Coven of the Catta’s 31 October 1967 Date of Birth Astrology Chart and Interpretation

COC natal chart for 31 Oct 1967 Midnight

Coven of the Catta Natal Chart from

I am no expert on Astrology and am pretty agnostic on it, and when i do have readings done for me i notice the chart itself is not as important as the Reader of the chart who if they know their stuff will trance out and talk like reading tea leaves or tarot cards, etc.

So i found what i think is a Very good computer generated Astrology website called and have generated charts for me and others, in  either tropical or sidereal, and even relationship charts. And they truly Are free with no pop-ups, a nice clean fast easy to navigate site for sure.

So know Sybil Leek initiated and founded the Coven of the Catta on her visit during Halloween aka All Hallows in 1967. I don’t know exactly what day during her visit then she initiated Dr Santee who then initiated Lady Phoebe, but i made it the 31st and then midnight for dramatic effect though it might have any time during the day.

So here at the website is the Natal Chart for the Birth of the Coven of the Catta.I would paste the whole thing in but am not sure of copyright but if you want a PDF of it just call or email.

:Like i said, i am No Astrologer, but some things are Veerrryyy interesting, and you Real astrologers can skry more from the chart. Like i said i made the time midnight in the town of Wapwallopen PA where the Doc’s house and bookhouse / covenstead is. Now i was born at 00:17 just after midnight myself and have posted my chart for AAM before.

Some interesting conjunctions are Venus, Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. Many in the original coven were Virgos but Lady PAN  was an Aries, believe me. Pluto is Hades, Venus is Persephone (for one of our degrees we like many re-enact the Legend of the descent and ascent of her), and Uranus is the Magickian Lord Merlin aka Doc Santee. Sun conjunct Mercury, often the case, but the solar phallicke magickian again. Now here Lady Phoebe (Moon) is in opposition to Saturn, she being in Libra in balance, and Saturn (death/shaitan) is in Aries which is her Sun sign. I would not pay much attention to the zenith, nadir or rising sign as i just made it at midnight, the start of the witching hour. Hmmm, if you look at the pattern drawn in the center of the planet’s connections it makes a pentagram, Ha.

I could go on and on but like i said i am no expert and anyone who knows more please comment on this blog and it will be reposted on the COC FB page for all the witches in the COC and our witch friends to see. Enjoy and Blessed Be.