An Allegoric Pictographic Tale of the Wanderings and Reincarnations of the Witch Cats Bast and her Daughter Bastet From Egypt to Pennsylvania

Bastets Tale (49)

An Allegoric Pictographic Tale of the Wanderings and Reincarnations of the Witch Cats Bast and her Daughter Bastet From Egypt to Pennsylvania

Bastets Tale (48)

This is pictural and allegorical tale of the wanderings of Bastet daughter of the Goddess Bast from Egypt to Pennsylvania. Most people will not “get it” but those who have eyes to see and know our Coven from beginning to now may be able to not only understand it but read between the lines….. Those who have Cat’s eyes to see will see in the dark …..


Back in Egypt Bast was worshiped as a feline deity. I was a cat at times and at other times a Priestess of Bast. My Lover was another Priest who had once been a canine and then a Priest of Anubis. Now we were both sworn to be virgins in our temples, but Love won over all. Thus he and i began out journey out of Egypt.

Bastet green

After thousands of years some New Gods appeared supported by one powerful short lived Pharaoh who believed in only One God, the Sun Aten, and he denigrated the worship of the Old Gods, those of us with animal heads and such. He thought us inferior to the Sun when in fact we all came originally from the Stars beyond the Sun, having landed in our space fairing vehicles many times to teach, to gather DNA, to mate and then to leave. Many times did this happen.

Bastets Tale (24)

Eventually the Old and New Kingdoms fell to powerful empires from around the Mediterranean. But out religion in the form of Hermeticism was carried back with them so that the Goddess Isis and others were still worshiped under different names around what is now called the Middle East and and Southern Europe. Soon the Religions of the Book came to be accepted by most.

Bastets Tale (25)

They even killed one of their Gods Yeshua, but he was not dead but escaped from Palestine with his wife Mariam on a boat across the sea to the South of France. I, a little black kitten, having gotten separated from my Mother Bast, stowed away on their boat. Later when Mariam had Sarah she adopted me as her pet and we lived many long years there where the Romani, then called Gypsies, worshiped Black Sarah and I sat at her feet as Bastet the daughter of the Great Goddess Bast.

Bastets Tale (50)

Over hundreds of years I as Bastet was reborn against and again within the womb of my reincarnated Mother Bast. We survived the plagues and the Inquisitions where black cats were burned with our Witch owners. We traveled with the Gypsies or Romani through Eastern and Western Europe learning many things from various Alchemists, Magickians and Witches.

Bastets Tale (40)

One part of our family judged onto the boats heaved from France to the island of Haiti and then on to New Orleans in the late 1700s with what royalty had kept their heads. Once again we had to watch out for those seeking black cat bones live from the living though most used our bones once dead as we were buried with the skulls and bones of our owners then dug up for Vodoun ceremonies.

Bastets Tale (29)

Another part of our family stayed on the SE coast of France we were there with the coven members of Le Dragon Rouge in the Gorge du Loup. Yes, we learned to get along with the wolves, because long ago we had gotten along with Anubis.

Anubis + Bastet

We eventually ended up in Old England and with the Gypsies of the New Forest. where we met the old cunning men and women. We ran into the old members of the Coven of the Horsa. Once day a lady named Sybil with flaming white hair entered our circle of caravans and even though she had a big black Raven, Mr Hotfoot Jackson, as her familiar, she adopted me as a little kitten Bastet and Hotfoot had to be trained to not eat me!

Bastets Tale (37)

Eventually Dame Leek along with Hotfoot Jackson traveled to America and made a stop in the sleepy little town of Wapwallopen Pennsylvania where dwelt our cousins already in the families of a Dr Santee and Lady PAN whose houses and libraries were full of loved cats.

Bastets Tale (38)

There  Dame Leek initiated them and they called themselves the Coven of the Catta. And that is the story of how Bast and Bastet came from Ancient Egypt, up through the Middle East and Europe, to France, to England, part of our clan going to Haiti and New Orleans, and from England to Pennsylvania.

Copyright G.L.Hoke

Now Bastet has Catta Coveners in PA, NY, NC and FLA. See how we have thrived, as proliferate as a fertile litter of cats! Some of us have mated with Amish cats from the North and Siamese cats from the East and Amish cats from the North and Panthers from the South and Mountain Lions from the West.

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the haunted tv altar snapshot

Bastets Tale (28)

demon cat

Bastets Tale (46)

Bastets Tale (44)

Mountain Lion stalking deer

But unfortunately in some obscure crime infested towns the pedigree has, shall we say, degenerated and there are other animals dressed in Cat’s clothing. But, it is what it is…. What can one do?……

Bastets Tale (1)

marty feldman in the temple

demon in the burn barrel

devils footprints

hanging templar sword

3 Twisted Sisters (1)

Black Bottle Hanging Ghede

Bastets Tale (36)

Bastets Tale (42)

As Good Ole Doc Santee had painted above the Covenstead Door in the Original Coven of Bastet

Bastets Tale (26)

(WARNING – This blog post contains ONE image of a cartoon of a sexual nature of Anubis and Bastet so i have to list it as NSFW and 18+ only please. DISCLAIMER – I do not know the source of these pictures which are in old and new files though many are Copyright 2014 GLHoke and many are from Tumblr and other sources)


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  1. Fascinating journey- of these cats goddesses and the way they came to your coven stretching far in time and space. Origins of deities intrigue me, particularly in the sense that they stretch beyond our conceptions of time and space, and yet they choose to appear to us in the here and now in such specifics ways. And I didn’t know there was a Bast and and Bastet!

    • Well i am no expert on Kemeticism, but there was Bast but Bastet was what Dr Santee called his cat, meaning little Bast. The story is an allegory but i truly believe almost all “western” esoterism comes from Egypt. A few years ago i saw a large cat across the stream standing about 2.5 feet high at the shoulders judged by the fallen tree behind it and it had a large black stripe near the end of its tail. Mountain lions are a legend in PA everyone saying they were killed off. I Knew i saw one and people doubted me and i even doubted myself a little thinking it a spirit cat it came and left in a matter of seconds. But then a local lady shared a game cam pic of this cougar, mountain lion, puma, carolina and florida panther, various names in different parts of the state, about to take down a deer and i was like damned i told you so. But the one in the pic is a different cat from the one i saw. Now at dusk i am Very aware they may be our there, no harm to me, but just more aware. I wish i knew who took it but it was taken in My Valley. Mountain lions roam probably 100 square miles and hunt deer and feed on carrion all winter.

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