Amazing – not one comment on the previous post….


Amazing – the previous post is the most important decision i have made and then communicated via this blog in over 23 years. Not one member of the CoC has commented. Maybe two people have read it. Two of course have no computers. I have talked with Lady EWH, just got of the phone with Lady AIB after crying the whole time because i do not want to appears to be forgoing my responsibility as the Only third degree HPT of the Coven of the Catta and am responsible that Dame Sybil, Merlin and Lady Phoebe’s line continues. I am still taking on students and have recently taken on Frater J as an Apprentice. JJ is still my Apprentice, though i a his Apprentice to in many many ways. If someone wants to have a ritual, they can plan it and I will show up. Covenerors are stepping up the the plate, FINALLY, and having rituals together without me. Thanks the Gods. So, i feel like i can cut the apron strings so to speak and everyone will be OK and i can take a Sabbatical and get my head and shit together because if i am not together as a sane balanced human being then how can i be a good High Priest??? I hope you all understand, and those who read this blog who are not initiated HPTs or HPSs may or may not get it. I guess it is like having kids. At some point you have to let them take off the training wheels and ride on their own. And believe me, there are SO many incredibly talented and trained witches in this lineage i am a proud papa. Santee is my daddy. Phoebe is my mommy. Sybil is my gramma. probably Crowley is my grampa. They are all dead, but still working on the astral plane. My generation of witches is dying, like PP just died, like so many other elders have died int he past year. You youngsters, well you are not youngsters, but you know what i mean, Must step up to the plate and learn what you can from us whilst we are still alive, and pass it in in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust in Perfect BTW and Continental traditional Witchcraft of the cunning crooked path. But you must also Evolve it into what is relevant for Right Now and be creative and eclectic, as long as you honoure yr teachers and elders living and dead. May the Goddess Diana Astarte Hekate and the God Faunus Cernunnos Baphometus bless you all. BB. Lee / Shawnus.

Addendum 6 Nov – wow 257 people read this and one actually commented. Thank you all for being curious, whatever yr motivation, and Ellen for yr comment. BB



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  1. Dear Lord Shawnus, I found this blog after watching an Animal Planet show about your cleansing a home formerly owned by Dr. Santee. I was curious to learn more about Coven of the Catta and searched for this online. I don’t know anything about you or your coven, but simply wanted to wish you a restful sabbatical. (I read your two most recent posts.) On the TV show, I saw how you responded to a family in need and wanted to thank you and Lady Alsace for your work in cleansing their home. That was generous of you but also very wise — as it helps to dispel the belief that the Wiccan religion is secretive, harmful and evil. I wish you and your coven longevity, success and peace. May you find joy in the respite you seek. Sincerely, A television viewer.

    • Thank you for your kind concerned words Ellen. I assure you i am OK. You are the first to comment on those posts, but a Lutheran Pastor, yes, a Lutheran Pastor who is a friend of mine came up today and expressed some concern about my health and probably pipe dream of visiting the Himalayas and dying there, someday. I assured him i am ok, just taking care of myself for now and the coven will be fine without me for awhile, though i am always their HPT. If you go to the About page and scroll down there is a free PDF of a booklet i wrote at and there you can learn more of this amazing small old coven that i have the absolute pride and joy in heading as their HPT. But at this point much of the joy is faded and i a tired of herding cats to pun a phrase. Also feel free to email me at my public addy of Are u the same Ellen who commented on a different post awhile ago? If i may ask where do you live. Yr Servant. (not “Lord”) Shawnus

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