Lady Tille the Bee and Braucherei by Silver RavenWolf #Braucherei

Sometimes the most powerful magicke is done sitting in a rocking chair just formulating it in one’s mind, which is very Buddhist. Ritual and spells and chants take a back seat to a Witch/Magickian concentrating their Will either singularly or with others with or without a circle or evocation because we know how to Invoke the God/ess and to channel her/his energies for healing. All ov our “bending” is done naturally, just being what we are, human beings who happen to be Witches, just sitting on our rockers in Dullsburg at the third quarter of the Moon. Yes ultimately re her allergy to bees n her not having an epipen readily available is not good, but u all filled in the blanks in time n space to help her in Malkuth and in Tiphareth especially. This is why we r Witches – To Heal w Powwow n Witchcraft n Shamanism n whatever system’s tool we have at our collective at hand. BB. L/S

Silver RavenWolf

honeybee Braucherei magick often focuses on healing common injuries, such as the sting of a bee. You might not think such a practice is necessary now that we have modern science. Yeah? Read on.

Lady Tillie the Bee and Braucherei
by Silver RavenWolf

I often think about the mindset of the German people that practiced Braucherei on a daily basis.  Hardworking.  Practical.  A focus on agriculture, animal husbandry, and the family.  Even the Amish permitted flowers around the property, indicating that since plants were a gift from spirit — they could be celebrated and admired.  One’s property should be well tended — as what shows without indicates what is within.

In Braucherei, protection and healing were mainstays of magick.  What seems silly to us now as far as medicinal work, could kill you if untended back then.  Like a bee sting.  Today, we have Epi Pens and Benadryl, and bracelets to…

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