The Nights the Big Black Panther and her Cub Came a Calling

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Here in the central Appalachians the PA Game Commission will deny over and over again that there are cougars aka mountain lions aka black panthers roaming over large areas of deep forest and even down where humans habitate. But i have heard stories that are first hand of their sightings, and seen game cam photos, seen their skull skeletons, heard them with my own ears and seen them with my own eyes. We also have bobcats and even my mum, who lives in the suburbs but very near a wooded area and creek, saw one enter her yard and get into a fight with one of her cats. It had all the classic signs of dark tufts on its ears, the size of a dog, and the snub tail, and a wild howl. She chased it away with a broom! You Go Mom! LOL And these sightings of cougars and bobcats are not “urban (rural) myths” but sightings by trained hunters and hikers who know what they are hearing and seeing. All these animals in physical or totem shamanic form existed for millennia in the mythologies of The People.

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BobcatGrouse Goose

Bobcat chasing Pheasant mount at local Amish/Mennonite store

A couple years ago at dusk i was sitting out back and there across the run, approximately 10 meters away, i distinctly saw a large tan cat about 1.5 meters long with a long tail ending in a black stripe. It was visible and its size judge-able against the fallen tree it walked in front of. It appears from behind the wild rose bush where the dry run is that fills with water when it rains hard. If quickly moves right to left out into the woods again. I only saw it for maybe 5 seconds and it did not notice me, or at least did not look in my direction. No one believed me except my neighbor who is a skilled bow hunter and part time taxidermist (oh and BTW he has a mounted bobcat in his work room). It was definitely a cougar or mountain lion. Now here in North America they are basically the same cat from tan to brown to black. Up here we call them cougars. Out west in the mountains and even here in the mountains they are called mountain lions. Down south they are often black and called panthers. In the SW they are called pumas. Down in South America their genus is i think a little different and they are called jaguars and are spotted or black. BTW my high schools mascot was the black panther, so, where did the get that mascot???


Bobcat skull Lady Luna found rolled down the mountain, probably the rest of the bones up hill, Copyright V.Latta 2013

So, on the night of 2 August 2014 at approximately 2200 hours i was sitting in my living room watching a video on the ancient peoples of Europe, two rooms away from the back of my house, with the windows just cracked open a bit. I distinctly heard a loud large cat howl out back across the run. It was piercing and chilling. My cats jumped up from sofa and floor and ran to various windows to look outside. I went to the kitchen and turned on the back flood lights and armed myself with a strong flashlight to check it out. Was it two large tomcats getting into a fight or a mating? Well there are no toms around, just one stray small black and grey striped cat who is quiet and runs when i go out. So i sneak out behind my swing which has a canopy and a large tulip poplar tree and what do i see and feel? Over across the stream, about 10 meters away, is a black spot where the wild rose bush is, where the dry spring bed feeds into the run, and there are two large eyes looking at me. I estimated from the distance and other reference points that it was a large cat standing on its haunches with its eyes at around a meter plus high. It just stared. All of a sudden felt not fear but rather felt like i was food or prey. I knew in four bounds down the bank, across the run, up the bank, then to me would take about 3-4 seconds. So i wisely returned to my house behind a steel door. I am very curious and bold with large animals like bears, but i am not stupid. Why do i think the cat was black? Because my flashlight lit up the ground and trees and its eyes, but where its body was it reflected back only black and the yellow eyes.

The next nigh i hear a not as loud cat howl again, once again at 2230 hours, that could have been a large tom cat. Once again i turn on the lights, grab my torch, and over on my neighbor’s foot bridge i can see two huge yellow eyes looking at me, then to the right where the previous cat was and probably is now, then blinking, then at me again, then it turns away and disappears. In my torch i could see the brown wood of the bridge in front and in back of it but no body because once again it was black, and this time i felt no fear nor like prey the previous night. At first i thought because the eyes were less than a meter high and the howl was different it may be a bobcat, but that would be near nigh impossible to see/hear a panther and a bobcat on consecutive nights.

So, my theory, after talking with someone who knows these cats, is that the first night i met the mother black panther. My friend said they will howl near a house to draw out and then chase down any domestic dog or cat or other ‘pet” that makes their appearance known by barking or any aggressive behaviour or by running, then the chase is on since these cats love to run down prey like deer and especially fawns. I think she was testing my cats, whose scat she had smelled out there under the hemlocks where they like to go. I think she and her half grown progeny were just prowling this part of the woods checking it out for food or danger, good lessons for momma to teach baby.  I think the second night her son or daughter came out of the shadows to sing its song, and i have been told a female will keep a cub for up to 5 years, making sure it is trained and wise enough and grown enough to be independent, before she goes into estrus to have another small litter. I think this is what i heard and saw, a female black panther and her cub. I have heard them before in the week and a half previously, but the sounds could be something else like an owl taking a rabbit etc.

I could be wrong, but all indications point to the fact that i am right, and others i know independently confirm this story. Lets just say as the days get shorter and dusk happens now around 2030 hours i find myself less and less back in those woods at the black cabin. And if i am i am armed and make lots of noise like chanting AmerIndian chants and such. I also wear a bell and a whistle like hikers in bear infested territories do. As i said earlier i am pretty bold and fearless but i am not a stupid fool. And one can read Many stories of joggers out west in new developments pushing into the cat’s territories being run down and killed my such large cats.


Two mountain Lions mounted at the local Amish/Mennonite Store


Close up of one of these mountain lions about 2.5 meters nose to butt

Mountain Lion stalking deer

This game cam caught this cougar about ready to take down a deer, just a few miles from where i live. Photo source unknown but shown to me by the lady at the drug store when we were talking about my bear this spring.

demon cat 4

This is what the eyes of the black panther and her older cub looked, demonstrated by a pic of my older cat Shadow being caught in the flash of my camera, my own little demon cat LOL. Photo Copyright GLHoke 2014.

cat pentagram

Tumblr image with multiple sources.

What do you expect regarding the psychic, ethereal and physical facts that two large black cats in the form of a black panther, rare in these here parts, appears to me twice two days in a row? I AM the Elder High Priest of the Coven of the Catta. In the black cabin and the area around it i have the bones of many animals. Of late i have invited the Indian spirits down from the mountains, and they Do come. And i have invited all living creatures to feel comfortable on my property as i will not hunt or harm them. So, they come.  I have been told by Lady Alsace Isa Brie that one of my totems is the black panther. In the magickal world this is not strange or even disturbing, just an evocation of what one projected. It is what it is. The facts are the facts. It means to me what it means to me and no one else in my own personal UPG and i make of it and react and do magicke from it. We are All Blessed when the animals, animal spirits, and native indigenous people contact us in spirit and in physical reality. I don’t write about such things much, especially on this blog, but thought it worthy of a post so So many bloggers i follow and who follow me do the same shamanic thing. Blessings. SMSBFZ 3* COC.


The Ordeal

Well i am Finally trying to catch up on everyone’s blog here. Re Initiations yea a lot of people have read a lot of initiation rituals in books before their initiation. For some it is good and for some it takes away the surprises. I have an old copy of Francis King’s “Secret Rituals of the OTO” that lists All the initiations completely even up to the highest 11th* though that is in coded language like “per vas neferum” etc, ouch. When i was first in the Caliphate OTO, though i secretly practiced the Typhonian system, the COTO wanted me to hand in King’s book and i was like Charleston Heston “you can pry it for my cold Illuminati hands” LOL. Nowadays Everyone know the Ordeals so no surprise, But, in the year and a day i learn what the Apprentice fears and My Ordeals are based on that, he he he bad me. But if someone is totally ignorant of the traditional Ordeals of the blade to the heart, poison cup and, oh dear now i am giving them away, bad me, then i will do the traditional ones on them until their third which is years along and i Really know what they Really fear, bad bad bad HPT. Great post and reblogging to COC so TY Lauren. Lee / SMSBFZ

Blue Star Owl

This was originally posted on Witches and Pagans on July 27, 2013.

“…And you will earn the right of return,
and all the moons you can swallow”
~Tea With Witches, Kate Chadbourne

Right before I left for Sirius Rising, I came across one of Star Foster’s blogs about her experience with her own initiation, Considering Consent: Initiation, Baptism, and Other Religious Milestones. This blog left me with a lot to chew over, since my own initiation was nothing like Star’s experience and I was preparing to assist in elevating two of my students.

In the blog Star says, “I told my initiator afterwards that had I had an understanding of what the ritual would entail, I would never have requested an initiation. I would have remained a ‘friend of the house.’ To be perfectly honest, had I been given a paper copy of the ritual to peruse…

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Magical Mundanity

Blue Star Owl

This was originally posted on Witches and Pagans January 6th, 2014.

Willow: But, there’s also other stuff that we might show an interest in, as a Wicca group.

Wanna Blessed Be #1: Like what?

Willow: Well, there’s the wacky notion of spells. You know, conjuring, transmutation.

Wanna Blessed Be #2: Oh yeah. Then we could all get on our broomsticks and fly around on our broomsticks.

Willow from “Hush,” Buffy the Vampire Slayer

We have a joke in my household. My partner can make the mundane magical and I always manage to make the magical mundane. But that’s just the way I am and honestly, I think I have the better end of the deal.

I am not what most people have in mind when they think of a stereotypical Pagan woman. I don’t wander around discussing the position of the stars in the sky or what astrological sign we’re…

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How this Witch Magister celebrated a Late Lammas and Full Moon with a Hillbilly Wise Man Playing Guitar and a New Wise Friend who brought her Bloodstone Skull and Herkimer Diamonds and Blue Kyanite whilst the Witch and the HIllbilly Drank Absinthe sitting along the River on 11 August 2014

11 August (4)

I continue the long title above. The Coven of the Catta planned on Lady EWH and Lady AIB to come down for ritual at the new Covenstead here in der Schwartz Haus outside at the new an-iconic altar back in the swamp at the base of the mountain. But d/t the former having to stay home taking care of her mum just out of hospital and the latter not able to drive this far, it was cancelled.

Cats from Patty Lee (3)

So, i planned on just doing the ritual myself with everyone else doing the same in their own temples inside or outside.

Cats from Patty Lee (1)

But, i got a call from a new wise friend who is battle recurrent cancer valiantly and with the fierceness of a tigress and the “let it flow” style of a Taoist.

Cats from Patty Lee (2)

So, i drove up to the wise hillbillies business porch along the river where he was burning wood and we just stared into the fire as humans have done for a couple million years. Then the wise lady arrived bearing gifts of a small blue green cracked ceramic bowl decorated with the symbol of the triple goddess with cats prancing around it, a BOS of her daughters, and a hand made leaf blank book from Indonesia. My gifts in return were a pennyweight digital scale she did not have, a black scarf decorated with skulls, and its too late at night and i am too tired to remember and list the rest. Just objects traded shamaness to shaman and visa versa.

11 August (3)

We moved to the porch and the wise man got out his guitar to play and i made of words to a song honouring the moon as she slowly rose over the mountain to the east. She showed lots of pics on her smart phone and some of which i answered in great detail but as the absinthe flowed and we all got more tired, all having had a loooonnnggg day i later just said “just go to the BSSS blog and do a search for such and such subject. She bore show and tells of a Large bloodstone skull and other things precious to her. I bore show and tells of all my crystal, AmerIndian, glass and Malachite skulls.We were both blown away.

11 August (5)

Wise hillbilly construction worker by day and on the side a “horse trader”, as i too have become, got used to and then addicted to the Absinthe since he was out of Captain Black Rum. Some “smoke” passed from “i use it for the symptoms from the chemo” lady to “i use it for my dystonia” man since i am in barbiturate withdraw, getting better day by day, abandoning allopathic medicine and going back to massage, prayers and blessings from my witches and even my xian sister, the “nike” attitude, and that special smoke medicine, which all work much better……


Lubricated and relaxed we saw the moon rising thru the trees, and it looked at one moment like a skull. A Huge Great Horned Owl flow by. We talked about Sasquatch. We joked and laughed from out work play, because wise man and witch man are exact opposites and wise woman made the perfect triangle of oh so different but oh so much the same human beings, because, just because…..

10 August (9)

Earlier using the back of my Jeep as an Altar i did a Major healing ritual on wise woman, using Witchcraft, Vodoun, Hoodoo and Tibetan Shamanic methods, and more. Blessed objects were used to keep the demon cancer away and now once i do the dishes i will cleanse all in salt and in water and put them out in the moonlight.

Dancing tree spirits

We parted company an hour ago and went out separate ways. I smoked a Cuban Cigar i found in my late Dad’s stuff yesterday. I got home safe, not drunk, smoke used up, no cops, not one car seem on this late Sunday night into Monday am.

10 August (11)

I am only writing maybe 10 percent of our exchange of our own very different Wisdoms. It was a good day buying selling trading and i have money now and lots of weird stuff. So, late Lammas and Full Moon done on a porch along the river and the altar the back of a Jeep with a wise man friend of 3 months and a wise woman known only twice now. Neither of them are witches but may be someday….

10 August (12)

Witches make due. There is no time or space. Life is strange. Go with the flow. Temet Nosce and Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pence. Blessed Lammas and Full Moon to the followers of this Coven of the Catta blog!

Photos Copyright GLHoke 2014, Tublr images courtesy Lady PLZ,

Reblog from TWH – Witch Priest Becomes Center of Religious Debate in Huntsville Alabama USA

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge


(Tumblr image with multiple sources)

I found this news story from The Wild Hunt blog most interesting especially having fought here for the right for Witch Clergy to legally marry in Pennsylvania.

Witch Priest Becomes Center of Religious Debate in Huntsville Alabama

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Lammas at the CoC – Lammas Eve with the Dead, Lammas in the Woods and Upcoming Official Lammas Ritual Next Sunday during Full Moon

30 June (5)

The Day Before Lammas Eve

I spend Lammas Eve doing various things, including inviting a very nice spiritual man to my house and he is going to be my fix it guy from now on, having a wealth of knowledge and a peaceful spirit. In exchange for q box of animal bones he gave me he asked for an ironwood aka musclewood aka hornbeam walking stick, which i have plenty saplings growling along the base of the mountain. He pulled one which was look out of the ground and there was a rock embedded in the wood so i guess he will have a Fred Flintstone walking stock. LOL. He is actually going to rebuild my bridge with a hand made stone pier like in the old days, and will use pulleys and winches and fulcrums to get it all done sometime in the next year as i have the money and gather the stone. That is an art almost lost nowadays.

30 June (6)My first morning glory blossoming, which i have tried to grow before a few times but now i think i have the right soil and sunlight mix.

30 June (7)The late afternoon sun shining through a red ball (Christmas tree ornament) that JJ gave me for my birthday, hanging over at the Black Cabin.

30 June (8)All the animal spirits of the bones of those killed on the road have now requested and are moved far from the road to the Black cabin. Here the Red Fox skull and bones. Do you know what those are in the jar? ;)

30 June (9)The turtle head, bones and shells of other turtles. I offer all the dead animals water as they are thirsty. The turtle head floated in a lid int he clay dish full of water amazingly.

30 June (10)Possum skeleton in the Green North Window.

30 June (11)The White Goddess, having been broken before, was tossed down in a storm back at the Black Cabin, so now she is securely on the Snakehenge tree stump altar with bamboo and wood down through her arms and legs into the soft stump.

30 June (12)This is an old fossil, possibly of a sponge or coral. The other side is covered in crinoids. Sometimes in the afternoon the suns angle is perfect for making fossils jump out of the stones into your eyes. 30 June (13)Doesn’t look great here, just planted, but deadly nightshade, which i have searching for for years, found on the sifted dirt mounds at an archeological dig that kids help with and ready to product red berries. I pulled them all up much to the happiness of the main archeologist. Hmmm, i know seeds can last awhile. Did the mid 1700s settlers grow nightshade for a reason and these are the uncovered stones which are only growing where we dug up the soil and now sprouting? I will have to run that idea past the main archeologist as plant debris archeology is a sub science of archeology.

Back where my fire pit used to be, where a company doing some work broke an oil line and some product was dumped back there to burn, which i find out later is illegal, the DEP made them remove a bunch of soil and stone so my fire pit became a water pit and now a poison pit.

Lammas Eve

I got it together to drive the longest distance i have driven since i became disabled in the spring of 2010 almost 405 years ago and drove north to the old covenstead. On the way a dropped off some bedding, some birthday gifts, so cut semi and precious cut stones, some feathers, to Lady EWH for a short visit. The pic below is an old barn with a very old hex sign on it which i found down here on the way.

31 July (1)I planned on visiting Lady AIB but have seen her recently at SS so went on to visit the graves of my teacher the late Lady PAN. The drive north was horrendous with construction and it took me 2.5 hours instead of the normal 1.75 hours. Now i have been to her grave only once since her passing in 2009 and spent a half hours finding one of two side by side old graveyards and then spent another 45 minutes driving up and down Every road in both cemeteries but that little trickster was laughing as i could not find her even though i know Exactly what her grave and her husband’s look like. So below is an old pic from her grave i have published before.

Lady PAN grave 2

So as i was driving around both cemeteries i snapped some interesting tombstones, this one with a coat of arms with daggers and  a coat of arms with a logo i have yet to translate as all i can see is Fortuna, the rest being weathered badly. If anyone can translate this coat of arms logo i would appreciate it.

BTW i have hidden the names on these graves out of respect for their family, but the older graves i have left the names on as their relatives are probably all passed on with maybe a stray cousin or nephew here and there who do not even know about them as in this present day society the dead ancestors are seldom honoured beyond the next two generations.

31 July (4)Closer view of the Coat of Arms.

31 July (6)Closer view of the Maltese Cross Dagger and Family Motto in Latin.

31 July (5)I even found Faust’s grave so i guess the Devil did Not take him to Hell, unless under this tombstone is the Gateway to Hell, did not get out to dig and explore, LOL.

31 July (7)A lovely tribute kept up regularly of a late Catholic Mother Much Beloved.

31 July (9)Closeup of the poem on the stone before the gravestone.

31 July (10)I thought this Eagle grave marker was pretty cool and it belongs to one of our fallen heroes from a previous war. It seems, at least in my memory there has Always been a foreign war and the fallen need honoured for sure and this is a fitting monument.

31 July (11)Another sad marker for a young lady whose picture is behind this above a beautiful angel. The grave was marked heavy with such offerings. God bless this 18 year old who i hope did not die of cancer or in an auto accident killed by some drunk. May she Rest in Peace.

31 July (13)I love these open markers with either Jesus or Mary in them.

31 July (14)OK, gave up on finding Janee’s grave and drive away with her giggling on the astral towards the town she used to live in and braked hard and pulled over when i saw this monument in front of a business. I know it is not politically correct and probably offends any Native Americans but he was such a Fierce Warrior i just had to snake this Tuscarora Indian with the deer.

31 July (15)Headed up to Wapwallopen to visit Doc Santee’s grave. On the way i pass a quarry and along the road, not posted no trespassing, is a Huge water culvert with these huge to large to medium to small stones. I pulled over and got out the walking stick d/t the steep angle and possible copperheads and collected some granite spheres, conglomerate spheres with large chunks of quartz, Red Jasper chunks, fossils, basically a hundred pounds of stones in the back of the Jeep, LOL.

31 July (17)The present owner of the Santee house and Bookhouse not home, so legally took these pics so i have my own instead of reblogging others pics. The sky was threatening to rain so the colour came out strange though i did Not manipulate these images at all. Now in publishing these I do NOT want to draw any attention from any local Santee freak cultists and you better be careful as the place is heavily monitored with several cameras in the trees, but i took these from the road and am not giving the address.

31 July (18)31 July (20)

The bookhouse and old covenstead in the room to the far right with a new door which makes the place better to escape in a fire. I found out that Janee had all the doors but one bricked up d/t vandalism and robbery by the locals. The property looks really nice but the rowan tree between Santee’s house and bookhouse was cut down long ago.

Onwards to Santee’s grave in this cemetery just north, and once again do NOT go there to get some souvenir as the locals monitor who is there fooling around.

31 July (21)The main gate was closed but no signs saying only open such and such hours so parked in front of it and walked up the steep bank with my walking stick you will see below which is a besom one end and stang the other end, good for capturing snakes.

Here is the old German church, lovely wood working inside and outside. I was in it once decades ago when the caretaker was there and let me in.

Southern and Western Doorways

31 July (31)Western Doorway

31 July (22)The often fears and usually blocked up (in Medieval Europe and later( Northern Doorway, the “Devil’s Door”, with huge old stone steps here and in front at the main Eastern doorway.

31 July (33)Pictures into the church through the old stained glass. Orbs and figures distortions and reflections or the ghosts of the dead??? Since i know when Vespers are now i will drive up to be there before the end of August as it is a simple but elegant old church. BTW Chris Bilardi, the author of The Red Church, has written some short booklets about the town of Wapwallopen and about this church available by searching under his name at

31 July (34)

31 July (35)

31 July (36)

A view of the cemetery from Santee’s grave looking towards the river, and some of the older more unique tombstones.

31 July (24)31 July (23)

31 July (30)

31 July (29)

The scariest thing of all – the nuclear power plant across the river built on a 3000 year old Native American city and the power line bases some built on burial grounds with some other burial grounds flooded to make even ground. I have two stones from one of the digs that Janee gave me from Doc’s Library and know the guy who as a student archeologist helped with the digs, met and hung out with Doc and Janee, and who wrote his Master’s Thesis on the Coven veiling its real name and giving all coveners pseudonyms.

31 July (28)

So at Santee’s grave i had bought two Arizona iced tea cans that had a foxy lady on them, and poured one on the grave as an offering, leaving the can there which i put flowers in. This pic is from the honouring ritual half way though. I did not have any sherry, this visit being totally spontaneous, but did have a flask of read absinthe which i offered him. I also offered his wife some tea. On top of the grave marker i put 5 pennies, keeping the 6th one which was from 1981 the year we first showed up and met J and J and J sitting in rocking chairs in front of a roaring fireplace flanked with huge cauldrons filled with wood. Santee had passed in 1980 so i missed him by a year, we having arrived in spring about the time of year he died. I also stuck my COC card down into his grave under the tombstone. He was pleased and followed me to another spontaneous visit to one of the elderly original members of the Coven whom i have not talked to in almost 30 years and it was an interesting conversation i will not relate in a public blog post. Bottom line Doc followed me there and i saw him in a mirror in a white doctor’s coat, and other times there, and the whole way home, and even now i  feel his presence. Enough said here. Anyone in the Coven who is interested can call me for more details.

31 July (26)I will try to contribute as i can, and picked up some garbage when i was there, and straightened up some offerings that were blown over by the most recent almost daily storms we have had.

31 July (32)Hopefully it will work out that Lady EWH can drive Lady AIB down to the new temple covenstead and outside ritual space next Sunday 10 August at noon. I will call the “King of the Mountain” and tell him he does not need to come up and open that gate, like he was going to anyway. We will walk the plank bridge over there just fine. I have Lots of work to do in preparation yet and hope to get it all done in the next week, but witches make due and what happens will happen and it is what it is.

Note – All Photographs Copyright GLHoke 2014

Blessed Lammas past to you all.