The “Catta” is Growing, Expanding, Evolving and Changing, especially this HPT

 This Priest and Man of Earth has not been posting much of late because i have been Extremely busy both in Malkuth and Kether and in between. I am also, as i recently wrote on the BSSS blog about 3 weeks behind reading your wonderful posts. Maybe some stormy rainy day i will get to those, but will most likely be in the cellar working on various projects on my workbench.

HH iron cross skeleton key

I wrote already about the bridge collapse and that is mostly fixed except for putting some shingles on the wood so it isn’t so slippery when wet. The Nagas and especially Nagiinis did Not want a bridge over that stream here or they would not have wiped away the first one by flood in 2006 and the second one by snow weight collapse this year.

nagas worshipping krsna

Project mostly complete, the “go with the flow” Taoist bridge that washed down attached to a chain i can then wench back into place.

Bridge Surviving 15 April 2014

Some Naginis are Water Withes like this drawing i did decades ago and are most good like the shining Fey of the waters.

Newt Nagini

But some others can be rather wrathful like this other drawing i also did back then.

Vetali Nagini

Then my WV was becoming a money pit so i bought this easily used Jeep which can take me Anywhere.

Jeep Wrangler X 2009

Like on all these back roads exploring old buildings, churches, cemeteries and AmerIndian sites.

Local Maps (1)

 Then the opportunity presented itself to purchase this basically abandoned but in really good shape cabin and another almost acre adjoining my land pf which i am but a caretaker for a time here on earth.This house will be the Coven’s temple with a floor big enough for  out three circles, which i could only do here in a wet basement that furnace cleaners gawked at, lol.

13 April 2014 (4)

 My two year old male intruder who tore down all my feeders on my side of the stream. One nice i got within about 30 feet of him as he ate skunk cabbage then he smelled me and took off. I am no fool. he was a lone make cub, not with a mother, and only maybe 150 pounds. I only fear them if they are a female with cubs or over 2.5 years and 300 pounds. i don;t like them down hear because it is too close to the highway. 24 April 2014 (18)

i was born on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes and have always felt her a primal from the cave with the spring Goddess taken over by the Christians. There is a small Catholic church in a nearby town and yes i have been to Mass a couple times though i don’t cannibalize the sacrament. The rituals are So close to the COC rituals. Father John is very nice and knows i am a Buddhist and Witch and listens to me talking about the good and the bad in my life. Don’t worry, not converting, but i see Yeshua and Mariam as forms of the God/ess, which is a Long debate on the blogosphere i am not getting into. It is my own UPG and the completion of a circle for me, even though i was raised Protestant not Catholic, but the former had No female deities.

26 Apro; 2014 (1)

Pic above from local church and below from original French shrine.

Our Lady of Lourdes

Mary (Mariam in Hebrew/Aramaic) in a painting where she is “rescuing” Mary Magdalene as Malkuth fallen.

Rock of Ages painting

Symbolism representing compassion within a Fleur-de-Lis) flag. I have a lot of the French connection from a possible past life as a scribe to St Bernard, whose cross, which is used in exorcisms, i have.


Got a row of symbol tats, left arm Western initiations.

Arm Tats (1)

Right arm Eastern empowerments. I also got tats of the SATOR square, a fleur-de-lis with Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense (evil to him to evil thinks, Wiki it) and TEMET NOSCE. They are either posted at the BSSS blog or on the limited access COC FB page.

Arm Tats (2)

Honi Soir Qui Mal y Pense and SATOR

22 April 2014 (20)


22 April 2014 (22)

Lilith and Hekate becoming more prevalent in my magickal life. In fact in my own COC practice i not just Diana (the white) Astarte (the red) but now also Hekate (the black). The original god names taught me were Pan-Faunus, which are the same god. I in my own practice and in some rare COC rituals use Fausus Kernunnos Baphometus.


Warning – nude drawing of Lilith Dominadora below.

dom succubus

Classic painting of Lilitu Natini.


I have re-drawn a full Solomonic circle in the Hex Haus and will be doing rituals there all summer through autumn when it gets too cold in that unheated building..

Magical Circle of King Solomon

Faust sigil from one of Dr Santee’s German Faust Grimoires.

Faust Sigil - Copy

The most important thing i am going to write here. After over 30 years of asking in general and the last couple years specifically for  a very dangerous technique rarely used which i will not mention the name of.

lucky stars

In our coven we do a simple self blessing simple personal circle touching forehead “In the Name” touch groin “of the Gddess” right shoulder “Diana” left shoulder “Astarte” touch palms in front then back then front “Protect me in all things”. It is our version of the QBL cross. One can also use the god names of Pan Faunus or like Crowley’s Star Ruby has certain names i decades ago formulated a Star Sapphire, Star Topaz and Star Onyx with other names.

circle cross calligraphy

In the COC we choose a first, second ad third degree name. I chose Shawnus for my first because it is like Faunus but with a SH like the sname totem i have. For my second degree i chose Merlin aka Dr Santee, a tradition other thirds after me have taken up, using one of the names of Dr Santee of Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue. For my this i had a vision in which Ferrisstar (kinda like a stellar Metagron or the wheel within a wheel Ezekiel saw) then that was when i left the COC for a couple years d/t politics but then came back for my third and chose Belarion for my third our of homour of JJ Parsons aka Frater Belarion. Now even though i am our of degrees i have expanded my name to include my first and second choices, therefore i am using Shawnus Merlin Santee Belarion Ferrisstar ZAXON (the latter being my first nagickal name i chose decades ago. Therefore I sign stuff now SMSBFZ.

Me bad Catta Priest….

tumblr_n1ihg4a4Gq1tprcs9o1_500The two drawings of the Naginis copyright 2014 GLHoke. The rest from various unknown sources on the www and from tumblr sites.



How can a man who is disabled with Meiges syndrome with neck spasms and back surgery do all these physical activities? I very little at a time with a hat, thick sunglasses and a back belt, with prayers and support from my friends, with i think finally the right balance of only one med, and with sheer willpower. so Mote It Be.. But at the end of the day, after working spreading the work out with lots of rest, i collapse w my neck, knees and back into a hot bathtub and a glass or two of burghundy and perhaps once a week a late night glass of absinthe.

How can a many with little money buy all this stuff? Great credit history and frugality and knowledge of how to manipulate the system to get the most for the cheapest.

How can a Witch Buddhist go to Mass? Open mindedness and the desire to meet good people and get closer to the Goddess and complete the big spiral path i am on….


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  1. Still busy in a good way we see. We like your artwork too!

  2. So many interesting magickal activities you have undetaken and conitnue to undetake. BTW, I share your UPG on the Christian elements and have some of my own. Deep (very deep) Egyptian threads running into Christianity and not just the intellectual similarities with Osiris, Horus, Isis, etc.

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