Featuring – Lady Alsace Isa Brie – Elder 3* HPS Coven of the Catta

Alsace Dancer

Lady Alsace belly dancing to raise the energy for the Sabbat

I have been wanting to write a series here, which is visible to the public, about various living High Priestesses of the Coven of the Catta, with their permission of course, giving some hints here and then more details at the closed FB page for the COC which is only open to Initiates and Probationers and good friends of the Coven. Now Lady AIB does not have a pc and is not on the internet so it is somewhat difficult for her to comprehend how far these posts go around the world, so i will keep her post here short and simple and hiding her ID n her community as per her wishes and will as i said profile her more in depth with scores of photographs at the FB site.I had a FB page up for her at first but then realized it was too public, but have put up memorial pages for Dame Sybil Leek 3* Coven of the Horsa daughter of the Coven of the Red Dragon and Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee aka Lord Merlin 3*HPT COC and Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue 3*HPS COC.

I first met Lady Alsace when me and my gf drove up to the Covenstead in the Spring of 1981 in response to an ad in Circle Network News asking for witches. There sitting around a blazing fire in the bookhouse in three rocking chairs were Janee (Lady Pan, Judy and J (Lady Alsace). This was just after Dr Santee died the year before and they had moved stuff from his house and piled it into the temple and the dismayed and in limbo, looking for a man and a woman to help them out. Now don’t get me wrong about them “needing a man” as they are all strong women, but even though Lady PAN had run the coven Dr Santee was the center of their wheel and his loss sent them into despair. We were the next generation who for the next 7-10 years helped rebuild the COC.

Now Lady Alsace had never met Dr Santee (i found out years later) but she had met Lady PAN at an art class and they hit is off right away. Alsace had always been a solitary who was a natural witch, having been raised as a bush baby in the wilds of Australia. She went to the big city there and loved it, met a US soldier, married him and emigrated to the USA. She is a woman who both loves the country living and the city life and all its energy. To this day she goes on day trips with her girlfriends to flower shows and museums in Philadelphia and some close friends invite here to their place for days over Thanksgiving and Easter. For Christmas she mostly stays alone and makes up an old English style  Christmas dinner because that reminds her of home.

Before and after Lady PAN passed we often did rituals up at Lady Alsaces house in her lovely English style garden up on the hill. She had an old stool turned on its side and that was or altar, which i can include here.

coc ss 2010.3

I think this was for the Summer Solstice

The bottom line is Lady Alsace, over these past 33 years has been my most Loyal Witch Friend of all time. One time no one could make it to cold Candlemas ritual so i drove 100 miles up there and just she and i did the ritual by ourselves, just because it need to be celebrated. I will always remember that. When Lady PAN passed on she was the HPS who worked with me doing the ritual when we could, usually up there, or down here if she had a ride, at least twice a year for May Day and All Hallows. I consider her my grandmother since my paternal and step paternal grandmothers were long gone or detatched, my maternal grandmother having died when i was living with her at age 5. I consider the elder HPS of the COC but don’t tell her that as she hates the word elder and Never Ever ask her her age as she then says smartly and slowly staring you in the eyes – “Age is for Wine and Cheese”.

Fact is she can outwork 3 of us out in her garden all day from  dawn till dusk, in between doing psychic readings with palmistry, tea leaves and using the old regular playing cards, which no one taught her as she just taught herself. She has two sisters yet in Oz and wants to go back to visit with them and i fear she may stay there to end out her days….

And that is all i can say about her as she is a very private yet outgoing person. With certain clients she admits to being a Witch, but refuses to take on probationers, though an hour with her alone is a days worth of wisdom passed on. Blessed Be my gramma and sister in the Craft.

Those of you who have access to the COC FB page will see a bunch more pics of her posted there later. I have to get in gear to tweak my Will before i go to the lawyer’s tomorrow. BB. SMB 3*HPT COC.

alsace red boot

Red Boot hanging on her porch


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