Is the Coven of the Catta ready for its Next Transformation Full Circle and Into the Future?

HH and Snakehenge 1 March 2014 (8)

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I just posted this at the Coven of the Catta’s Facebook Page, which is a closed group, but thought this would be of interest to some BTW witches and other Witches, Druids, Thelemites and Magickians in general, or maybe not.

OK, all my life in Witchcraft i have done exactly what my teacher and initiator Lady PAN told me to do and did the rituals exactly how they are done by the book, that is when i am in a COC ritual. On my own my interests are eclectic in both eastern and western systems.

As you may or may not know (read the Lulu booklet) Janee learned Native American ways from her mum and gramma and also learned German Powwow from them. Then she met Dame Sybil and thru Merlin aka Santee got initiated in what nowadays is called the BTW. One HPS and one Soror (Probationer) in our coven have been taught the NA ways by their parents and others. One member of our coven knows Powwow and was empowered directly..

From Santee we have initiations from Germany, Italy, France, England and Northern Africa. He of course was also initiated into the GD, GWB, FM, Illuminati etc. I am initiated into the OTO.and follow Grant’s Typhonian system. I also practice Solomonic Magickes just like Santee did with the Faustian Magickes.

When i started the BSSS blog it was truly about forming a German Runic Magicke circle that fell flat thus now it is just a blog.

I have had past lives in France, Haiti and NO that were not pretty and i was not the best person in the world. I was a French Luciferian. and am still so somewhat today. I worship Baphomet as the main combination deity of the God/ess.

And believe it or not, having been raised Protestant not Catholic, I am for some strange reason attracted to the Sacred Heart Mysteries of Yeheshua and Mariam.

I practice bloodless (except for my own plus semen) Vodoun in my own way but am NOT empowered in it by any teacher. The Lwa are fine with me and i am fine with the Lwa.

I have also had stellar shamanic experiences shall we say and have survived them and am not crazy (maybe others should be the judge of that, lol).

You know as i am writing this i realize that only 9 people in this group, only 4 are full 3* initiates and one of those has a broken pc, one is a Frater not yet initiated, another is one of my secret sources, and 3 are Lady TAU’s probationers i have never met nor probably never will meet.

So, i am preaching to a mirror in a closet. I guess i will have to copy paste this into emails of people who are not on FB and actually print it out on paper and snail mail it to those who have none of the above. No problema.

Anyway, i am not the King of this Coven, but it is also not quite a democracy but more a Congress (gods forbid or we would be in recess every xian holiday) or Parliament. but I value your input. I follow the old COC way i was taught but many other ways too on my own, and everyone should feel free to do so themselves too once they get past maybe the third degree. I am an elder with Lady AIB so it is from this viewpoint that i propose this Coven find its even deeper roots and move forward beyond the BTW to our own individual roots and to the Stars from which the Nephilim who are our original teachers came. SMIB.

BB and GN.

Shawnus Santee Merlin Belarion Ferrisstar

Addendum – talking with a friend about such subjects as earth magickes to moon/sun magickes to stellar magickes we were talking about his reading once they thought the Druids were more into the stellar magickes and the Witches were more into the Earth magickes but thinking on it now they were Both, Male and Female, Druids and Witches, Bards. And how Thelemites are more male and Witches more female but in the Tantricke Grantian Typhonian lineages it all came together like Baphomet. I have not even begun to speak of Sirius or Sirius B or RPSTOVAL or of that shamanic vision from so many decades ago.

Hmmm Bastet and Anubis from Egypt (I have a draft for weeks now of that story here) and the Nephilim and almost like the movie Stargate. Me nuts? No. To quote Hendrix – “Are You Experienced?”

The Temple of Anubis and Bastet?

Maybe i should add a new category to both blogs – Late Night Ramblimgs…..

93 Frater ZAXON 210821

14 March 2014 (20)

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