Celebrating the 93 Anniversary of the Birth of Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue 3* HPT and Founder of the Coven of the Catta

Janee (2)

Edna Jane Williams aka Lady PAN as a young lady photo credit some guy in Wap who has photos from his aunt, taken in winter on the path from the road to the Bookhouse

Lady Triumphant

:”Lady Triumphant” from one of the covers of the 8 Sabat “Cats Tales” published by her and with articles from various coven members. This picture Coipyright Lady PAN. If you want copies of these Cats Tales those of  you at the COC FB or Blog page email me at my new addy LeeShawnus@gmail.com

Doc & Janee

Soul Mates

Biography of Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue 3* HPT

and Founder of the Coven o Coven of the Catta

Here is a short biographical note on Lady Phoebe. She was an amazing lady. Phoebe or Janee was the High Priestess of the remaining coven members and is the witch who taught and initiated me. She was born in Berwick Pennsylvania on 13 April 1921. She met Dr. Santee in 1956 and was his receptionist-secretary at the Santee Medical office and Santee Memorial Library in Wapwallopen, Pa. They both had married partners but they were each other’s platonic soul mates. She had no children. She was afflicted with a degenerative arthritic disease which left her body twisted, one leg shorter than the other and her nose was replaced with an artificial one. Of course like all of Santee’s girls she wore high heels even in her condition.
I obtained a lot of old photos from 1965 of Santee’s girls and they were all in high heels, skirts just above the knee, faux fur coats and cat’s eye glasses. Phoebe was an artist from a young age and she actually met Lady Alsace or Jeannie at a painting class. She drew a lot of the illustrations and wrote poetry and invocations for the Coven. Here are some of her and Santee’s works

She wrote a column in the local newspaper called “The Witches Kettle”. She also wrote and edited the Coven’s publication entitled “The Cat’s Tale”. In 1967 she and Dr. Santee were initiated by Sybil Leek. Phoebe has said that she remembers previous lives, one of which was the wife of an Indian chief who lived along the Susquehanna river hundreds of years ago. She was a strong wiled Aires and we did not always agree on everything, but she was my mentor who taught me how to be a witch and a Priest. She passed away on 5 December 2005 at the age of 84 and is buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery in Berwick, Pa.

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  1. She was my great grandmother’s (Anna) aunt. My dad, uncles and cousins have spoken about her. I never had the chance to meet her but wonder if the magical traits I was born with came from her. My uncle has told me that I can do much of the same things Aunt Edna did.. I would love to learn more about her.

    • Thank you Mr Hosler for identifying the source of those pics. Can i have yr aunt’s full name so i can give her copyright credit for them? Someone up there got those pics from you, scanned them, then sent them to me and told me it was ok to publish them, but i always like to give copyright credit to the proper source. Blessings. Shawnus.

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