Victory regarding the Right of Witch Priests and Priestess in PA to legally marry couples, or as Charlton Heston said in “The 10 Commandments” – “Victory is Mine Sayeth The (Horned God) Lord”


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To quote Charlton Heston from “The Ten Commandments” I have just added this Addendum and post to my original post Our Covens Fight as Witch Priests and Priestesses to legally Perform Marriages in Pennsylvania Here is the hopefully Final Addendum and Comments at the final end of that post so read thru All of them, and i am just pasting what i just posted there –

“Addendum 6 March 2014 – To quote Charlton Heston from the 10 Commandments – “Victory is Mine Sayeth the (Horned) Lord” – The lawyer i went to to last week to do my Will (dont need a lawyer or notary or even witness in PA so free) and to combine my deeds on tracts of land to reduce my taxes, is also The Lawyer for this county. He told me last week, after explaining what Wicca is in my Will etc, and he was fascinated, think he is a Freemason but feels like it, honest, open minded, etc. Well he told me he sees no reason why a Witch Priest of Priestess should not have the right to legally marry and the county legally certify such marriages according to PA law. In the past week he talked to the Registrar of Deeds at the county, which BTW besides being a private lawyer is also The Lawyer for the county, so free of charge to me but paid by the taxpayers, and he had a “talk” with her and she now agrees that YES WITCH PRIESTS AND PRIESTESS OF AN ESTABLISHED CONGREGATION (COVEN) WHO MEET REGULARLY (SABBATS) DO HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT TO MARRY PEOPLE NOT ONLY IN THIS COUNTY BUT ALL OVER PENNSYLVANIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amen and Hallelujah and Blessed Be and Thank the God/ess we live in a Democracy with the US Constitution which guarantees Freedom of Speech and Religion and Church is Separate from State. Another battle won.”

Thank u Hannah. Thank u COG. Thank you ACLU. And thank you the late email of support from the Lady Liberty group at Circle Sanctuary. And Thank you for everyone else who put in their two cents and guided me along.

But the true thank you goes to my and the County’s lawyer here in real time and space, not on the internet, local justice delivered by his talking face to face with with the Registrar of Deeds and Marriage and Death (aren’t they they same? LOL) a stone;s throw away from the courthouse. In the end i took care of this by myself locally without going to court in the Count or the State.

I do this for you all my kitties ( Lady PAN said peeps), not for me but for you, so when i am dead u will have this established and i can’t wait until someone is married by me (T&^V?) so i can hand deliver this marriage license to WW the Registrar of Deeds at the County Courthouse and if she resists the Lawyer for the County has already said to her “Just Do It”. And if she does not there will be ACLU and Witch Hell to pay for sure. So Mote It Be.

Thank you Hannah. Thank you COG. Thank you ACLU who were ready to step in. Thank you our Gods who put the energy in me to fight this good fight. This is my gift to the witches of the third degree of the COC in PA.

So this fight is OVER from the lawyer for the County in which i live and his skillful interpretation of the PA State Law and it is wording. Like i said the original document posted on the Courthouse you can see at the link about, basically only “ministers, priests and rabbis of an established religion” can marry but now he and they are saying “you and your clergy are minister (HPS/HPT) in an established congregation (‘COC in this country since 1967) and meet regularly (at least two of the eight Sabbats depending on logistics, work schedules and the distance we are apart and the weather) so he says We Are legally empowered to legally marry people whether muggles, friends, family, pagans and witches here.

This has been a Long fight over many months with its various dead ends and good advice as you can read in the addendums and comments at the link above.

Next – Incorporation of the COC and tax-exempt non-profit status which will cost $500 in just State and Fed fees alone and $250 in lawyer fees and depending on various feels will more likely be $1K.. Yes i know there are online ways of doing this but as my lawyer said “these online applications are made in California” and are not the same as in the Appalachians” to which i replied that” the ways things are done n the Appalachians are not the same as they do them in CA”.

Gee, i was kinda looking forward to standing in front of the Courthouse with the local TV crews there, which BTW is the same courthouse the ending of Amish Mafia was filmed in front of, so they are NOT looking for publicity.

Yr Servant, SMB 3*HPT COC

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    • instead of the national or state level it all got down to one man, maybe a mason, a stone’s throw from the county courthouse. it is not about me but our coven n the rights of witches in the most conservative county in PA n about PA law so they can just shut the f up and read the Constitution. My full time job now on SSD is the COC n when i die it will be legally “an established religion” n incorporated n tax exempt non profit, just like All older covens should be in All states. SMIB.

  1. This is fantastic! It’s as they say – ‘a good job – well done’. Lets hope your victory has a ripple effect and spreads across the US and beyond!

    • Ps, would you mind if I reblogged this on my site, just as a follow up to let people know you won the battle?

    • Sure Lenora. It is not relevant to those across the pond and i do not know what yr laws are, but it is relevant to those of us of “alternate” religions, you know, like Christianity was when Jesus was with a group of smelly fishermen. LOL.

      • I think they will snuggle together RIP for now. You know i thought about that too but there was really No where else on the property where the group was unfrozen to go except there. Anywhere else in the tree other larger critters would have dug up. Now a year from now i can recover both their bones and honour them even more over at the HH like i did with the red fox.

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    Here is a quick update on a post I recent reblogged from Coven of the Catta/Blau stern schwarz Schlonge. The fight for Ordained High Priests and High Priestesses to perform legally binding marriage ceremonies in Pennsylvania has been won! Well done to Shawnus and his Coven for taking on fight and winning! Hopefully this local victory for the Coven will translate into wider tolerance and acceptance that not everyone follows a ‘religion of the book’ and that there are equally valid alternatives to the mainstream religions.

    • TY Lenora. I originally posted that on the Coven of the Catta blog then got on a roll and reposted it on the BSSS blog, then as u can see by the addendums and multiple responses lots of people tried to give me advice and help me. In the end the gods seemed, which i was at the courthouse getting photocopies of docs that the state archivist could not find (go figure) i decided to finally visit the lawyer who signed the deed transfer for the little white cabin aka HH to Finally get my Will done and properties combined for tax purposes. At the end of that meeting, as an aside, he said “well you have come to the right place because besides being a lawyer in private practice i am also the lawyer for the county and essentially the Registrar’s Counsel on such matters” and he talked with WW and Told her she Will sign marriage licenses from Yes “an ordained Minister (HPT) of an established congregation (Coven) that meets regularly (Sabbat rituals). Finis. In the end i did not need the COG or the ACLU but just needed to sit down face to face with a local person of power to work it out. I did not need to go to a meeting of the County Commissioners or to the State Legislature or to the State Supreme Court with an ACLU lawyer because they said they have fought and won this case for this exact Right three times already. I just needed to meet the right person at the right place at the right time. Serendipity. Amen and SMIB. TY again and i do not know what the laws are in the UK but i hope this helps and encourages those across the pond of “alternative religions and faiths” whether they be Witches, Druids, Animists, Agnostics, GBLT, Buddhists, Moslems, Whatever to fight for our rights against the laws written Here by Freemasons but interpreted by the leaders of the religions of the 3 Books here.

  3. Does this mean that the HP’s in our coven here in Bethlehem, PA can perform legal handfastings/weddings as well? How do we go about doing this? Any suggestions?

    • Hey Rick, just out of curiosity, i know i follow yr blog but does your coven have a blog or website? What is it]s name? From what that lawyer told me, and was also the legal counsel for the county, that we are”ordained clergy or an organized religion who meet regularly” which means as lineages HPTs/HPS who have a Coven who meets regularly for Sabats and Esbats etc, just like an Amish or Mennonite or Quaker group, that we DO have the right, under PA law, to no only handfast and marry in a ceremony like any clergy of the big 3, and those papers are then taken to the county Registrar of Deeds, the lady who denied it before for me, but whose Real Boss Legally was my lawyer (who i was going to for other matters) and he Told her that This is the Correct interpretation of PA law as it stands right now. I think the main bug up the butt of the County Commissioners who were interpreting the law for the Registrar is that they were sick of anyone who got a ULC online ordination (and Hitler could have gotten one if alive, no criticism of them). The ACLU said they already fought and won this batter three times in this state. So, just marry someone, you can download the paperwork from the county or state websites or even from the ULC and present it to the Registrar of Deeds at your County’s Courthouse and if they refuse to sign then ask to speed to the attorney for the county and if he/she doe not advise them to sign it then call your County Commissioner or better yet the Philadelphia East Coast center for the ACLU at 215-592-1513, leave a message and they will get back to you. Blessed Be!

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