The Spiritual Dignity of Witchcraft

Excellent points Rick. And i am going to do a very RARE thing, reblog this Not to my Magicke in general BSSS page but to the COC coven page and then the COC FB page. This feels good especially in light of our recent fight, already fought and won by others in the State of PA, for witch clergy to Legally Marry people. BB. Lee / Shawnus

Rik Silfies-Potter

Those who follow the path of Witchcraft have every right to hold their heads up high, (whether they practice openly or discreetly), and be proud of who they are as followers of the oldest religion. Wicca/Witchcraft is legally recognized by the U. S. Government as a religion, and it’s followers have the same legal rights and protections as those who follow other legally-recognized religions. Those who follow Witchcraft as a spiritual path are worthy of high esteem, respect and dignity. What are the aspects of this path that make it dignified?

1. Witchcraft is a path of personal growth and transformation. This is a path that demands introspection and self-awareness. Witches continously examine their own motives for doing magick and casting spells, seeking only the highest good so that no harm comes to anyone. They are on a life-long quest to develop their magickal gifts and skills so that they…

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