The Ordeal

Well i am Finally trying to catch up on everyone’s blog here. Re Initiations yea a lot of people have read a lot of initiation rituals in books before their initiation. For some it is good and for some it takes away the surprises. I have an old copy of Francis King’s “Secret Rituals of the OTO” that lists All the initiations completely even up to the highest 11th* though that is in coded language like “per vas neferum” etc, ouch. When i was first in the Caliphate OTO, though i secretly practiced the Typhonian system, the COTO wanted me to hand in King’s book and i was like Charleston Heston “you can pry it for my cold Illuminati hands” LOL. Nowadays Everyone know the Ordeals so no surprise, But, in the year and a day i learn what the Apprentice fears and My Ordeals are based on that, he he he bad me. But if someone is totally ignorant of the traditional Ordeals of the blade to the heart, poison cup and, oh dear now i am giving them away, bad me, then i will do the traditional ones on them until their third which is years along and i Really know what they Really fear, bad bad bad HPT. Great post and reblogging to COC so TY Lauren. Lee / SMSBFZ

Blue Star Owl

This was originally posted on Witches and Pagans on July 27, 2013.

“…And you will earn the right of return,
and all the moons you can swallow”
~Tea With Witches, Kate Chadbourne

Right before I left for Sirius Rising, I came across one of Star Foster’s blogs about her experience with her own initiation, Considering Consent: Initiation, Baptism, and Other Religious Milestones. This blog left me with a lot to chew over, since my own initiation was nothing like Star’s experience and I was preparing to assist in elevating two of my students.

In the blog Star says, “I told my initiator afterwards that had I had an understanding of what the ritual would entail, I would never have requested an initiation. I would have remained a ‘friend of the house.’ To be perfectly honest, had I been given a paper copy of the ritual to peruse…

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