A Day in a Life of a PA Witch17 September 2014 – A Visit to Lady Phoebe’s Grave and Big Surprise (LOL) She’s Not Here!

Last weekend i drove up to the Covenstead area about 80 miles away at 2am with no sleep to try to help my Friend and HPS Lady EWH with her mum now mostly bedridden 24 hour care from the company she also works for. I offered various services like painting skills etc but all too soon circumstances flicked in a bipolar way and soon our ways were parted. Blessings to her and her mum in these times of trial.

Anyway, here are some pics from my last few days here and there. Enjoy…..

1 September (11)

200+ Native American artifacts found by my grandpa found decades after they were hidden in my late dad’s garage including many shaman’s clear quartz and even rose quartz arrowheads, red jasper, yellow chalcedony, grey flint, lots of old limestone and even a couple pieces my books (to be confirmed by my local archeologist in two weeks) say are from 2000-5000 bce.

1 September (14)

1 September (12)

Where i live, new and old maps

3 September (2)

fossils and punk in the sun

3 September (3) 3 September (4)

 Don’t try this at home witch novices – tincture of deadly nightshade aka belladonna – eating 4 black berries would cause certain fairly fast but painful dead from atrial tachycardia and thus anoxia to the brain. Why do i make these many witch friends ask? Not to kill anyone, just to learn how to forumulate various herbal preparations. And such a nice purple, like the colour of the skin of the asphyxiated newly dead….. everyone Relax.

I had some selfies showing my leg tattoos of the benign and malevolent Naginis, but they showed too much of something else, so since they were such bad pics anyway i just deleted them here so as to not offend anyone.

Onwards to the graveyard where the body of Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue lies, but not her Spirit.

6 September (7)

Lady Phoebe Athena Nimue’s body’s final resting place. She is not here rotting.

6 September (11)

Back of tombstone

6 September (8) - Copy

Proof of Life

6 September (8)

Proof of Death

6 September (9)

Janee’s parents

6 September (10)

Janee’s grandparents

6 September (12)

circa 1950s post Japanese occupation Buddha figureDver (2)

 A new blogger friend Dver with multiple sites so see previous reblog to link to her, the warrior, used without her permission but i think she will say yes ok. an amazing witch / pagan / oh so much more. thank you for our long phone conversations…..


7 thoughts on “A Day in a Life of a PA Witch17 September 2014 – A Visit to Lady Phoebe’s Grave and Big Surprise (LOL) She’s Not Here!

  1. What an amazing collection of flints, arrowheads etc :) I think I can understand why you’d want to make those tinctures- to understand the plants, spirits, etc. although keep them away from kids!

    • Yea i sent that poor pic to an archeologist, who btw dug up around the covenstead and knew Santee and Phoebe, and he estimated some at 800 to 5000 years old. A local archeologist will look at them next Sunday. The books i have are so complex i think i will wait on the archeologist lol but will at least educate myself on some of the terminology. And the nightshade like i said i got from a play where there Were kids helping with an archeology dig, so i already have them safe by taking it, and i have no kids, and it is planted in the woods in a clearing and animals are too smart (smarter than humans) to eat it except domesticated animals which i have none, just bear, dear, cougar and black panthers. BTW i heard the panther again last night but could not see it. What a chilling sound that freaks the cats out for sure. BB

  2. Love the arrow heads – what an amazing find. You must update the post on whatever the Archaeologist is able to tell you. My dad gave me some Native American arrow heads years ago, I think they are only a couple of hundred years old, but they are beautiful.

    • Yes i will update the post when i see that archeologist, who is very friendly and helpful and runs a dig of a local tavern that goes back to the mid 1700s but is built also over an Indian camp. And a friend who has a lot of native in her has a brother i wish i could get them to as he has a cellar full of artifacts collected his whole life. It seems the best collectors, in a psychic sense, are the one’s who were native in past lives here before and know where to look (do i see a ghostly historical story by Lenora there somewhere? LOL). Even i as a blanc can figure it out logically as here in the mountains they would farm the fertile lands flooded yearly and its rich soil, then build settlements next plane up where the 20-100 year floods happen, and the really old established villages are built on the third level. They of course always built near fresh springs, the the forests here have plenty of nuts and berries and game. On the big islands in the Susquehanna and Juniata they would manufacture points from washed down quartz, flint, jasper etc, and the already rounded shale and other less precious sedentary rocks just needed hand grips chipped into them for grinding tools. People on canoes would just drive by like we drive thru a fast food place and shop for these, trading what they were transporting up and downstream like furs and meat etc. Often on the islands you will find pieces that just knapped the wrong way and they would toss them. Broken arrow probably broke on the bones of the animals they killed and thus were lost to be found by us later. Just like the Aztecs and Mayans manufactured super fancy obsidian pieces only for the purpose of offering to the gods or burying with rulers male and female, often the fanciest most perfect pieces out there on the market are either those, or, and one must be Very careful, recent fake artifacts. If you want to fake any organic material like a clay pot or wood piece you just bury it in a dung heap for a year and it takes on a patina that looks ancient. My third source, besides the books and me trying to figure that out, is a guy i ran into just up the road who is a taxidermist who wants to go thru my collection of marbles and the artifacts. Now i am NOT selling any, BUT i will pick his brain as he analyzes them and when his pupils dilate and he really wants something then i know it is old and precious. Bad me, but that’s the game sometimes LOL. Thanks for your comment as always Lenora. You and i both love anything OLD of course as it is more precious that the sht we handle now in daily life made in China out of plastic, yuck.

  3. What a fascinating blog post! I am truly humbled at your knowledge, and of the lovely photographs and such. I shall be telling my best friend about you. Thank you for such a great read, as well. Brightest blessings to you, Shawnus! ~Kel~

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