Lammas at the CoC – Lammas Eve with the Dead, Lammas in the Woods and Upcoming Official Lammas Ritual Next Sunday during Full Moon

30 June (5)

The Day Before Lammas Eve

I spend Lammas Eve doing various things, including inviting a very nice spiritual man to my house and he is going to be my fix it guy from now on, having a wealth of knowledge and a peaceful spirit. In exchange for q box of animal bones he gave me he asked for an ironwood aka musclewood aka hornbeam walking stick, which i have plenty saplings growling along the base of the mountain. He pulled one which was look out of the ground and there was a rock embedded in the wood so i guess he will have a Fred Flintstone walking stock. LOL. He is actually going to rebuild my bridge with a hand made stone pier like in the old days, and will use pulleys and winches and fulcrums to get it all done sometime in the next year as i have the money and gather the stone. That is an art almost lost nowadays.

30 June (6)My first morning glory blossoming, which i have tried to grow before a few times but now i think i have the right soil and sunlight mix.

30 June (7)The late afternoon sun shining through a red ball (Christmas tree ornament) that JJ gave me for my birthday, hanging over at the Black Cabin.

30 June (8)All the animal spirits of the bones of those killed on the road have now requested and are moved far from the road to the Black cabin. Here the Red Fox skull and bones. Do you know what those are in the jar? ;)

30 June (9)The turtle head, bones and shells of other turtles. I offer all the dead animals water as they are thirsty. The turtle head floated in a lid int he clay dish full of water amazingly.

30 June (10)Possum skeleton in the Green North Window.

30 June (11)The White Goddess, having been broken before, was tossed down in a storm back at the Black Cabin, so now she is securely on the Snakehenge tree stump altar with bamboo and wood down through her arms and legs into the soft stump.

30 June (12)This is an old fossil, possibly of a sponge or coral. The other side is covered in crinoids. Sometimes in the afternoon the suns angle is perfect for making fossils jump out of the stones into your eyes. 30 June (13)Doesn’t look great here, just planted, but deadly nightshade, which i have searching for for years, found on the sifted dirt mounds at an archeological dig that kids help with and ready to product red berries. I pulled them all up much to the happiness of the main archeologist. Hmmm, i know seeds can last awhile. Did the mid 1700s settlers grow nightshade for a reason and these are the uncovered stones which are only growing where we dug up the soil and now sprouting? I will have to run that idea past the main archeologist as plant debris archeology is a sub science of archeology.

Back where my fire pit used to be, where a company doing some work broke an oil line and some product was dumped back there to burn, which i find out later is illegal, the DEP made them remove a bunch of soil and stone so my fire pit became a water pit and now a poison pit.

Lammas Eve

I got it together to drive the longest distance i have driven since i became disabled in the spring of 2010 almost 405 years ago and drove north to the old covenstead. On the way a dropped off some bedding, some birthday gifts, so cut semi and precious cut stones, some feathers, to Lady EWH for a short visit. The pic below is an old barn with a very old hex sign on it which i found down here on the way.

31 July (1)I planned on visiting Lady AIB but have seen her recently at SS so went on to visit the graves of my teacher the late Lady PAN. The drive north was horrendous with construction and it took me 2.5 hours instead of the normal 1.75 hours. Now i have been to her grave only once since her passing in 2009 and spent a half hours finding one of two side by side old graveyards and then spent another 45 minutes driving up and down Every road in both cemeteries but that little trickster was laughing as i could not find her even though i know Exactly what her grave and her husband’s look like. So below is an old pic from her grave i have published before.

Lady PAN grave 2

So as i was driving around both cemeteries i snapped some interesting tombstones, this one with a coat of arms with daggers and  a coat of arms with a logo i have yet to translate as all i can see is Fortuna, the rest being weathered badly. If anyone can translate this coat of arms logo i would appreciate it.

BTW i have hidden the names on these graves out of respect for their family, but the older graves i have left the names on as their relatives are probably all passed on with maybe a stray cousin or nephew here and there who do not even know about them as in this present day society the dead ancestors are seldom honoured beyond the next two generations.

31 July (4)Closer view of the Coat of Arms.

31 July (6)Closer view of the Maltese Cross Dagger and Family Motto in Latin.

31 July (5)I even found Faust’s grave so i guess the Devil did Not take him to Hell, unless under this tombstone is the Gateway to Hell, did not get out to dig and explore, LOL.

31 July (7)A lovely tribute kept up regularly of a late Catholic Mother Much Beloved.

31 July (9)Closeup of the poem on the stone before the gravestone.

31 July (10)I thought this Eagle grave marker was pretty cool and it belongs to one of our fallen heroes from a previous war. It seems, at least in my memory there has Always been a foreign war and the fallen need honoured for sure and this is a fitting monument.

31 July (11)Another sad marker for a young lady whose picture is behind this above a beautiful angel. The grave was marked heavy with such offerings. God bless this 18 year old who i hope did not die of cancer or in an auto accident killed by some drunk. May she Rest in Peace.

31 July (13)I love these open markers with either Jesus or Mary in them.

31 July (14)OK, gave up on finding Janee’s grave and drive away with her giggling on the astral towards the town she used to live in and braked hard and pulled over when i saw this monument in front of a business. I know it is not politically correct and probably offends any Native Americans but he was such a Fierce Warrior i just had to snake this Tuscarora Indian with the deer.

31 July (15)Headed up to Wapwallopen to visit Doc Santee’s grave. On the way i pass a quarry and along the road, not posted no trespassing, is a Huge water culvert with these huge to large to medium to small stones. I pulled over and got out the walking stick d/t the steep angle and possible copperheads and collected some granite spheres, conglomerate spheres with large chunks of quartz, Red Jasper chunks, fossils, basically a hundred pounds of stones in the back of the Jeep, LOL.

31 July (17)The present owner of the Santee house and Bookhouse not home, so legally took these pics so i have my own instead of reblogging others pics. The sky was threatening to rain so the colour came out strange though i did Not manipulate these images at all. Now in publishing these I do NOT want to draw any attention from any local Santee freak cultists and you better be careful as the place is heavily monitored with several cameras in the trees, but i took these from the road and am not giving the address.

31 July (18)31 July (20)

The bookhouse and old covenstead in the room to the far right with a new door which makes the place better to escape in a fire. I found out that Janee had all the doors but one bricked up d/t vandalism and robbery by the locals. The property looks really nice but the rowan tree between Santee’s house and bookhouse was cut down long ago.

Onwards to Santee’s grave in this cemetery just north, and once again do NOT go there to get some souvenir as the locals monitor who is there fooling around.

31 July (21)The main gate was closed but no signs saying only open such and such hours so parked in front of it and walked up the steep bank with my walking stick you will see below which is a besom one end and stang the other end, good for capturing snakes.

Here is the old German church, lovely wood working inside and outside. I was in it once decades ago when the caretaker was there and let me in.

Southern and Western Doorways

31 July (31)Western Doorway

31 July (22)The often fears and usually blocked up (in Medieval Europe and later( Northern Doorway, the “Devil’s Door”, with huge old stone steps here and in front at the main Eastern doorway.

31 July (33)Pictures into the church through the old stained glass. Orbs and figures distortions and reflections or the ghosts of the dead??? Since i know when Vespers are now i will drive up to be there before the end of August as it is a simple but elegant old church. BTW Chris Bilardi, the author of The Red Church, has written some short booklets about the town of Wapwallopen and about this church available by searching under his name at

31 July (34)

31 July (35)

31 July (36)

A view of the cemetery from Santee’s grave looking towards the river, and some of the older more unique tombstones.

31 July (24)31 July (23)

31 July (30)

31 July (29)

The scariest thing of all – the nuclear power plant across the river built on a 3000 year old Native American city and the power line bases some built on burial grounds with some other burial grounds flooded to make even ground. I have two stones from one of the digs that Janee gave me from Doc’s Library and know the guy who as a student archeologist helped with the digs, met and hung out with Doc and Janee, and who wrote his Master’s Thesis on the Coven veiling its real name and giving all coveners pseudonyms.

31 July (28)

So at Santee’s grave i had bought two Arizona iced tea cans that had a foxy lady on them, and poured one on the grave as an offering, leaving the can there which i put flowers in. This pic is from the honouring ritual half way though. I did not have any sherry, this visit being totally spontaneous, but did have a flask of read absinthe which i offered him. I also offered his wife some tea. On top of the grave marker i put 5 pennies, keeping the 6th one which was from 1981 the year we first showed up and met J and J and J sitting in rocking chairs in front of a roaring fireplace flanked with huge cauldrons filled with wood. Santee had passed in 1980 so i missed him by a year, we having arrived in spring about the time of year he died. I also stuck my COC card down into his grave under the tombstone. He was pleased and followed me to another spontaneous visit to one of the elderly original members of the Coven whom i have not talked to in almost 30 years and it was an interesting conversation i will not relate in a public blog post. Bottom line Doc followed me there and i saw him in a mirror in a white doctor’s coat, and other times there, and the whole way home, and even now i  feel his presence. Enough said here. Anyone in the Coven who is interested can call me for more details.

31 July (26)I will try to contribute as i can, and picked up some garbage when i was there, and straightened up some offerings that were blown over by the most recent almost daily storms we have had.

31 July (32)Hopefully it will work out that Lady EWH can drive Lady AIB down to the new temple covenstead and outside ritual space next Sunday 10 August at noon. I will call the “King of the Mountain” and tell him he does not need to come up and open that gate, like he was going to anyway. We will walk the plank bridge over there just fine. I have Lots of work to do in preparation yet and hope to get it all done in the next week, but witches make due and what happens will happen and it is what it is.

Note – All Photographs Copyright GLHoke 2014

Blessed Lammas past to you all.



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