“Snakehenge” – The Coven of the Catta’s Outide Temple

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I know i have posted pictures of the Coven of the Catta’s outside standing stone temple before, but thought in light of recent events where some workers I had do some work here have to cross that area to get to a job they need to clean up. Let’s just say the PA DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) and the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) are involved and i don’t want anyone who is doing this clean-up walking through our Sacred Temple. It would be the same as someone spray painting a swastika on a synagogue or a bum breaking into a church and eating communion wafers. And the one DEP geologist, when in college, had friends who were witches who had a small independent group who met for Sabats and he said he had been to a Beltane and Samhain ritual, so he understands where I am coming from. He is going to be here for the clean-up and is going to put yellow caution tape all around Snakehenge so the clean-up crew knows to not walk, which does leave them a small but big enough path to do their job.

jupiter moon venus 26 feb 2012

Enough of that, here are All of the pics i have of Snakehenge from its building to pre and post rituals. I am very tired so am not even gong to label them as i want this posted ASAP because everyone here today has my card with this blog address on it, so time is of the essence, and timing is everything.

Autumn Equinox 2013 (1) Autumn Equinox 2013 (2) besom wand crossed god goddess altar black shadow cat white goddess blacksnake15june2012 BW inverted midwinter sunset 2 BW inverted midwinter sunset 3 BW inverted midwinter sunset 4 Small crystal altar north devils footprints east altar stones sunlight eastern stones easter 2012 (1) god goddess stone copal incense offering god goddess stones looking north god goddess stones   northern gateway Outside 6 Feb 2014 (1) Outside 6 Feb 2014 (2) Outside 6 Feb 2014 (3) pine cone altar 1 pine cone altar 2 Ready to build Snakehendge S altar snakehenge sunset SS 6-2011-3 stump altar 1 stump altar 2 stumpaltar2 triple cup stone W altar western gateway white goddess sunlight 2

Enjoy and Blessed Be.Shawnus Merlin Santee Belarion Ferrisstar Zaxon 3* HPT COC.


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