Flying Besoms and Altar Cloth and Clean Hanging Robes

I like things off the floor in my temples, maybe because i just like to see the wood floor, but secretly i confess i am an OCD clean freak and it is easier to keep the cat hair dust bunnies under control.

COC witdch temple 14 Feb 2014 (6)

I have my own besom and then two from the old Covenstead. Above is a picture of mine which was cut from an old oak tree during a thunderstorm and i got my wand from the same limb. The shaved phallic end has my witch names carved in Ogum. It was standing in a corner so i put it in front of my BOSs and used a chunk of slate to hold it in place. Flying besoms away, now easier to jump on to go up the chimney he he he.

COC witdch temple 14 Feb 2014 (7)

The other two are from the Covenstead from decades ago. Behind the altar we stacked the besoms of coveners who had passed on.One is an unknown wood with the names Selene (moon goddess) and Coven of the Catta on it.

besom carving

One is birch and carved into it is the name Venus (see above) which took awhile to figure out because it is in Theban and Runes, and on it also is carved Coven of the Catta. It has a very sharp point at the bottom painted red as is the top.

COC witdch temple 14 Feb 2014 (3)

My old stained COC altar cloth used to hang on a hanger until needed for ritual but in this pic is under the original candlestick from the Covenstead and a Wales dragon candlestick from there Lady PAN gave me which holds my astral candle, and the astral candle and holder of Lady EWT. But then later i moved the altar cloth under the BOSs. Did i tell you i am manic right now and have OCD? LOL

Almost forgot about my robes and cingulums hidden in the closet. One is an old olive green wool robe that was originally a dJellaba made for me when i was maybe 22 and it slips over one’s head but i had her alter the traditional design to open in the front and held by an old button i found and btw i did all the latter sewing so there. It also has a long hood to which i attached a silver tassel but alas i can only spin it one way at a time. The other is a simple black cotton robe that i originally sewed with lots of help from a priestess and then got too fat at the belly to fit it but now 30 lbs lighter it fits just fine. Well the wool one had some mildew on it so i laundered them both on gentle and cool dry so good to go. Then i put up an old hook on the outside of the closet door to hand them with the three coloured cingulums for our degrees. No pic of that taken.

I guess i will reblog this both to BSSS as it does not reveal too much secret to this coven, and of course to the COC FB page which i have yet to get onto today and these posts have taken me days to photograph, edit, downsize, write and post, in between shoveling snow and having my bridge collapse while i was on it, but that is one for FB.

Enjoy the pictures and remember as always



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