A Day in a Life of an Appalachian Witch in Pics and Rambling Thoughts Early September 2014

5 August (8)Almost a Tornado Touchdown – 1

I’m not going to ramble much right now as the main Pastor of the German Lutheran Church in the Burg is coming for a visit, yes a visit to moi, a confessed Witch. He is very tolerant, has no hidden agenda, and is a great person to have deep intellectual theological metaphysical philosophical discussions with.

So, just a few pics from this week that has almost nothing to do with the COC and i really should have put this on the BSSS blog which i will reblog it to. But sometimes i slip over to something more personal here where “da priest” steps outside his formal role and is just “me”.

BTW Jason, Ryan and Amanda who i did the conference call with yesterday regarding your proposal to use me and some other active coven members for a TV series on a year in the life of a witch, and i know you all are exploring my blogs and booklet now – I hope this post won’t be too far out as i am what i am. I am a formal HPT but i am also a human being with many facets, like Everyone  has, even the Pastor arriving shortly. He knows as do i we can both take off our robes and cassocks (figuratively lol) and let our hair down (tho neither of us has much hair lol). It will be a good visit as i get  very lonely here with very few visitors of late.

But then it is summer and everyone is busy and if they are like me i have projects spread across 2 acres, 3 houses, and the inside of this house has every counter top covered with minor projects. Keeps me busy…    10 Seeptember (3)

No i am not a NZ but my Tattoo artist has some obscure war memorabilia like this officers sword given him by his grandfather and yes it is politically incorrect in the taking of it and in the display of it but it is a work of art both aesthetically and as a weapon.

10 Seeptember (9)

Now i look “like one of those types” lol. I have not ridden on the back of a motorcycle since i was a teenager, and a friend brought over one of his many Harleys to give me a ride on these country roads. I Loved it. I may get one someday to save on gas money and know how dangerous they are from having worked in the ER for 7 years. But i Always wear a helmet and full leather. The helmet, shown in detail below,, is Tony BST’s first one which he decorated with the spike and his three sons who also bike decorated with the stickers. Way cool in my opinion. The leather i got for cheap at the Good Will believe it or not.

10 Seeptember (6) 10 Seeptember (7) 10 Seeptember (8)

Some manipulated not too revealing of my mannikin like Doc Santee has his Galatea mannikin based on the story of the artist who made a statue called Galatea which he loved so much it came alive. Well, such things are possible and those of you with some Solomonic Magicke experience know how easy it is to animate an egregore, or for one to manifest itself if the Magickian is not too careful. The whole working is “interesting” and also “dangerous” but that never stopped me, though i am not a fool. I do at times tend to “tread where angels fear of falling” aka the Nephilim who taught us Witchcraft according to out Trad.

10 Seeptember (2)

10 Seeptember (17)

Speaking of the Nephilim any of my true followers remember my previous posts on Samael (if not just type his name into the search bar for posts containing that name). Something very strange happened just before the German Lutheran Pastor arrived and i showed him the Hex House. I had a broken octagonal mirror mounted securely at a stable angle with a nail in front of the base in the open northern window, you know, like the dreaded always sealed up northern doors of Medieval churches. Now, how could a mirror literally jump out of such secure placing, with no wind, with a nail still intact there, and fall face up not face down, like it was literally picked up and thrown down? My theory is the power of the Christian “Priest” finally broke the long spell of Samael meddling in my workings over there, just my theory.I cleaned it up last night and took these manipulated pics before hand to see if there was a pattern. BTW the thing that looks like an alien face is just a piece of round iron in a triangular iron tripod with the base of a dragon ashtray making that image, nothing mystical there. The images are manipulated such that even the totally washed away circle is visible, which is invisible in daylight. When i cleaned up the broken glass i recovered one perfect triangle and 9 perfect sharp curved fang shaped pieces. Right afterwards i hear the loud chilling howl of one of my black panthers again out across the creek. Maybe Samael has taken on the form of a “lion prowling the world” like the Bible says….

12 September (3)

12 September (5)

And two days ago under cover of darkness i did something radical with gasoline and thus fire – the sidewalk at the black cabin is So overgrown with small roots and plants, and i have tried to hack it away, so the ole Boy Scout in me just poured gasoline on the 10 meter path and lit her up. Of course i had a water hose in hand and had soaked down the grass and weeds and trees on either side. But it made for some interesting pictures and excited the “closet pyromaniac” (legal fires, not illegal ones of course) in me LOL.


And thus the strange life and pictures Copyright GLHoke 2014 of an Appalachian Witch….

Some footnotes –

The Pastor arrived with a rumble of a 4.3 liter V-8 engine i thought was a Harley and turned out to be an older but pristine Mustang muscle car, silver, racing wheels, over 200,000 miles on it. His alter or rather altar ego? And he was to celebrate his 30th wedding anniversary that night. He also helped me do some physical labour that took two people. And in the end after the mega tour of every temple room and every house and the beautiful land on a beautiful day he said “this land is Holy” and i said “to a Witch All Land and all the Earth is Holy” and he agreed. I think maybe there is a little bit of pagan in him when i had him in the woods, and the Native Spirits liked him.

Raining today, which we need badly, then off to the Central PA Rock and Mineral Show at the Zembo Mosque Masonic Lodge which i have attended every year but one (when i was ill with this Meige) for the last 30+ years. I have no $ to spend but enjoy the rock and crystals and especially picking the brains of the “rock hounds” there.

Oh, and to throw something more into this Louisiana gumbo here is a link that will keep you busy this weekend, tons of downloadable PDFs of various magickal documents that a friend sent me. http://www.oldways.org/occult.html


5 August (7)

Almost a Tornado Touchdown – 2


7 thoughts on “A Day in a Life of an Appalachian Witch in Pics and Rambling Thoughts Early September 2014

  1. It’s really refreshing to hear about a tolerant pastor. If only there were more religious people out there would accept that everyone is entitled to follow their own path in peace. It’s also interesting that the mirror fell…

    • Yes he is a very spiritual man, and like i said having him in the beautiful woods by the stream which he loved brought out the human who is almost pagan in outlook regarding deity. He came up and we were gong to talk theology etc like we did in his parsonage but we just talked little and then about nature. I think we were both kinda blown away with each other, he never meeting a witch priest with such wide religious knowledge, and i never meeting a christian minister or priest who also knew much about other religions, and he did not learn that in seminary but on his own out of curiosity. I suspect he and i will have a long term friendship. Oh, and he has a flat bottomed river boat and it gonna take me out on the SusQ which i have not done since my dad was alive and even well before then. Besides the bright sun on the water which hurts my eyes i Love exploring the islands, like the ones i mentioned in my previous response to your other comment. As a kid we collected drift wood and dragged it home to mum’s yard much to her delight. I remember one piece we loaded onto the duck boat that was so large we looked like the Vikings landing LOL.

  2. Wow congratulations on having such a great relationship with a German Lutheran Pastor. I know a couple of the local vicars and whilst they tolerate Paganism I don’t think they’d be comfortable coming to house and viewing and viewing my altar let alone something like a Hex house! Crazy thing about the mirror and Samael, such divergent energies. And yes, I guess deep, deep conversation!

    • Yea he was pretty open minded, but not i did not mention his location or name as his Bishop most likely would not approve, lol. The HH no longer has that circle painted in it so it kinda looks normal, though he did note some runes in a dark corner over the door, very astute of him. Its funny how at this point in my life most of the witches in this coven just ignore me and my main friends are either ministers of other faiths or muggles who teach me carpentry, electrical work, motorcycles etc, but they are good people who are spiritual in their own way, and i teach them what they want to know which isn’t much,lol. So many people say oh witchcraft i’m into that but them they just disappear. i think people fear me at ties, for no other reason that i do not fit into any mold they have seen or box they may want to put me in. At least the pastor read my book to bone up before the exchange, something very rare. Those who say they fear me or witchcraft, i say to them well did you read the book? No.

  3. Very interesting and cool. You know, I think sometimes you find a Christian minister who has gone into the ministry because they, too, feel the pull of the Otherworld and of all the ancient mysteries, like we do — they just seek the Mysteries through the Christian paradigm. But like us, they are ever thirsty and so continue to read and ponder. I also think a priest or minister like the one who visited you is very secure in his faith and therefore feels no need to be pushy about it. May that spread amongst all of that faith!

    • Can i say Amen? He feels right and though we do not meet often i feel a friendship developing with him and perhaps his family and his church family in the future. I have been trying to get down there to the burg for a service but sunday mornings 10am is a little early for a pagan like me. hell even the catholics wait until 11am lol.

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