Changes in what this HPT does in the COC – Part Two

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This post, and the previous one, which no one seemed to have read except a good blogger friend in the Europe, but no one who is in this coven seems to have noticed or commented. Whatever…..

Anyway, for over three decades i have done the rituals in our circles the Exact way i was taught by Lady Phoebe Exactly like they were copied from her BOSs into mine. When i do rituals on my own, not in group, i add a few things here and there. But now for me though i still consider myself and our wide spread East Coast Probationers and Third Degrees to still be the Coven of the Catta, because me, Lady Alsace and Dutch Jeff are the Only surviving members of the Original COC at the Covenstead at Dr Santee’s library in Wapwallopen PA.

Well, it is time for the next phase at least for me. Everything will remain the same regarding the COC and how the thirds run the rituals and how the probationers are trained.

For me in my rituals alone i do the basics of the rituals as given me, but take the poetic license to add some other flavours like maybe some Vodoun, Hoodoo, Powwow, maybe some stuff from Gradnerian or Alexandrian rituals, and what little skill i have in Native American practices, which are becoming more and more prominent in my life.

If you go back before Lady Phoebe was initiated into the BTW by Dame Sybil Leek, she practices what she read in books of Gardner, Valiente,

Buddha Dragon Saltlamp

Coven de la Dragon Rouge SE France in Le Gorge du Loup, to ……

SybilLeek.21 copy

Coven of the Horsa in the New Forest England, to…..

Temple MayEve 1970

Coven of the Catta in Wapwallopen PA USA pre-1967, to…..

Santee bookhouse

Coven of the Catta post 1967 after Sybil Leek’s initiation of Merlin and Lady PAN

HPT at altar

 Coven of the Catta 1981 to 2005 when PH and GLH arrived and over the next 8 years learned from Lady PAN and led the rituals as written in her BOS

coc ss 2010.3

Coven of the Catta rituals held at Lady Alsace Isa Biei’s just before and since Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue passed away.

COC Summer Solstice 2013 (5) SS 6-2011-3

COC SS 2012

Coven of the Catta at Shawnus’ outside Snakehenge

yule temple 2011 2

 Coven of the Catta in Shawnus cellar

COC All Hallows 2013 (2)

Coven of the Catta in Shawnus upstairs temple with Lady Ember Willow Hawk, Shawnus Merlin Santee Belarion Ferrisstar Zaxon and Lady Alsace Isa Brie all 3* HPS/HPTs

Third Ritual Alsace and Shawnus

My loyal High Priestess of 31 years, raised an “Aussie bush baby” playing with the lizards and snakes. Loyal through thick and thin. A heart of silver. A will of steel. A tongue of a bard. Sharp of whit and pun.Always carries her sharp athame. Not a woman to get in a verbal fight with. Excellent traditional English cook and baker. Always by my side in the old Covenstead and the new one. An English gardener who tends her oriental gates and medicine wheels of flowers and herbs from sunrise to sunset. May she live to be 111 years old.

So …… for 33 years i have done the rituals as Lady PAN had them in her BOSs copied into my own BOSs. Me, Lady AIB and Lord Phoenix Lucan are the Only living members of the original COC who met at the Covenstead.

Lady PAN in spirit has given me the go ahead to expand the COC both backwards to its roots in the powwow and AmerIndian walk that she did before initiated into the BTW by Sybil Leek through Dr Santee. His side of the lineage has been mostly ignored, and they include his initiations into the Golden Dawn, OTO, and Covens in England, Germany just before the war, France, Italy, and Northern Africa (Morocco or Algeria then).

It is my Will and my leaning and my desire to expand the coven back to its Continental roots including German Powwow, French  and Native American shamanism, and forwards beyond Crowley to the system of Frater Belarion and Frater Kenneth Grant into Stellar Magickes connected for me with the star system of Sirius A and especially Sirius B and the planet RPSTOVAL into the Aeon of Hrumachis / Heru-Ra-Ha / Harpocrates, the double wanded one of the two horizons who has the heads of both Osiris and Set. Thusly Bastet of the COC lineage will be conjoined with Anubis of the Gnosticke Hermetic systems that existed in pre AH greater Germany. I am already using the runes and German in my powwow with help from my Probationer Frater Lucibel who is proficient in High and Low German and PA Dutch, and with more help from Dutch Jeff aka Lord Phoenix Lucan who has taught me and is teaching me Everything that is normally passed across he genders but he said that was a ploy so the men passed on and the women passed on their knowledge.

Diana nude

Astarte (1)



The COC always used as their Goddess – Diana (Roman and Greek Artemis ) and Astarte (Greek for the Assyrian, Akkadian, Babylonian Semitic Goddess Ishtar).. So we have the White Virgin Goddess and the Red Fertility Goddess, So where and who is the Dark Crone Goddess? Well, for me and many others it is the Goddess Hekate (Greek). My vote is for our two Goddesses to become the triple Goddess Diana-Astarte-Hekate.

Faunus statue

Cernunnos carvings (1)

Lord Lakulish jyortilinga


Painting Copyright Linda Falorio 2014


The COC always used as their Gods – Pan (Greek) and Faunus (Roman), which are the same Gods. I have always had an attraction for Kernunnos, or Cernunnos (Celtic) who is similar to the very old native Indian Pashupati the wild pagan predecessor of Lord Lakulish the 28th reincarnation or Shiva   into whose lineage i am initiated. Through my Thelemic, OTO and Templar workings i am also attracted to Baphometus the spelling of Baphomet that Soror Ayizan uses. For me Faunus is the more rustic God of Nature, Kernunnos is the shaman and Baphometus is the hermaphroditic combination of many gods that open the gateways to the other side, thus my Gods are Faunus-Kernunnos-Baphometus.

I continue to practice Tibetan Buddhism and Hindu Naga puja.


Vajrasattva Yab-Yum


Nagarjuna of the Madyamika school of Vajrayana receiving hidden terma teachings from the Nagas/Naginis


My patron deity Avalokitesvara aka Chenresig the Bodhisattva of Compassion whose mantra is Om Mani Padme Hum

hevajra 5

Rahula front

Tibetexpedition, Fürst von Gautsa

Rahula TV 2


Chod demons

I continue to practice Thelema and some of Crowley’s OTO style rituals.


I continue to practice the Path of the Man in Black, the Magister, as me and most of my friends did in the past when we escaped beheading France for the Caribbean and then to NOLA. I remember being the head of an occult yet political group and having to escape on a boat leaving my friend aand compatriots behind to fend for themselves, assays a point of guilt. Then from Santo Domingo i moved to New Orleans where i set up practice as a pharmacist, and much more. I was a defrocked priest before this, and most of the stories of French Satanism are true. We were “The Poisoners”.

baphomet inverse pentagram


Le Messe Noir


I continue to work with the Nephilim.from Metatron to Zazel to Semjaza to Samael


I continue to practice Voudoun and Hoodo in my own Appalachian Powwow and Haitian Voudoun way, with a touch of Palo Mayombe (no animal sacrifices, just my own blood and semem)

voodoo black mask white doll

And i continue in my learning Powwow from DJ who learned it from his ancestors and a Coven in southern PA connected with Rehmeier, black Mother candle, “the Burner”….

Lone Star

Lone Star quilt pattern my cousin made for me


Star Goddess

Copyright Lisa Iris

I continue my workings with my Star Goddess connected with Sirius-B who is very similar to Billy Meier’s Semjasa

semjaya and billy meyer

Copyright Billy Meier

Anubis 1 I continue my Kemetic rituals as an initiated priest of the Cult of Anubis, initiated by an AEgyptian lady from Philly decades ago who painted him for me on papyrus Bastet green And of course Bastet, the patron Goddess/Lwa/Totem/Familiar  of our Coven


NAGA_Solongo Monkhooroi

And i work with and honour the local Fey and Nagas and Naginis

Shemeneto Shaman Spirit


protector of the woods

Indian Serpent Deities

coatlicue red panel

And of course the Native American spirits who are teeming in these woods, especially my own Indian spirit guide and others.

Hoke Bible

I have also been going to Mass at the local St Bernadette Catholic church dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes whose feast date is my birth date. I always loved her because she is a primal earth water Goddess coming out of a cave like Persephone, which the Catholics set up as a form of Mary in the mid to late 1800s when the Rationalist Humanist movements were making Catholicism passe. I like Father John, who is like an Italian grandfather figure and could care less i am a Buddhist and a Witch and says “God loves and forgives everyone”. I also like the formal liturgy they do, singing the Mass, which i understand is nor normal after Vatican II. And i like the congregation which is mostly 30-40 somethings with children and a smattering of older people. Absolutely no one there has tried to proselyte or convert me. One of the older men i have sat beside by sheer chance now and he explains everything to me. I swear the ritual is almost exactly like the Coven of the Catta’s ritual. So the Catholics stole from the pagan Greeks and Romans and Hermetic Egyptians, and then we stole it back. LOL> But last time a seminarian in training as a theologian did the Mass and rather poorly, having to read the text, but when he evoked YHShVH into the host it worked. I of course never take communion as i am a vegetarian and not a vampire cannibal. I was able to talk theology with him for about a half hour in the Confession booth with the divider down, and he was OK at first. I told him i do a QBL cross of Adonai, El Shaddai, Yeshua, Mariam, Solomon. I asked him if he knew those names and amazingly he only knew /Solomon. Amazing. I had him cornered and pinned down then since i have read the whole Bible, and the Koran, Dhamapaddha and most of the huge Ramayana. That’s when he turned. “You know white witchcraft can let demons in” he said, to which i replied “that’s why we use holy salt water like you do and oil on the forehead with a pentagram instead of cross saying ‘Be Thous Blessed Regenerate and Purified so the Spirits will neither Harm Thee nor abide in Thee”. He was Really squirming then. I kinda felt bad for the young pup (maybe 26-40), but not too bad. The next day i realized he is probably one of the hundreds of seminarian priests training to be exorcists as Pope Benedict increased their number a hundred fold. So i may have been his first “Satan demon possessed Witch Priests who can quote scripture as well as the Devil himself!”

Obeissez a vos superieurs


I know this is more pictures than text, but instead of reading between the lines read between the pixels….. BTW it has taken me almost a week to put this post together, so i hope people don’t just “like” it but make some relevant comments. TY

Some of these photographs are Copyright GLHoke 2014. The rest i have no idea where and when i got them off the www or tumblr so let me know if they are yours.

Blessed Be / 93 / Ave Lucifer Baphometus

Shawnus Merlin Santee Belarion Ferrisstar ZAXON 2108211


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