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I worked on my pc and my Apprentice in FLA worked on his pc to try to tweak he COC page but all i ended up doing was creating a sub page like the ones that used to be up for Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee, Lady Phoebe Athena Nimue and Dame Sybil Leek. I was ready to take my pc and roll over it with the frigging Jeep.

They make it Soooo hard at FB to leave (maybe the NSA has a strangle on them) and you can’t do what you want to do just what They want you to do so the only option in the end was to delete the old COC page completely including the sub pages listed above, And my new ZAZON2108211 page which was more personal which i intended to feed into the BSSS wordpress blog posts like i fed the COC FB page with the COC wordpress blog posts.

So, i have two blogs, one for me with over a thousand posts and one for the Coven with maybe 77 posts,  which are good enough for me. I frigging hate FB and always have and always swill even though lots of people love it and i will miss some stuff on there, but i am too damned busy to sit in front of this box for hours each night, especially like last night.

So, DELETE it is all gone, what i wanted to keep and what i wanted to delete and what i wanted to newly post. But FB is like poisonous sticky velcro. Just yesterday some with i met criticized me for running a coven the way the COC FB page was and i informed her to go to the COC WordPress blog instead. I think that was the final nail in the   coffin for me, good timing.

So, the COC blog will remain the same, but my own personal BSSS blog, inspired by what Casie and Sophie have done, will be more NSFT and more shall we say, depending on how far WP will let me go. And eventually i will reveal my Tumblr page which is not for the faint of heart or lingum or yoni….


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