A Few Weeks in the life of an Appalachian Witch early to mid November 2014

Blau Stern Schwarz Schlonge

A few weeks in the life of an Appalachian Witch.

Ran into a worker at the local hardware who had this tat which in Korean means i think “the crazy life”. Loved it. LOL  12-16 Nov 2014 (16)

Got zero sleep, drove north to visit several people, arrived at dawn at Lady EWH’s place and she had this cool fake flame of paper waving upwards in a cauldron hanging in the dawn window and thought it pretty cool.

12-16 Nov 2014 (19)

Still having no sleep i ventured on to Council Cup, the large mountain overlooking Wapwallopen where the Covenstead was. I had not been up there for decades when Lady Phoebe took me and our Priestess up to teach us how to draw the wind. It is a beautiful cold windy day with quite the view and directly across from the nuclear power plant so i got my glow on LOL. I tried to nap there unsuccessfully.

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While I am on Sabbatical as HPT of the Coven of the Catta….

 BW Copy of Shawnus lower temple 4

I have decided that while i am on Sabbatical as the oldest living male HPT of this coven, whether for a month or half a year or who knows how long, that Lady Ember Willow Hawk and Lady Alsace Isa Brie, 3rd* High Priestesses of the COC will lead and organize the rituals and activities of the Coven of the Catta. It made more sense to me to have people who live in the original area of the covenstead to take on these roles. Lady AIB does not have email and i will not give out her phone number, but you can contact Lady EWH at Spiritember@gmail.com or through her Witchvox page.

Ember 10-2013

Of course if they ask me to HPT at a ritual i will do so, but they will do the rest. Like i said in a previous post i just need to stand back, regroup, get my head on straight and figure out what is most important to me right now.

Ember SATOR and Mobius Tats (2)

I will also continue to teach my Apprentices and maybe even take on a few more, though my experience of some guys up north who wanted it and i gave it to them just like to text and email and not talk on the phone or visit (not talking about you CB), well those people went into the X-Apprentices file.

COC Initiations Leger

I will change some things here and more especially at Witchvox which seems to be the way most people find our coven, unless they watch some old episode of “The Haunted”.

the haunted tv altar snapshot

I will also continue to write on this CoC blog but anyone in the coven who wants to write a guest post, like Apprentice Aren did earlier, you are welcome to do so.

Blessed Be!

Shawnus Merlin Santee Belarion Ferrisstar ZAXON 3*HPT COC


All Souls Day – Small Ritual and Small but High Quality Party

I found this in my draft posts from 1 November when i had my Halloween party……

As per previous posts, which i am not sure anyone read as there are No comments on them, I did not have a formal ritual last night but an informal one where I and two other people drank absinthe out of a kapala. Instead i invited about 20 people to a Halloween party but as parties go two heathens showed up early but had to Rush Off to another party. Later a good new age friend arrived with someone she wanted me to meet, and boy did we PARTY ON ! LOL. I did a small ritual with them honouring our dead ancestors by drinking absinthe out of a Kapala skull cup in the black cabin. One lady had her gramma show up for sure.