Featuring COC 3* High Priestess ANA

A few weeks ago I put out a document called Coven of the Catta Contacts in which i listed Everyone in the COC, their pictures, their degrees, their spiritual interests and their crafty talents. I emailed this to some Initiates and snail mailed it to others and also posted it on the closed Coven of the Catta Facebook page deep in the inner COC group page. But I thought i would publish in separate posts here just the basics of various Initiates  and Probationers who are going to make it to the finish line, editing out their real names, pictures, and even reducing their full Witch names to initials since this is a public Blog. Then i will reblog it to the COC FB page again.

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HPS ANA 3* Coven of the Catta

I have known Lady ANA for decades. i gave her the first degree, P and B her second, and then before she left for Florida i gave her the third degree.

Witch / Craft Skills – She is very good in ritual and does them with Energized Enthusiasm. She knows sewing and can make anything even leather goods as she has a really good heavy duty computerized machine, herbalism, loves nature, has birds and talks with the panthers in her back yard, and she is also involved in Vodoun especial with Santa Sima La Muerte.She has practiced mostly as a solitary since moving down there but her desire is to find some good students and pass on the lineage and in all good time this Will happen.

She was never up at the original covenstead for rituals but we would go to Lady Alsace’s where they were held after Lady Phoebe passed and access to the original temple was closed to the Coven due to change in ownership of the buildings.

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As a footnote i want everyone to know that P and I and Lady AIB revived that temple and i repainted the circles and then in the end i ritually took down that temple and encapsulated it into what is called in Tibetan Buddhism a sky terma to carry with me to wherever we met for rituals. The circles are still on the floor as I have seen them in the past two years after talking my way in for about 30 minutes with the present owner who is sick of “Santee tourists” and ghost hunters and outright thieves.