“The Old Faith” by Isobel Stewart Way – from then 16 year old Frater Aren’s Witch Notebook

The Old Faith

Photo ©2014 Frater Aren 0*

Quote from Frater Aren – “This to me summed everything up as it should be in regard to a witches way or philosophy of life. I read it when I was around 16 or so and have never forgotten it. It was one of the reasons actually that I started actively studying witchcraft to begin with.”

My hard working indispensable wealth of knowledge witch librarian with photographic memory Probationer read to be Initiated and close friend, Frater Aren, sent me the picture above from a notebook he wrote in when he was 16 and with his permission i am posting it and his email regarding it below. Aren has read and still has Every book ever written on Witchcraft and i can ask him Any question about Any witch figure in the past or for a spell and he will remember which book it is in and eventually where to find it.

You know what is serendipity? Years ago i was on FB with my “friends” and relatives posting about what they ate for breakfast and i got off within a couple months. But on there on a genealogy page for Dr Santee i found a lady up north who was and is a FB addict because she has bad health issues and FB is her window to the world. She mentioned me to him and he then contacted me. He had learned online from a teacher but when he saw our then website now blog and talked to me on the phone (before texting n twitter n “likes” on FB) and i knew what question he wanted to ask but he was too shy so finally one day i asked him “Do you want to be a Probationer in the COC?” and he immediately said YES. He is the first and probably only person i have taught from a distance (over 1000 miles in the hinterlands of FLA) instead of face to face and we talk on the phone every Sunday morning at 9am and talk more often now and he worked like an Amish horse to make his tools and learn the rituals and does them as best he can when we do ours and he is absolutely ready for Initiations. All he has to do is work out the logistics there and we here, coordinating him, his family duties, and the schedules of Lady EWH and Lady AIB to get this done, hopefully by the SS.

Poor Lady TAU before him who lives 444 miles away in NC drove up here to ask me face to face for her Probationership, and then back up again to meet with Lady AIB, then up again for her Initiations, though she sometimes comes north to the Renn Faires to pander her kraftwerks.

OK, enough praising our Probationers and Initiates. Here is his photograph above and it what he wrote of it in an email. BB. SMB

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