Burial of Amity Calico Cat in the Fallen Bear Oak Tree

Spider n Shadow on Quilt (1)

My own Spider and Shadow Cats in a Rare close together

Why is this posted on the Coven of the Catta blog? Because we worship Bastet and love cats whether living or others abandoned and dead.

My cats are all fine, though for some reason they won’t go outside even when it got up near 60 today, I think all the commotion in the yard with the big backhoe pulling the bridge up etc has their nerves on edge yet.

The last couple days i have driven down the highway and saw off to the side of the road a dead white yellow black calico cat. After the second day i turned around, came home and emptied my car, then loaded up some plastic gloves and a garbage bag. Since it was cold the cat was still frozen, so i packed it (he?she?) up to bring home for a proper burial because i can’t stand to see road kill especially cats. Luckily as i said it was cold, not really hot when i got the turtle whose head was hit but body ok (phew). And the red fox who died a few springs ago i moved before it got hot.

I have already posted before my story of Red Fox Bones and Spirit and how i buried it under bark and stones for a year, same with the turtle, and a year later harvested and honoured and used their bones. So i planed the same for this cat who i named Amity Calico Cat. The ground was still too frozen to do much yesterday so i put him under a metal milk box with stones on top in case any coyote or bear found him. Today it was warmer so i went out to the fallen Bear Oak Tree because it is a red mulch in there where i also buried Le Petit Mouse Brigit.

Amity Calico Cat Burial (2) - Copy

Fallen Bear Oak Tree base

Amity Calico Cat Burial (1)

Amity Calico Cat burial under mulch bark and stone

Amity Calico Cat Burial (3) - Copy

Close-up of blue slate burial stone to be engraved

I thought long and hard where to bury his body and chose the only spot unfrozen enough to access and laid him in the tree trunk facing east for a rebirth in the womb of a loving mum far away from cars. I also put an envelope with catnip and two silver dimes in there. I covered him with big pieces of mulch bark then put a blue slate stone marker there which after the next rain probably at full moon will inscribe in chalk the name Amity Calico Cat. because he was near the old almost unused Amity Exit which is the only way to get back north.

Amity Hall burned and river (2)

The old, i mean new burned out Amity Hall – if you look Real close to the right of the chimney there landed a huge black turkey vulture when i drove up. This whole exit gives me the creeps, like a good place to drop a body off along

That is named after an abandoned and half burned down Amity Hall hotel and restaurant, which believe or not has been there in some form since 1748. It is right where the Susquehanna and Juniata rivers meet, where there was once an Indian path then a white man’s road then a canal then a RR track. So being on a Sunday drive i ventured further up that road to another similarly named road (i am intentionally being obscure because of a future post that needs a degree of anonymity.

Well guess what i found farther up the road? Another very old house with triangular windows in the attic. I stopped to talk with the owner who is a construction company himself and he graciously gave me the tour. It is from 1648 which is engraved in the stones and fireplace, which is about the time William Penn was granted this state from the King of England, actually Amity Hall was built when he was 4 years old. Hmmmm. Amity Hall sound suspiciously like a Masonic Lodge and there are other lodges in this and other states with that name. The triangular windows, hmmmm the eye in the triangle. OK all for now on that subject, for another post.

Amity Hall Snake House 1679 (4)

1648 carved then magic marked to make it stand out

Anyway, may Amity Calico Cat RIP and in a year i will gather his skull and bones and honour him and use some parts in Hoodoo as i have done with the Red Fox bones in Native American practices.

Bastet green

Unknown Source

Note all other photos Copyright 2014 GLHoke


4 thoughts on “Burial of Amity Calico Cat in the Fallen Bear Oak Tree

  1. What a wonderful send off for Little Amity Calico Cat, I hope she is enjoying being a spirit cat, and not chasing the spirit of Le petit mouse brigit (or at least – not catching her)!

  2. Hope the cat has found his / her intended resting place in the fallen bear oak tree (I tend to think animals know the art of dying better than us) and is at peace.

    • Amity Calico Cat was at peace, his spirit fled, but i just did not want such a pretty cat to be run over again, though i did deny the crows n buzzards some food, so that is bad in the winter, but there is enough road kill along that row to feed a murder of crows.

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