Featuring COC 3* High Priestess TAU

A few weeks ago I put out a document called Coven of the Catta Contacts in which i listed Everyone in the COC, their pictures, their degrees, their spiritual interests and their crafty talents. I emailed this to some Initiates and snail mailed it to others and also posted it on the closed Coven of the Catta Facebook page deep in the inner COC group page. But I thought i would publish in separate posts here just the basics of various Initiates and Probationers who are going to make it to the finish line, editing out their real names, pictures, and even reducing their full Witch names to initials since this is a public Blog. Then i will reblog it to the COC FB page again.

tau (3)

HPS TAU 3* Coven of the Catta

I have known Lady TAU for several years and she was dedicated enough to drive the 444 miles up here for her degrees. She is truly dedicated to the lineage of the Coven of the Catta and has a handful of good Probationers down there in NC.

Lady TAU has is of the Coven of the Catta but has formed a branch coven called The Coven of the Hoof Hare and Thorn. She is worshipful of Epona the horse goddess since she lives so close to the ocean. She raises her children and also pygmy goats. She also has lots of tattoos with magickal and family meanings.

She has open gatherings called May Faire and Shadow Harvest and makes the 15 foot tall burning man by herself and hauls it to the event in her truck or now makes it on her property, called Whispering Pines, which is on land owned by her, her mum and her sister so there is lots of room for large private gatherings there.
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Witch / Witch/Craft Skills – Too many to count. She supports herself and her two children with Clayfeather Earthworks in which she has a nice electric fired kiln and makes the most Amazing sculptures and statues, some of which she has gifted to me, and she sells these at Renn Faires and stores and events up and down the east coast. She also does Native American workings having it in her blood and being taught by her ancestors, Hoodoo with all the herbs and spells and potions. tau (2)