SS at the CoC at Shawnus’ Temple Saturday, at Lady Alsaces Sunday, and again at my outside temple in Snakhenge Stone Circle 21-23 June 2014

22 June (1) - Copy

The three days of SS celebration private and public. I have videos of the Saturday night bonfire but cannot embed them here only at our FB page

Sunday – altar set up on a spool under the hemlocks, white tablecloth, my new dragon sword, original Covenstead alabaster cut and Pan head cup, a besom Dutch Jeff gave me from the Rowan tree that used to grow between Santee’s house and the Bookhouse, Lady AIB;s besom, yea, my shirt hanging on a branch d/t the head and some bags of weed clippings, reality. aces of two attendees blocked per their request and to try to thwart FB recognition software.

22 June (3) - Copy

A new Apprentice, Lady Alsace, and the Apprentices wife, identity blocked per their request, and Lady Alsace.

22 June (2) - Copy

Said Apprentice and yours truly yea in some red bib overalls made for a woman found at the Good Will. I have lost enough weight i wear a size 8 in a woman’s clothes, and NO i am Not a crossdresser, but what is the difference between men’s and women’s clothes except how the buttons fashion?

23 June (2)

Monday – Coven Catta (not enough Ts in the letter pile left at cabin for “of the”) to make it all look official Just like Doc Santee had his house then built the bookhouse with the temple in the  back, so this is our new Covenstead. I will still keep my temple in my house for small rituals, and of course there is Snakehendge for larger outside rituals, but now we will have a proper place well hidden in the woods for a fairly large Hexenzirkel or Witches Circle.

Did i mention i am being denied access to my property in a civil matter? Or that a disabled person is being put through pain and suffering hauling hundreds of pounds of stuff out of and into the black cabin? Did i mention that this building will be a Witch “church” and he is denying. Picture taken Monday as i document the fact that The Black Cabin IS a Wiccan “church, synagogue, temple, place of worship. His breaking the non access laws is county and state and my free Agency on Aging and PA BARR Association lawyers will handle that. The ADA act law is broken at the State and Fed level which is punishable with a hefty fine. The denial of acccess to a place of worhip, like parking yr truck at the entrance to a synagogue is Federal and now considered a hate crime and punishable by jail time. Once again yr priest, who won the right to legally marry in this county, even though the ACLU had already fought and won that right in three other counties in PA, is now pulling out the freedom of religion and rights of the disabled laws to give us the right to drive to out temple and practice out religion even if we are in a wheelchair.

23 June (6)

Monday at Snakehenge with corn circle cross and a red candle in the middle burning though out the night

23 June (4)

Monday eve – The Green Fairy


2 thoughts on “SS at the CoC at Shawnus’ Temple Saturday, at Lady Alsaces Sunday, and again at my outside temple in Snakhenge Stone Circle 21-23 June 2014

  1. Personally, I really dig the red overalls.. beautiful pictures.. and good luck fighting the good fight my wise one :)

    • Yea i dug the red overhauls too. I got them at the thrift shop for $3 and they are women’s, lots of pockets for stuff but no zipper for a guy but unbuttons on the left so …. interesting relieving oneself, LOL. I was hot and had worn a shirt that fit the temp when i left my house so off with the shirt and tats flashing. The ritual went Really Well and a good time was had by all, except me driving home with the setting sun coming in the driver’s window, so i just tilt my hat ghetto style, LOL. Thanks for commenting dear and i am sooo glad i am not down there in yr humidity as it is bad enuf up here. BB. Lee

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