We Witches, Buddhists and Shaivite Shaki Tantrikas Welcome GBLT Marriage in Pennsylvania and I as a HPT of the COC have offered to help Legally Marry Anyone who wants to be joined in Sacred Union

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge


All Unions Are Sacred

Hello my fellow bloggers. Yes i am still alive though i have not liked or commented on about 200 posts of yours i am behind on now d/t getting the ceiling painted, moving all my altars, hell might as well clean and rearrange them all, having my cellar waterproofed, wonderful job but they broke the line to the full oil tank thus clean up crews, DEP and EPA involved, very complicated, trying to put house together, working on new cabin, yard looks like a farmers field, Jeep inside and out looks like it has been through WWII etc etc etc……

Anyway, in for those living on another planet the conservative State of Pennsylvania passed a yes vote on legal GBLT marriage, conservative parts of the Legislature tried to block it, a Judge said it is legal, and the conservative Catholic on his way out Govenernor says…

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