Lone Winter Candlemass Rituals and Pictures

31 Jan (3)

White Candlemas Cat in Candlelight – Copyright LRHollen 2015

Members of the Coven of the Catta celebrated Candlemas and the almost Full Moon as solitaries due to the weather and circumstances but from what i see and hear the Rituals went well. I, Shawnus, did a simple ritual mostly working and praying for all my fellow coveners, family and friends who have been trough and are still in the middle of some tough times of late. A couple friends have had deaths in their families and one who is a handyman for me just had his sister, who practiced Witchcraft, die of a long strange illness. May Teala rest in peace and reincarnate into a healthy body and happier life. So Mote It Be.

31 Jan (46)

White Mare of Candlemas – Copyright LRHollen 2015

31 Jan (10)

31 Jan (11)

31 Jan (1)

31 Jan (9)

Along the frozen Juniata River near sunset – Copyright GLHoke 2015

31 Jan (33)

31 Jan (32)

Strange Sun and Sky Phenomenon through a car window – Copyright LRHollen 2015

Aren Candlemas 2-2015

Apprentice Aren’s beautiful Candlemas Altar – Copyright JWJones 2015

31 Jan (8)

Relevant Quote from a Tumblr page for those who have recently had to make hard decisions regarding poisonous relationships they have had to walk away from.

Blessed Be to All the Coveners of the Coven of the Catta as we move back into the increasing Sunlight in hopes of a soon-to-come Spring weather as we move towards the Spring Equinox.



3 thoughts on “Lone Winter Candlemass Rituals and Pictures

  1. I see it’s still snowy up near you. I like the white cat and horse of Candlemas. And yes, the walking away from anything that takes away your joy resonates at this time.

    • Yea we get snow every other day almost and then a thaw so it is all just ice which is treacherous to walk upon. Yesterday a car was coming up the road and i fell right on my back and yelled and do you think they would pull over to see if i was OK? Hell no. This is America, the land of narcissists who “don’t want to get involved”. Luckily i was OK but i have fallen about a dozen times this winter and i take baby steps. I literally need alpine crampons on my boots LOL. Yes the white cat and the white horse, Coven of the Catta, Coven of the Horsa, all lunar coloured, pretty good synchronicity, huh? Blessings my lady and i am as always soooooo far behind in reading yours and other great posts i may just take a Sabbatical and unsubscribe from all blogs but still have them bookmarked and then just check each A-Z as i have the time. Right now it is 15F with a wind child of minus 10F, brrrrrr, then some more snow, then even colder. Oh Goddess Persephonne Please put a rocket on yr butt and get the hell out of Hades and Return, we BEG you!!!

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