Pastor of Saint Michael German Lutheran Church meets the Elder High Priest of the Coven of the Catta

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge

I went to an old German Lutheran Church in the Burg last Sunday. It was similar to the Catholic Church when Father John was there, but he is away in Jordon helping Syrian refugees, so now there is a Theologian Seminarian dry as bones taking his place. I talked with him and think he wants to exorcise the evil witchcraft demons out of me, LOL. Father John was more accepting.

Now at the Church dedicated to St Michael that i visited the Pastor was Very nice and accepting of my faiths, and did Not try to convert me. We talked for about forty five minutes in his study over coffee and velvet cake, hmmm. What impressed me was that he understood Every magickal, witchcraft, Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu word i spoke to explain my position. I will meet with him again before he goes on vacation, perhaps in his study…

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