Featuring COC 3* HPT PL

Bear Hex sign

HPT PL 3* Coven of the Catta

I can’t write much about him because he is a very private person. I have known him for decades and he came with us up to rituals at the original Covenstead and then later at Lady PAN’s and Lady AIB’s. Since then he comes to my house a couple times a year due to the distance he lives from me in PA.

He started out in an Old Coven in southern PA that was connected with the lineage from Rehmeyer of the infamous Hex Murders book and movie. I have incorporated some of their practices into ours like the Black Mother Candle balancing the Orange Crown of Success candle, and other practices of a Powwow nature. Later through writing in Theban a note at a local herbal shop, which i could read, we made contact. Lady PAN gave him his first degree and he got his second and third from another lineage when our coven was floundering in the early 1990s, But now he is back home again.

Witch-Craft Skills – BTW training and initiations into the COC and other Gardnerian lineages, powwow learned from his gramma and others, mixing oils and potions and all manner of medicines for the right hand or the left hand, telling the weather by signs and reading omens in the movements of animals. He is a good man and a fellow witch and friend for decades and a powerful presence in rituals. He is one of the few i call a Loyal Friend over these many decades, along with Lady AIB of course.

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