Horns Stones and Knives

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge

27-28 July (4)27-28 July (3)27-28 July (1)27-28 July (2)27-28 July (5)

A collection of deer horned a new friend gave me, and in exchange i will make him a walking stick with one of the racks on it.

The local tavern archeological dig, which i missed. But i Did find on the sifted dirt piles some deadly nightshade which i removed for the kids there and because i have been looking for a good copse of it fo r two years.

A collection of old deer handles knives etc in a Pepsi women bottle holder. All the above very practical and yet at the same time Magickal. BB

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COC Facebook page Delete

RFZ-Type German Dis

My New Cloud Server

I worked on my pc and my Apprentice in FLA worked on his pc to try to tweak he COC page but all i ended up doing was creating a sub page like the ones that used to be up for Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee, Lady Phoebe Athena Nimue and Dame Sybil Leek. I was ready to take my pc and roll over it with the frigging Jeep.

They make it Soooo hard at FB to leave (maybe the NSA has a strangle on them) and you can’t do what you want to do just what They want you to do so the only option in the end was to delete the old COC page completely including the sub pages listed above, And my new ZAZON2108211 page which was more personal which i intended to feed into the BSSS wordpress blog posts like i fed the COC FB page with the COC wordpress blog posts.

So, i have two blogs, one for me with over a thousand posts and one for the Coven with maybe 77 posts,  which are good enough for me. I frigging hate FB and always have and always swill even though lots of people love it and i will miss some stuff on there, but i am too damned busy to sit in front of this box for hours each night, especially like last night.

So, DELETE it is all gone, what i wanted to keep and what i wanted to delete and what i wanted to newly post. But FB is like poisonous sticky velcro. Just yesterday some with i met criticized me for running a coven the way the COC FB page was and i informed her to go to the COC WordPress blog instead. I think that was the final nail in the   coffin for me, good timing.

So, the COC blog will remain the same, but my own personal BSSS blog, inspired by what Casie and Sophie have done, will be more NSFT and more shall we say, depending on how far WP will let me go. And eventually i will reveal my Tumblr page which is not for the faint of heart or lingum or yoni….


My new I.T. Manager

(Images from Tumblr)

Doc Santee’s Gallatea then, and My Manniken of Many Names Now

If you want the “then” story, read my book. If you want the “now” story, call or email me.

Doc Santee’s Gallatea at the entrance to the original Coven of the Catta Covenstead Temple. Robe was originally red but faded to this colour. Wiki the name for the myth.


Close up. Poor pics taken with old camera 33 years ago in hard copy then scanned and manipulated but the best i can make them.


My Gallatea (with more names added) without wig in outfit she came in standing in front of part of Vodoun altar one morning.

`Madelyn Galatea Kelly Pomba Gira (2)

Heavily edited by twisting the image to be SFW on this public blog page

1919 June (3) - Copy

Goodbye COC on FB….

Galatea 2 (2)

All Photos Copyright GLHoke 2014 and i would warn you magickally not even to download them as you do Not want her in your pc or house but she is “friends” with Doc and me but not with you no matter who or what you are or think you are or think you can handle and control magically in the Q realm of the S.

A Few Days in the Life of an Appalachian Witch 19-25 July 2014 when my pc was down but now up and here are the Photos and some Experiences

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge

I’m going to make this short and sweet with some vinegar. Below are some pics i took the last few days when my pc was down, which is now fixed, and my tv is now my monitor so i can see better to write and i now have two monitors i can run at the same time or watch tv or a video while i surf on the other monitor, so my desk looks like the launch station at NASA, LOL. The tech said i did not need two of the three pieces of hardware i bought because it is already in my pc so i can get back that money, yea.

I am taking down the COC FB page because it is a PIA and just a place i reblog what i write on COC and BSSS and reblog from yr sites. Have i told u all for 15…

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Silver RavenWolf – How to Make Witch Balls Conjuring Balls out of Soy Wax and Herbs

My comments were – Thank you for that. It looks in the last pic you are using the burned our tea lights at molds, which i just recycle, but may start using for this purpose, herbal witch candles in small size. BTW the Aruvedic Hindus, Nepalese and Tibetan Buddhists make what are called precious pills, very similar, using their native barley flower with crushed herbs, crushed precious and semi-precious stones, mercury, etc, then roll them into balls, put them into a Kapala with lid and chant rituals over them a few days, then hand them out to the populace as a panacea. 

Silver RavenWolf

Witch Balls or Conjuring Balls have a variety of magickal purposes from cleansing the aura and ridding an area of negativity, to ensuring a bad boss finally gets his due. Witch Balls or Conjuring Balls have a variety of magickal purposes from cleansing the aura and ridding an area of negativity, to ensuring a bad boss finally gets his due.

How to Make Witch Balls (Conjuring Balls) Out of Soy Wax and Selected Dried Herbals
by Silver RavenWolf
copyright 2014

Witch Balls (Conjuring Balls) can be made out of a variety of materials including soy wax, paraffin wax, mud, clay or a mixture of flour, salt, egg and water.  Normally sized at 1/2 inch to 1 inch, these bits of magick can be used for a variety of needs in several different ways.  From making the aura cleansing formula shown in the above photo, to love draw, protection, banishing, or money matters, Witch Balls are easy to make and simple to dispense in a magickal operation.  Practitioners have used them in conjuring bags, placed them around the home (or near…

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Silver RavenWolf presents July 2014 Healing Circle #healingmagick

This is a large coven that does great healing work. They are working tonight Thursday 10 July at 20:00 hours Eastern USA Daylight Savings Time so go to yr temple and light a candle to Bastet or whatever healing God/ess, Totem, Lwa or Powwow charms you work with to receive light energy from their cone of power. BB. SMSBF 3* COC

Silver RavenWolf

Silver RavenWolf The Great Goddess Sekhmet destroys disease and is the patroness of medicine. Work with Her, Isis (magick) and Bastet (Protection) for a powerful team of spiritual energy.

Healing Circle Guidelines:

Rules Are Simple: Post the initials, city, state (or country) of the individual in need of help along with a brief line of what is needed under the comments section of this blog entry OR use #healingmagick on Twitter. Issues can be healing, financial needs, the desire for a new job — all requests are welcome as long as they are positive in nature. Our circle will work here, and we hope that all our internet friends will work too! Please remember that all posts are public — therefore, initials and brevity are best.

Time: Healing Circle begins at 8:00 PM EDT on Thursday 10 July 2014– join your energy with ours!

To Work For Someone: Let us know…

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Doc Santee’s Galatea Mannikin and Shawnus Succubus Galetea Mannikin

In the original Covenstead of the Coven of the Catta Doc Santee had a mannikin of Galatea at the entrance of the Temple.

I tried to purchase her decayed disembodied pieces from the present owner of Santee’s Bookhouse to no avail, so…

Back when i had money i purchased, dressed, wigged and empowered my own version to match his. Doc is very pleased, as am I.

GalateaGalatea 2 (2)`Madelyn Galatea Kelly Pomba Gira (2)

Now a New Religious Civil Liberties Fight for Our Coven – the Right for Access to the land and cabin I plan on turning into our Covenstead

31 May (3)

26 June (16)

Those of you who follow this or my BSSS blog surely remember

Our Coven’s Fight as Ordained Witch Priests and Priestesses to legally perform Marriages in Pennsylvania


Victory regarding the Right of Witch Priests and Priestess in PA to legally marry couples, or as Charlton Heston said in “The 10 Commandments” – “Victory is Mine Sayeth The (Horned God) Lord”

but if not follow the links above. Bottom line, the ACLU already won this fight X 3 in various parts of Pennsylvania and with the help of my land deed lawyer, who happened to be the lawyer for the County too, he talked the Purveyor of Deeds to recognize a Third Degree Witch Priest/ess as “an ordained minister of an established religion who has a congregation that meets regularly” to quote the Law of the State of PA. Well we thirds are all of the above – we are “ordained / initiated clergy”. We are of an “established religion” of Wicca / BTW Witchcraft which has been recognized in this country since the 1950s, We are a “Congregation” aka Coven and we “meet regularly” for Sabats and Esbats., to quote the statues of the State of Pennsylvania.  Soooooo, we Do have the right to Legally Marry in PA. Fight over, Case closed.

Tonight at 19:30 EDST i am going to the Township’s monthly planning committee where I will discuss the fact that i have a holding tank but no way to have it pumped up, which will give the Codes officer a fit. We shall see.They may have some authority over the person who owns the entire mountain and thus the property around me on two sides, to make him come up on a weekday and wait around for hours until such matters happen within a few hours of when scheduled. But they will probably just tell me to sue him. Well website number one said it was at such and such place at such and such time, website number two said the opposite, so i started calling every number on the notices in the driving thunderstorm until i got a human being who was in a meeting not related in a firehouse not far away and went there to wait an hour to meet a lady who listened to half my story and directed me to a meeting next Monday at the township building i vote at. I will be there with pentagrams, i mean bells on, taking lots of note and maybe even audio recording it if that is legal. We shall see.

I think am am just going to have to get a lawyer, like i can afford a litigation lawyer in the state i am in now, and it is too bad it is not “we” to share the draconian costs of such a venture against someone who probably has deep pockets. I don’t expect any of our coven, who are mostly just making ends meet, to assist, and having never charged a dollar for anything these past 33 years would not take it anyway. But once again, this is my job, to protect the religious rights of Witches under the Constitution and Bills of Rights of the USA and to fight against local sectarian political interpretations as in the “who can marry whom in this backwards hillbilly county”.

I tried various lawyer groups who do pro bona work, but like i said i have no mulla in the wallet or bank but own property, so i do not quality. I tried the county agency on the aging and same situation.

So i consulted with my bro and he said to contact the County Sheriff, who i think is just going to tel me the same as my lawyer, to hire a high powered attorney, but like i said, i do not have the money. Either way on Monday i will drive to his fairly nearby Courthouse office.

So, Monday after the long weekend i will go to the Township meting and meet with the Sheriff and starts calling every civil litigation attorney in the burg and the suburbs.

The ACLU is already involved in running it past their legal team to see if there is any ground to stand on for blocking access for a disabled person and for blocking access to a church so that older people can drive in instead of walking across my plank bridge and up steep cinder block steps, or parking near the gate and walking through bear, snake and mosquito infested swampy ground (depending on the last rain or not) for a distance of maybe 1000 meters.

BTW i have worked some of my most darkest magickes in this situation already as i am /Really Pissed. I am already applying what DJ is teaching me of PW plus my own twisted little things like collecting the tire prints in the mud etc….

I just wish this could be worked out honourably, peacefully and logically mano y mano.. Sir – you can trust me with a key to the gate. I have policed trespassers on your property for a decade, sending photos of vehicles and their license plates to my neighbor to send to you. I have cleaned up all trash on the long winding logging road up the mountain for a decade. Why does this all have to become sduch a contentious issue?

Any suggestions?

Legal Disclaimer – There is No intention of slander or defamation of character in this post, just the facts as i see them.

26 June (6)

All Photos Copyright GLHoke 2014

Note – this post edited 4 July 2014

 Addendum 11 July 2014 – In the last week i have talked with the Sheriff of this County, who basically said there was nothing to do but what my attorney said – sue him in civil court. I met with the Purveyor of Deeds where my lawyer who is also the lawyer for the County got us the right as witches to legally marry people in PA and this County, and she was very helpful. There was Lots in the public record, like the denier’s survey from a couple years ago, and land deeds going back to the early to mid 1800s showing the right of way even back then, though most of it is now grown over with trees, having been replaced by the road in front of my house. I then went to a meeting of the Township supervisors and plead my case. Of course they did not want to hear words like ACLU and Wicca so i am “out” in the Township as a “left wing tree hugger” and “worshiper of Satan” LOL. Needless to say i gave my card to everyone so we shall see if anyone can read and has high speed internet….. at the Courthouse i tracked down a lawyer who refereed me to a civil litigation lawyer who is in an old Methodist church right downtown. I was raised Methodist. Synchronicity. I await the legal team at the ACLU for whether i have an ADA and Religious discrimination suit. That usually takes several weeks as they have thousands of applicants because of the rabid discrimination here in the Bible belt regarding right guaranteed by the Constitutions and Bill of Rights of the USA and the State of Pa….