Featuring COC 0* Probationers Who are Going to Make It to Initiation – Soror Lutera and Frater Aren

A few weeks ago I put out a document called Coven of the Catta Contacts in which i listed Everyone in the COC, their pictures, their degrees, their spiritual interests and their crafty talents. I emailed this to some Initiates and snail mailed it to others and also posted it on the closed Coven of the Catta Facebook page deep in the inner COC group page. But I thought i would publish in separate posts here just the basics of various Initiates and Probationers who are going to make it to the finish line, editing out their real names, pictures, and even reducing their full Witch names to initials since this is a public Blog. Then i will reblog it to the COC FB page again.

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Frater A Probationer 0* COC

I was introduced to him online back years ago when i was first on FB by a lady up in northern PA who was a patient of Dr Santee. She thought we would synch with each other, and we have. He is my first Long Distance student and we email daily and talk at a set time once a week and even more so now. He has worked hard to make his tools and learn the rituals which he practices even more diligently than i do, from the Book. Due to his long distance away in FLA we will initiate him into several degrees at one time when he can break away to fly up here. We all cherish him dearly and cannot wait to meet him face to face.

Witch-Craft Skills – learned Gardnerian Witchcraft from his first teacher lady L and a Probationer for well over a year now with the COC. From his teen years onwards he has read Every book ever published on Witchcraft and still had them and has a photographic memory, thus he is the spell-meister for any spell you need, and the librarian who can find anything. He also practices Hoodoo and makes potions, oils and incenses.

He has Perfect Love and Perfect Trust and feel he is a close friend and fellow Witch.


 Soror L Probationer 0* COC

She lives in NY and is friends with Lady EWH and was in another coven which disbanded when their Magister moved far away. She then asked and was accepted by Lady EWH as a Probationer.She is very hard working and has most of her tools together and once again because of the distance away we will initiate her into her first and second at the same time when the time is right and she can drive down.

Witch-Craft Skills –her Dad was of the Sauk and Fox clans of the Algonquin and her direct lineage is through Black Hawk of the Turtle clan. She was gifted an old shell (found with three other shells in a leather case that was buried long ago) from a clan mother of Lenape tribe. She has received some previous training in a Gardnerian and Laurie Cabot line. Some of her many skills are sewing, herbalism, wine making, cooking, wood land survival and has a Master’s degree in Science.She loves animals and has several dogs, cats and has raised horses.

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