A Week in the Life of an Appalachian Witch 13-20 September 2014 – Diggin’ Dem Rocks and Bones and Back Alley Treasures

14 September (2)

Last weekend was the always much anticipated Central PA Gem, Mineral and Jewelry Show http://www.rockandmineral.org/index.htm held at the beautiful Zembo Shrine Temple which is an old Masonic Hall whose architecture is of an Islamic Mosque. It is in the northern part of the Burg next to a tall Egyptian obelisk and artificial lake which is beautifully maintained. As you may well know the Masons trace back their lineage to the Temple of Solomon, to Egypt, and to the Templars.

13 September (18)

I have been gong to this show, which is next to a hospital i worked at for 20 years, for about 30+ years, missing only last year due to this illness. So it was a delight to go back again. About a half dozen people i know said they wanted to go but no one showed up so i went alone. Funny thing  was i met a lot of people from the past there as we stumbled to remember each others names, some of them witches from covens past. I also met a very interesting couple there who live near to me, and we talked and exchanged email addys and phone numbers but unfortunately in the piles of papers and cards i brought home i somehow lost theirs. And in my stupidity of being blissed out by all these crystals (i truly do get a buzz there, plus as i said the lighting is so bright and with peering through jewelry loops at specimens i always get an eye strain headache too) i gave them a previous email addy, duh. So if you two are reading this my addy is leeshawnus@gmail.com not the one i gave you.

14 September (3)

The Shriners, a part of the large Masonic organization, are known for their charity work and the Shriners Children’s Hospital which give out free medical care to children. This statue in front of the building is fairly new and shows a Shriner carrying a child to a healthier life.

13 September (19)

On the bricks leading up to this statue are the names of various Masonic Shriner philanthropic organizations and donors.

14 September (4)

Crystal Hugging Rock Hound Heaven !

As you can see from the link above the show is put on by the Central PA Rock and Mineral Club who are enthusiasts of all things mineralogical. In the pics below, taken with permission by the VP of the club, various members display their rock, mineral and fossil finds, and what types of jewelry or displays they make of them. I tried to get everyone’s name into the pictures, but the lighting was very harsh and to have good pics of the displays i had to cut those off. I think this year’s displays were the best of any i have seen in years gone by, and told several members that to their delight. They are most proud of what they do, “rock hounds” as they and i are called. Below are some pictures of their displays.   13 September (8) 13 September (9) 13 September (10)   13 September (25) 13 September (26) 13 September (30) 13 September (32) 13 September (38) 13 September (39)

14 September (7)

14 September (8)

I was allowed to photograph these pictures of some Really Fancy rock and resin carvings from Carved Opal and Obsidian by Larry and Pamela Castle who do not have a website but their addy is opalobsidian@yahoo.com The resin and bone carvings (i assume water buffalo) are from Bali and are most intricate. The carved crystal and other stone skulls are from Mexico and China i think, don’t really remember, memory seems wiped out at this point of the show LOL. Glad i did not have much cash or a credit card of whoosh $10K would be gone in an instant LOL. Really beautiful trinkets and tools of magicke for sure….

13 September (46) 13 September (47) 13 September (48) 13 September (49)

13 September (2)13 September (3) 13 September (2)  13 September (45)

13 September (1)

The show was in two large rooms of the Zembo Shrine and i forgot to tell you they are vaulted with inlaid blue and other colour tiles, really spectacular and i guess i should have taken a picture of them. Anyway back out at the hallway entrance where the club’s members had their displays above there was also a large nice display from the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/topogeo/index.aspx and i took some pics of their display, having asked permission, and the rep said yea its your tax dollars that paid for this LOL. Anyway there were lots of free geological maps of the state and displays of fossils and various types of minerals from around the state which you can see at the link above. So the second day i was at the show another rep was talking about this book and i was like WTF i never saw That book before, and i looked through it and amazingly it was in a large font i could read so i got online a couple days later and ordered one for a very reasonable price as it has been reprinted many times. He was interested in the caves and i filled him in on who HP Blavatsky was.

14 September (5)

One of the most enjoyable things about this show, and it doesn’t cost a cent (well $6 to get in) is tapping the brains of all these rock hounds for knowledge. If you see a fossil or stone they know ALL about it and you get a mini lecture about geological history. I learn Soooo much just talking with the dealers there. Oh, and two of them are actually Witches from Philly who sell witchy stone stuff and books and lapidary equipment! I always give them a “Blessed Be” and salute when i see them.

One of the nicest and most knowledgeable dealer there is smiling Mike who always cuts me deals especially if you buy int he last hour of the last day, a technique i have learned when people are packing up and ready for the long trip home and want to lighten their load of stones and make their wallet heavier instead. I never realized it until i went to his website http://www.mikesmineralsusa.com/ that his wife is into healing with crystals! She was not there that i saw so i will have to email him through the site and talk about this next time we meet. I did not take any pics of his display as i think i had maxed out my cell camera memory at this point but you can see what he has at his website above.

OK back home again. Went out to the southern edge of the property as the sun’s rays lit low and found lots of red. First, this red flower of a ginseng plant, a handful of them actually, not going to touch them as they are so rare and protected. Maybe next year i will ask its spirit to lend me a root. (sorry for the poor quality of the next few pics taken on rough ground). And in the same area, where the great Bear Oak Tree fell another tree had partially fallen last year and completely this year revealing what looked like an interesting twisted piece of ironwood, but upon walking there i see red berries everywhere on low shrub trees. Rowan Trees !!! I have No idea i had Rowans growing out here. Rowan, like the one that Doc Santee had growing between his house and the bookhouse (now cut down)! Rowan, like the besom Dutch Jeff gave me cut from that very tree! Rowan, one of the high end most sought woods for a wand in many BTW traditions. So, the next day i chose a little one, well rooted in the rocks of the edge of the mountain, and barehanded i dug dug dug and gently trying to not break even the smallest root was able to extract one, leaving some of my own blood from my dirty scuffed hands. And today i planted it in the rocks on the stream bank on this side, using some rooting enzyme and lots of the red mulch from the inside of the fallen bear oak tree. Oh i hope she survives and flourishes…..

17 September (7) 17 September (8) Here she is planted on the stream side in a red bucket before going into the earth along with the standing stones and a funny little Gargoyle. 19 September (4)

Back alley “dumpster diving” – So i drive past St Bernadette, which i have not been to in a couple months, and see a car parked there and want to tell Father John who was helping the Syrian refugees in Turkey (don’t see that much on the news anymore, guess America and the EU got bored) to tell him i am still around, just was waiting for him to come back to replace the theologian exorcist in training who replaced him for awhile, you know, the one who truly wanted to exorcise me when he found out i was a WITCH. I knocked on various doors, but he was not there. So, down the one way alley i go when there my eyes behold an old rod iron spiked gate and other “interesting junk”. Jeep into park and i start calling out Hello and knocking carefully on various doors (it is Perry County, but i am armed too). Finally an old guy comes out and and i ask him how much for the rod iron gate and he said just take it. How about the fold out 9 foot rod iron vesica pisces gateway with the fleur-de-lis on top? Free. How about that old Gargoyle on your porch next to the nicer one? Oh i was going to just smash that old thing up, just take it. How about …. No my wife would kill me if i gave that away. So i get these stuffed into the Jeep with the tail window open and here are pics of two of them. I love Free. LOL.

19 September (3)

19 September (1)

Well enough of this rambling week in the life post. Guess i will just post it, take a bath, then come back to edit it later. Enjoy and Blessed Be this New Moon and Autumnal Equinox !

PS – Almost forgot about Dem Bones – earlier in the spring i had buried a road kill cat in the red mulch of the base of the fallen bear oak tree. I dug and dug and dug until i started to hear people speaking Chinese and found nothing. Something must have taken it. A month or so ago when at the local sporting goods store someone brought in pics of a huge ground hog they had shot. i think it weighed almost 45 pounds. I felt bad and told the guy i would like to extract the bones. He said well it is out in the truck and i inherited the carcass which i buried in the same fallen tree, different spot. Yesterday i dug him/her up and she was all bones and i soaked them in some bleach water then will have another boned creature to honour in their death at the black cabin. No pics available at this time as it is a work in progress…

Note – All Photos Copyright 2014 GLHoke


6 thoughts on “A Week in the Life of an Appalachian Witch 13-20 September 2014 – Diggin’ Dem Rocks and Bones and Back Alley Treasures

  1. Some of those rocks and carvings look fantastic, it would be too easy to spend a few quid on some of those skulls! i was recently in a rock shop down in Norfolk and just couldn’t resist a lovely circle of obsidian polished up like a mirror. Think I might do a post on black mirrors some time in the future – there is a story about John Dee in there somewhere I am sure…!

    On a slight aside, a few people have told me the stairs in my new house have a negative energy lurking about them, so, in fully fledged total ignorance I pointed the mirror up the stairs from the bottom landing (no idea why – just seemed like a good idea). Well, I didn’t see anything odd, but one of my cats came running out of the living room and stood by my feet staring up the stairs and the other ran half way down and stopped in a really odd position and stared stared at the mirror until I put it down. I’m pretty sure they just thought I was just doing some really weird human thing but it was strange all the same.

    • I would be very careful with mirrors, especially black ones, and that comes from someone who works mirror magicke often. Regarding the stairs i would go with what You feel, not what other people tell you, unless they are accomplished psychics. And if there is something there then question it sitting on the stairs with a spot of tea, don’t go all aggressive with mirrors trying to deflect something that may want to come thru that is positive. Remember the voices of the dead minors who went down into the mine like down the stairs. Also the mirrors are going to freak out the cats who think another cats is coming towards them aggressively. Just my take on things not really knowing what is going on….

      • That sounds like good advice- I think I would prefer the old obsidian mirror to be a curious decorative object rather than a doorway to the unknown! Personally I don’t get any bad vibe from the house at all, but some visitors have (although much less than in the past). The ‘vibe’ is apparently particularly strong around the stairs – and the person who commented on the negativity certainly believes they can sense these things. Oh, well, wait and see what else happens I guess… ;0)

  2. What amazing rock and crystal displays! Bet you could have spent a long time looking at and learning about them.

    Your rowan looks slightly different to the ones over here. Maybe an American type or I’m not familiar with little ones. Congrats on your find and hope she grows well :)

    • Yes i think the American is more of a dwarf tree, not growing very large. The one at Santee’s library was only maybe 15 feet high at maturity. It is definitely in the ash family as i have beech and birch and this one is different and identified in my tree book. Its hard to transplant a tree which is why i chose such a small one.

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