Third Epistal to the Church of the Coven of the Catta


Here are some more of my thoughts of how i wish to take the Coven of the Catta forward, at least for me.

I have always hated the word Probationer as it was taught to me, meaning someone going through their year and a day before Initiation. To me the word sounds like you are on Probation, and in a way you are as if you don’t “report for duty” during Sabbats then that’s a bad mark on “your record”. I also hate the word Dedicant which sounds like something i used to do in the Boy Scouts, LOL, and that term came out i think in the 80s when Witchcraft became “Wicca”.

I prefer the word Apprentice for someone seeking to learn Witchcraft with the goal of Initiation. The we are following The Craft and one needs to learn a lot then one can apprentice oneself to a master/mistress Crafts person or one’s education and training, much like the Medieval Guilds wee run.

So we have Apprentices (very Masonic also), a Witch when one has one’s First Degree, a Priestess or Priest at one’s Second Degree, and a Magister or Magistra (both very old terms in Witchcraft which no one much likes nowadays because they are too dom.

CC and BSSSH bind runes

Bind Runes for

Catta Coven and Blue Star Black Snake Coven

As written about and ignored in earlier posts – There was the Coven de la Dragon Rouge on the Continent, the Coven of the Horsa in the UK, and the Coven of the Catta in the US. I learned the latter from Lady PAN who learned it from Dame Sybil Leek. But Dr Santee’s many many many Continental, English and North African lineages are oft ignored.

Cellarway Sigils Talismans

Sigil i drew in the hardening concrete in my cellar, laying in talismans, Indian head pennies and Runes

I personally am drawn to German Occultism and French Luciferianism (OK Lee, just say it, Baphometic Satanism). I am drawn to the seven or eleven Blue Star of Sirius A/B and the Black Snake of AmerIndian Shamanism, thus BSSS. Plus German Runic Powwow, Tibetan Buddhist Tantras, QBL, Rhineland Christian Mysticism, Kemetism, etc etc etc+

+,. Its all really the same you know….. We are blessed with Many lineages going back a bit, who knows how long, probably at least to the late 1800s. Time to turn this spaceship around and get back on the Old Track and the New Track.



4 thoughts on “Third Epistal to the Church of the Coven of the Catta

  1. Shawnus — “As we once discussed “Satanic” is a loaded term. Between occultists and non-occultists “Satanic” could mean almost anything. Personally, when I see the term “Luciferian”, being of a Gnostic inclination myself, I perceive something totally different than the grand international conspiracies that unhinged un-reconstructed Christians like Alex Jones hyperventilate over. Of all of Dr Fred’s magical sojourns, it is his North African studies that intrigue me the most. Being a student of Sufism and Islamic occultism (something that orthodox Muslims insist doesn’t — or shouldn’t — exist), it would be lovely if some of what he learned over there could be unearthed. For your other readers I would like to recommend Laurence Galian’s mammoth book “The Sun at Midnight” as an intro to Sufi/Islamic mysticism and occultism. The stuff written by Sufi Sheiks for an Islamic audience would be meaningless and bewildering to most Westerners.

    • Now there you go mentioning the “S’ word. Shhhh. I am just a white witch, not an MIB or cunning man and i would have Nothing to do with “the Devil” aka Exu aka Loki…. just kidding. Yea i am out of the closet as something maybe defined as a French Luciferian, Cassie Satanist Yezidi, Gnostic Hermetic Templar worshipper of Baphomet, all in my opinion just darker or more hermaphroditic forms of the Witch Horned God.
      Regarding the nature of Santee’s initiation into a coven in Northern Africa I would tend to think it was of Continental (German or French colonial) lineages rather than the esoteric Sufi or native nature shamanism usually carried by the women’s lineages. But i do not know. Guess we will know when JC takes that tape Santee made of his life and digitalizes it.
      I looked up Laurence Galian’s mammoth book “The Sun at Midnight” and it is not available in PCF the hard copy being around $100 used.

      • Galian’s book may be back in print. The old editions are quite ‘dear’. The most recent edition of Mike Howard’s “The Cauldron” has an article by a Frenchman re “Luciferian Wicca” in France.

        • How may i obtain a copy of that article? You can answer privately by email instead of publicly at this blog to tell me if there is a PDF i can download for free or for a price since i can’t read books. TY.

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