Powwow Objects at the Hex Haus

HH wintersolstice 6

Derr Hexen Haus from across the stream

I call the little white cabin, built in 1935, which i was luckily able to buy a few years ago, the Hex Haus because i have it decorated with Hexen Runes painted on the walls and over the doors, hex sign plates i painted, and some old stuff left there and from my late Dad’s and Grandad’s garage.

HH Powwow 14 Feb 2014 (9)

I painted 1935 in Roman Numerals on partial back porch column

Like i said the house was built in 1935 and was a summer cottage the previous owner when she was a child would come up to with her parents and siblings and it has no electricity, water or plumbing which is just fine with me. When i got it it was like King Tut’s tomb with literally a million dead lady bugs and other bugs, but the place was remarkably free from mold. It is made of hickory beams and yellow pine walls and ceilings. I ripped up the carpets and cleaned n oiled the floors and the place is off the ground so there was literally a ton of garbage, old tires, etc etc. I got the windows working and made screens for them and made a screen door (i do have a few carpentry talents). I think i blogged most of this on some other post here or at BSSS.


Looks kinda Faustian in retrospect, but no demons summoned, though Samael did sneak in one time…. Oh well the ritual cycle is over so i am going to post below some pics that anyone can look up in one of the old Grimoires.


Sigils in the NE and no i am not a nazi look at the way the little swastika it is turning to the Right

circle solomaic temple

Full Templar Pentagram circle with runic names. You figure it out, nothing secret there.

I did at one time have a full Solomonic temple upstairs with chalk circles with runic words of power and for about a year and a half religiously daily did various AC rituals over and over for TKACWOHGA. I think that worked. Now that floor is clean and i just do simple Solomonic / Runic / Witchcraft / Powwow rituals over there. I like how it is my escape from All technology, except my cell camera of course.

Hex Cabinet

The old configuration in and on the built in blue cabinet with hex signs now on the lower floors walls and some Santeria all mixed together like one big happy family and the fox skeleton i put together which you can do a search on at the BSSS blog

SATOR runes HH 2 June 2013

Going up the steps to the second floor the SATOR square in runes, and on the guard rail is TEMET NOSCE in runes also

HH Powwow 14 Feb 2014 (7)

Above stairway – Helm of Awe – these were all – hand painted on old plates with paint you then bake hard

HH Powwow 14 Feb 2014 (10)

East – Healing bind runes – Raphael

HH Powwow 14 Feb 2014 (4)

South – Schwarz Sonne clockwise – Mikael

HH Powwow 14 Feb 2014 (2)

West – Water and Moon signs – Gabriel

HH Powwow 14 Feb 2014 (1)

North – Bind Runes – Uriel

HH Powwow 14 Feb 2014 (6)

Old mirror with “selfie” of me reflected, my Dad’s school bell for calling the gods, an old silver plated handled knife sharpener as a metal wand, an old oil lamp one lit the other unlit

HH Powwow 14 Feb 2014 (5)

Old iron tools of my Dad’s and Grandad’s on a white enameled tabel my Dad had up at his shanty along the river as he was what we call in this area a “river rat” LOL

HH Powwow 14 Feb 2014 (3)

Native American altar with hanging feathers, crystal, obsidian arrow head, old incense statue of a woman, turtle shell, and where the fox skeleton is now in a jar with its skull on top guarding the door. The spirits come in and stay in the winter but are out wandering around in the summertime.

Anyway here are some old and recent pics, so enjoy, and this will beblogged to BSSS and to the COC FB page. BB


I found one of my photos stolen and post on a Tumblr site and messaged the guy that it is obviously copyrighted and told Tumblr it was stolen and the guy took it down, but of course once reblogged a couple hundred times it is on the internet forever.


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    • Product called Americana Gloss Enamels. I went into a Michael’s craft store, doubt if they are there but any craft store, n ask for a paint that u can bake to harden. They r thick but i can’t remember if i cut them w water or linseed oil. bake on like stone. No neither my dad nor grandad were smiths but they were workers who gathered their tools. my dad worked for the water company and eventually ran the plant but was a good woodworker etc. my granddad worked for an old phone company. bottom line these are probably before even their time. my great grandfather worked on the RR so maybe they go back to him. i especially like how many are made from 8 sided iron bars which were probably originally four sided then blacksmithed to eight n then made into very practical tools. like i said one even has chiseled into it the initials of the owner. when my dad died, actually my step dad who adopted me at age 5 when he married my dna mom, he had a garage full of everything he ever owned n lots of stuff from his dad as that side of the family Never threw anything out. my bro was not interested so i scooped up all the old metal tools, love them.

  1. …the swastika is not specifically nazi, of course not. but when it is next to SS runes and an SS totenkopf skull, your protest breaks down. it’s none of my business, but.. really.

    • Mr no blog, no website, no valid email addy, no avatar, no gravigtar, no way of making contact w me except thru this subtrifuge…. so what was it u were saying? read some history and see all three in the form of the kapala w swastika w vajrakilaya together in the aghori cemetery 4000 years agp instead of being caught in the 40s. they are symbols, nothing more. is not the cross in the KKK rally really a bad thing opposed to being on a German Lutheran church??? Don’t comment back unless u have a traceable gravitar otherwise i will report this as nothing but spam. Oh, and, Honi Soit qui Mal y Pense….

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