Our Coveners Beautiful and Powerful Altars

Altar close up

Original Altar Coven of the Catta in the Covenstead Bookhouse of Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee circa 1980s

Sometimes I think this blog, which is of our Coven, not me, is too much about me. Often though i do that to protect different member’s identities by not writing about them much. Some have WV listings but most have no presence in the www at all. So i have asked their permission to post some pictures of their beautiful altars. I have edited out any witches faces, reduced the size of the images, and put on a Copyright 2014 with part of their mundane names.

We all live fairly far away from each other from south central PA to northern PA to NC to FLA so we have gotten into the habit of sending pics of our altars after various Sabats we could not attend together.

I am only listing people by their Witch names and in one case by an initial and what state they live in and listed parts of their mundane names, all to protect their identities.They are listed here in order of their years in the COC as initiated Witches.

Honi soit qui mal y pense and Apo Pantos Kakodaimonos

So enjoy these beautiful and all very different altar pictures. We are all in the same Coven, but we all have our own ways of expressing that in our Altars.

I have to start out mentioning our late Grandmother Dame Sybil Leek 3rd* Elder High Priestess Coven of the Horsa who is still here in spirit.

And of course our late Mother Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue 3rd* Elder High Priestess Coven of the Catta who is still here in spirit and who initiated me. I have posted plenty of pics of the altar at the old Covenstead in Doc Santee’s bookhouse in previous posts.

Lady Alsace Isa Brie 3rd* Elder High Priestess Coven of the Catta (don’t tell anyone i used the word elder as she will just say “age is for wine and cheese” lol) lives in northern PA and has a lovely English garden in which she sets up an outside altar on a spool and her yard is full of wonderful sculptures and flowers and herbs.

coc ss 2010.3


coc ss 2010.2

alsace goddess 2

alsace goddess 1

alsace diana lion

Lord Pheonix 3rd* High Priest COC and BFC lives in southern PA. He received his first degree from Lady Phoebe and second and third degrees from the BFC. He comes to Sabbats maybe twice a year or more. I have no pictures from his temple, but then he is pretty Dutch and would not allow that anyway.

dutch jeff birthday

Herr Pheonix sagt “Gesegnet Sein”

Lady Augur Nagi Astarte 3rd* High Priestess Coven of the Catta lives in Florida and was initiated into her first degree by me, into her second by another HPT and HPS who i don’t think are actively practicing, and then received her third degree from me before moving from PA to FLA. As you can see she incorporates Wiccan, Buddhist and Santeria elements in her altars.

JH altar 4

Picture 039

Lady Tanith Athene UlfVana 3rd* High Priestess Coven of the Catta lives in North Carolina and is a talented painter, sculpture and artisan of many skills. She is actively training Probationers. Most of these altars are object she has made, including the almost life sized White Goddess figure in one pic. She also has a Beltane and All Hallows gathering and some pics are from her place or another location and I do not honestly know which are which, but it includes the building and burning of a Burning Man.

outside altar 1

outside altar 2

outside altar with shells

shadowharvest 2011 1

Wicker man 1

Wickerman 2012 4

MayFaire 2010 (262)

See the Horned God facing right with arms up and erect phallus?

Wickerman 2

Lady Ember Willow Hawk 3rd* High Priestess Coven of the Catta lives in northern PA near Lady Alsace and is also a talented artisan on many levels. She loves crystals (these pics are on large salt lamps) and weaves the Native American path, which is in her blood, into our BTW rituals. And she incorporates Buddhism also.

driftwood crystals (1)

driftwood crystals

ember driftwood goddess

Ember pantacle 2

embers fairy crystal salt cake 2

crystals on salt

Buddha with altar

Just in the last day i have taken to calling uninitiated Probationers by the names Frater and Soror, or course Latin for brother and sister. Maybe i got that from the late Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee aka Lord Merlin 3rd* Elder High Priest Coven of the Catta who was a Latin scholar who is here in spirit. Or maybe i got that from the OTO.

Frater Aren 0* Probationer Coven of the Catta lives in Florida and dresses the most beautiful altars for sure in traditional COC style. He has an eye for beauty and loves decorating for the season so you will see related objects in his altar pics too.

JJ altar (1) - Copy

Aren Candlemas Altar 2014

Aren All Hallows 2013 (1)

Soror L Probationer Coven of the Catta lives in NY and also weaves the Native American path, which is in her blood, into our BTW rituals.I have no pictures of her altars as she lives pretty much off the grid.

There are at present Three other young Probationers who may make it or may drop out and only time will tell.

I will tell you at some times in our covens history, like after Dr Santee died and before we arrived, the coven almost folded. And i myself have been many months and years without students. I am So Happy and Blessed to have all these students and students of students who have reached their highest degrees in the COC and right now though we are low in number we are high in quality, which is what Really counts, and spread across the country east of the Mississippi.

Blessed Be. SMB 3* COC


Addendum –

Xian and other trolls, please stop “Liking” my posts just so you can get your Gravitar on my page. Anyone who steals these photos and posts them on their websites, blogs, tumblr or flickr pages be aware that All these photos are clearly labeled as Copyright 2014 of their perspective owners within our Coven. 

Fellow Witches, Druids, Pagans or Magickians feel free to Like or Comment or Reblog this page and Blessings to you.


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