the County level, next contacting the State for the relevant Statute, then contacting the ACLU to see if we have a case, then proceeding to the State Legislature and if need be the State Supreme Court….

Our Coveners Beautiful and Powerful Altars

Altar close up

Original Altar Coven of the Catta in the Covenstead Bookhouse of Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee circa 1980s

Sometimes I think this blog, which is of our Coven, not me, is too much about me. Often though i do that to protect different member’s identities by not writing about them much. Some have WV listings but most have no presence in the www at all. So i have asked their permission to post some pictures of their beautiful altars. I have edited out any witches faces, reduced the size of the images, and put on a Copyright 2014 with part of their mundane names.

We all live fairly far away from each other from south central PA to northern PA to NC to FLA so we have gotten into the habit of sending pics of our altars after various Sabats we could not attend together.

I am only listing people by their Witch names and in one case by an initial and what state they live in and listed parts of their mundane names, all to protect their identities.They are listed here in order of their years in the COC as initiated Witches.

Honi soit qui mal y pense and Apo Pantos Kakodaimonos

So enjoy these beautiful and all very different altar pictures. We are all in the same Coven, but we all have our own ways of expressing that in our Altars.

I have to start out mentioning our late Grandmother Dame Sybil Leek 3rd* Elder High Priestess Coven of the Horsa who is still here in spirit.

And of course our late Mother Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue 3rd* Elder High Priestess Coven of the Catta who is still here in spirit and who initiated me. I have posted plenty of pics of the altar at the old Covenstead in Doc Santee’s bookhouse in previous posts.

Lady Alsace Isa Brie 3rd* Elder High Priestess Coven of the Catta (don’t tell anyone i used the word elder as she will just say “age is for wine and cheese” lol) lives in northern PA and has a lovely English garden in which she sets up an outside altar on a spool and her yard is full of wonderful sculptures and flowers and herbs.

coc ss 2010.3


coc ss 2010.2

alsace goddess 2

alsace goddess 1

alsace diana lion

Lord Pheonix 3rd* High Priest COC and BFC lives in southern PA. He received his first degree from Lady Phoebe and second and third degrees from the BFC. He comes to Sabbats maybe twice a year or more. I have no pictures from his temple, but then he is pretty Dutch and would not allow that anyway.

dutch jeff birthday

Herr Pheonix sagt “Gesegnet Sein”

Lady Augur Nagi Astarte 3rd* High Priestess Coven of the Catta lives in Florida and was initiated into her first degree by me, into her second by another HPT and HPS who i don’t think are actively practicing, and then received her third degree from me before moving from PA to FLA. As you can see she incorporates Wiccan, Buddhist and Santeria elements in her altars.

JH altar 4

Picture 039

Lady Tanith Athene UlfVana 3rd* High Priestess Coven of the Catta lives in North Carolina and is a talented painter, sculpture and artisan of many skills. She is actively training Probationers. Most of these altars are object she has made, including the almost life sized White Goddess figure in one pic. She also has a Beltane and All Hallows gathering and some pics are from her place or another location and I do not honestly know which are which, but it includes the building and burning of a Burning Man.

outside altar 1

outside altar 2

outside altar with shells

shadowharvest 2011 1

Wicker man 1

Wickerman 2012 4

MayFaire 2010 (262)

See the Horned God facing right with arms up and erect phallus?

Wickerman 2

Lady Ember Willow Hawk 3rd* High Priestess Coven of the Catta lives in northern PA near Lady Alsace and is also a talented artisan on many levels. She loves crystals (these pics are on large salt lamps) and weaves the Native American path, which is in her blood, into our BTW rituals. And she incorporates Buddhism also.

driftwood crystals (1)

driftwood crystals

ember driftwood goddess

Ember pantacle 2

embers fairy crystal salt cake 2

crystals on salt

Buddha with altar

Just in the last day i have taken to calling uninitiated Probationers by the names Frater and Soror, or course Latin for brother and sister. Maybe i got that from the late Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee aka Lord Merlin 3rd* Elder High Priest Coven of the Catta who was a Latin scholar who is here in spirit. Or maybe i got that from the OTO.

Frater Aren 0* Probationer Coven of the Catta lives in Florida and dresses the most beautiful altars for sure in traditional COC style. He has an eye for beauty and loves decorating for the season so you will see related objects in his altar pics too.

JJ altar (1) - Copy

Aren Candlemas Altar 2014

Aren All Hallows 2013 (1)

Soror L Probationer Coven of the Catta lives in NY and also weaves the Native American path, which is in her blood, into our BTW rituals.I have no pictures of her altars as she lives pretty much off the grid.

There are at present Three other young Probationers who may make it or may drop out and only time will tell.

I will tell you at some times in our covens history, like after Dr Santee died and before we arrived, the coven almost folded. And i myself have been many months and years without students. I am So Happy and Blessed to have all these students and students of students who have reached their highest degrees in the COC and right now though we are low in number we are high in quality, which is what Really counts, and spread across the country east of the Mississippi.

Blessed Be. SMB 3* COC


Addendum –

Xian and other trolls, please stop “Liking” my posts just so you can get your Gravitar on my page. Anyone who steals these photos and posts them on their websites, blogs, tumblr or flickr pages be aware that All these photos are clearly labeled as Copyright 2014 of their perspective owners within our Coven. 

Fellow Witches, Druids, Pagans or Magickians feel free to Like or Comment or Reblog this page and Blessings to you.