Ritual Etiquette

After leading rituals in the COC and attending others rituals whether formal or informal to the point of being more properly called a party rather than a ritual, I agree with Everything Rik wrote here, which is why i am reblogging it to the COC blog. My comments are below. Blessed Be.

Rik Silfies-Potter

434da4168885699dfd73a7d177b0182dAs far as rituals go, I will admit that I am stricter than most and strongly prefer formal, traditional rituals as opposed to those that are more casual and relaxed. However, not all groups work the same way and I adapt whenever I need to. Over the years I have led and attended countless rituals, and there are a number of things I think need to be addressed. Depending on the structure of your coven or magickal group, whether it is casual or formal, some of these may or may not apply. These are just my own observations, you may choose to agree or disagreeā€¦


As much as I prefer the traditional robes, the hooded cloaks, the ceremony and pageantry of formal ritual, there are many groups who are more casual with their requirements in ritual attire. What you wear to a ritual will depend on a numberā€¦

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