Baphomet, Pan Faunus and Diana Astarte Hekate Altar

Baphomet n Witch Gods n Goddess (1) - Copy

Pan door knocker, Cernunnos with serpent, Baphomet, Pan Faunus, Diana Astarte Hekate, and HPT horned crown

I upgraded the inside COC temple in my house for the upcoming May Day ritual which posted in the inner COC group on FB. Of course i called Lady Alsace and she thought it might be Easter (April 20) when she was invited to some friends down south, so i had to google Easter 2014 because for some reason i don’t celebrate it, well not in the Christian way, but YHSVH Is dead and in hell for three days starting on Good Friday (April 18) sooooo time for Exu and Pomba Gira to come out and dance.

I found this black shelving unit on sale at the local antique mall the other day, 60% off, liked the nice black matte. Late last night i got up and put nails in the wall at the exact width and height the holes in the back measured as, not an easy task at night on a stool alone. I have these nice old plaster of paris God and Goddess which i bought decades ago in NYC at Magickal Childe and they look exactly like the ceramic ones in the original Temple at the Covenstead in Doc Santee’s bookhouse. I carved a little more “realistically” and then coated them with a nice shiny layer of white oil based paint. Now Baphomet – Well i consider him/her to be a hermaphroditic representative of the God and Goddess in union. As Above, So Below. I was going to put him/her on the top but s/he looked better on the shelf, stably leaning forward like a gargoyle.

Baphomet n Witch Gods n Goddess (2) - Copy

As above with dragon’s blood incense wafting

Working towards the upcoming New Moon probably the night of February 28 to March 1 since unfortunately we up here have some Katzenflöhe und ein Katzenklothat needs cleaned out and i am designing a new COC ritual tool like a trident that is mentioned in the old Solomonic grimoires and have the perfect old trident shaped garden digger that i will design, with JJ and others, the sigils for it based on those grimoires but using German Runes and other COC related sigils. I have a couple things in my “Wait and Watch” folder regarding issues like plagiarizing of my writings years ago that i am finally hopefully getting resolved, and other issues to protect the good name of our Coven and our Elders. Sometimes air freshener spray techniques don’t work to cover the sense and one has to dig in clean out the Katze Poop und Pisse …….

The Claw of the Catta

Die Klaue des Catta klingt wie ein Hammer B-Movie, als noch graviert und befähigt werden. Es gibt eine B___ von einem Juckreiz, die betteln ist zerkratzt werden …..

Yes you saw the Goddess name Hekate used above. That is not from the original COC but from my and others realization. Diana is the white Goddess, Astarte the red Goddess and Hekate the black Goddess.

Catta Black Cat House Sign - Copy (2)


12 thoughts on “Baphomet, Pan Faunus and Diana Astarte Hekate Altar

    • Well if you think about it the gods are from the Mediterranean then the Celts and the god of the Templars. my teacher gave us Pan-Faunus which is Latin and Greek for the same god. I always liked the imagery of Cernunnos, and Baphomet is from my OTO training. The goddesses are all from withing a few hundred miles of each other in the eastern Mediterranean also, and they migrated into European pagan culture. They work for me. I have an article in the works on this and many other subjects. Thanks Lorna for besides just “liking” something, which to me whether on WP or FB is like waving to someone in yr car at 60mph you also make comments which means more to me, stopping the car and talking, LOL. BB

  1. Honestly, I have to ask how is it possible to be studying COC then be accepted into the coven in 1981. your 61 how did you possibly find time to learn the “full truth” behind all the other worldwide religions before knowing the coc was right. (cuz if I never watched the haunted i would never know you). I know you want to be smart as the doctor who found the occult; but he graduated from Harvard, Oxford, and Yale before he was 18. if you did your research you would know that when this genius doctor was in Yale they had already began dabbling in the “occult” which later became skull n bones, now mason, Illuminati etc, which all go back to Egyptian, sun god, moon god, baphomet.
    So after graduating the doctor goes to a lil town becomes rich and a celebrity practically over night. well in his free time the genius was drawn to the occult from Yale university and supernatural so he based it on baphomet the devil, Satan, etc. and being a cat lover and knowing they are used by witches and are sensitive and nocturnal. he was able to prove to certain ppl his interaction with the other side using a cute beautiful cat to worship when your really worshiping pagan baphomet statues. your first religion listed is Christianity, well did you know the holy bible was written hundreds/thousands of years ago at least….so how is it that there are so many predictions in revelations? do you know about the 4 blood boons that will be over Israel on the 4 feast dates in 2 years with a total solar eclipse 2014-2015. last 2 times this happened the world changed…..Israel was a democracy then they beat 7 Muslim invading nations in less than seven days… you are just trying to get your lil fame like animal planet. You calling the Penn paranormal association for fame and to publicize yourself. never heard of “COC” and trust me my name is known in the field. you are worshiping the beast which you know already cuz your conjuring up demonic forces to celebrate the day Christ took the keys from satan. you have no logic behind your “OCCULT” …
    on the seventh day he rested as Christ will in the 7th millennium based on the real calender not all these pagan ones…I truly hope whatever happened to you in your passed isnt making you worship baphomet, devil…….been there done that. devil has no power in death unless you gave it to him… is the his fault we have to die in the flesh then lake of fire while your powerful god is locked up for 1 millennium……all of you shaking your head read into baphomet Egypt, just educate yourselves……on whatever you believe in. your eternal resting place depends on it. you say you don’t know when Easter is well on a pagan calendar its the weekend you say Christ died and celebrate remember? also while you celebrate your celebrating satan losing AGAIN but this time its the keys……im typing so fast……after researching sooo much on muslim,occult, christianity…..your using a free site with a wish i can go to the grove and worship or maybe bring my cats to the magnetic temple room and make a sacrifice to some evil force that might make me famous but i have to live in the lake of fire for eternity. Sorry but after watching that episode I hope you didnt try anything slick for that poor family while cleansing it. goddes whoever…….was she in ancient egypt when they filmed that? Smh

    • I’m a webmaster as well……. nob hill road, Florida is NOT A a resident, it is a residential address at the ups store.and the name associated with this email it Ty…and do you truly think being a computer geek I would have any of my real info, name, address, etc. tied to a spam account while emailing an occult? Shows you pay for those cheap free reverse look-up sites cuz that’s what you would have received from my online prescription site…around 2006… but your easily locatable online, especially describing your house.

      anyway since i am not worried bout my spirituality , I am concerned why you refuse to answer ANY of my questions….how do you know Tibetan Buddha , Christianity which has hundreds of kinds,and other religions thoroughly before 1981?! My IQ is 167 and I never stop exploring/educating myself. I Truly think it is almost impossible to say you can know all those religions thoroughly in such little time. but you wont answer anything, instead “try” to threaten discretely (not nice) and you choose to worship baphomet (Devil) why use the creators creation (cat) as the face of the occult? you are changing everything a genius doctor was experimenting with, he used cats for confirmation spirits were present due to thier psychic sensitivity. he was too smart and intrigued by Yale and the beginning of skull n bones. they are amazingly beautiful animals which our heavenly father created. I just cant believe that was your response to my blog post!!!! I am not being hostile it is just a lil infuriating when your response says nothing and now some poor kid in Florida is prolly going to have a spell/curse and i will have to find him and help remove the curse. Put it on me i live in New Brunswick, NJ. on the outskirts of Rutgers University. I have lived in boca raton, fl, Phoenix, AZ, NYC, LA…I just wont give you my real name. and just FYI…I haven’t been too Florida in 10 yrs give or take..

      you need to come to the well and get that living water. i have investigated this coven of the cat and took the time but when i saw you worshiping baphomet and celebrating and believing Christ is dead. this lil fame and power supernaturally you receive in life only fills that emptiness everyone on earth searches for; except yours is temporary; but after you pay the price of death you will be a nothing to whatever you worshiped, and burning for eternity.

      Or you can live for the creator have a loving, sincere,relationship that will fill that void/emptiness in life with love, light and glory but you will also receive eternal happiness.
      I investigated your coven thoroughly for my own knowledge. Please listen to this 3 minute song:

      “Our god is greater, our god is stronger, god you higher than any other, our god is healer , awesome in power” Chis Tomlin

      P.S. you do not know me cuz these email are for webaster promotions only…I do not fear you at all if i really wanted too i could crash your blogs…but it is written in the only Holy book with REAL living power to turn the other cheek….i am trying to bring light to you that’s all. i saw the haunted and being a demologist had to educate myself with your history…..I am going to see if there is a Tyler Mighaud….and if there is i will forward this screen shot for his spiritual safety.
      I would,t call it Moinfamous if it wasn’t protected but spent time trying to find me it will make me feel better when you can and it will keep you away from your Occult

      • Sir, i blog to relay information and ideas as i see them. It is a free country with freedom of religion. I consider your quote above “if i really wanted too i could crash your blogs” a harassive threat. I have approved yr comments just out of freedom of opinion, but any more like this will be deleted. I will leave them up for now so my cat sacrificing satanicke coven members can be entertained. I do not know what set you off, but just chill and practice yr religion and i will practice mine in peace.

      • Boy, you really are a weirdo, aren’t you? And that’s saying something from a fellow occultist. Why are you here typing so much trying to convert the OP and harass him? Let’s not get too “woo woo” with the “If I wanted to I could crash your blogs but I won’t ’cause I’m such a good person.” This is a thinly veiled threat and you know it.
        Really, just be honest and say you are a Bible thumper. Then you wouldn’t have had to waste your time typing all that nonsense. You are not all that different from every other Bible thumper, just with more conspiracy theory crap. LOL. I’ll bet you enjoy Alex Jones, too.
        An IQ of 167? Really? Why does it matter, anyway? Even intelligent people can have delusions. You are not saying anything of weight here, just trying to be holier-than-thou in your self-righteousness.
        Also do you know who leaves comments just like yours without even revealing their names and acting like they are being persecuted when THEY are the ones who came to this blog in the first place? Cowards, that’s who.
        Get lost, creep.

        • Thank you Heretic for commenting on his/her comments and saying what i refused to lower myself to write. Its better for someone from outside the conversation to pipe in and be on one side or the other, but i did not wish to personally get into word wars with them. My theory, based on not really understanding what the Fk they are trying to say or what their point was, is that he/she is a Jews for Jesus convert which would explain some of the wording. Yea, an IQ of 167 huh, well maybe so, but like you said that often makes “idiot savants” or “madmen” since all those neurons firing at once, and the freedom of the www, lets anyone be or say anything. And like i said i let those comments through because of that freedom but did not poke back but acted the gentleman. It seems since he/she cannot “follow” a blog they are missing all this, or just bored and moved onto another witches blog to harass. And i am sure they did not see the BSSS blog link to this one. Maybe they were too busy taking another IQ test to see if they do better, LOL. Blessings. L/S

  2. oh and i was right you put the email address that you received when you got my first post which is then you went to Google put in there was a link and it gave you all the funny info I put when i opened the moinfamous email (and believe me its most infamous); like, name, where said I lived, age….etc. I thought you didn’t know how to spell but now I think you might of hit the pipe a lil too much (figure of speech I heard in NYC)

    anyone interested here is the link he used to try to think he knows me when I have one personal email for my family only! the other 50+ emails are for things like this and work…lol

  3. Wow. THAT was entertaining.

    If the dude has an IQ of 167, it must be in math ’cause his grammar and syntax sure suck. Also, I love the gematria: 1 + 6 + 7 = 14, 1+4 = 5 … just like the points of the pentagram! Poor dude is linked with Satan and didn’t even know it! ;-)

    • Glad u had a laugh too, though i do not mean to be mean to him/her. People are at the stage they are. Maybe he got a little educated from this experience. He has gone away, not being blog savy enough to read about the BSSS blog and his revealing there upon. Thanks for commenting. I miss our conversations by phone and by email. I deleted the COC FB page for many reasons. Call me if u wish. Email me if u wish. BB. SMSBFZ

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